Addicted Society: Tech Addiction and 5Gwith David Greenfield, PhD


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • How to protect children from screens, VR and gaming
  • Coming to terms with tech addictions
  • Awareness of "addictive-by-design" technologies

Guest Expert

David Greenfield, PhD

Dr. Greenfield is the founder and medical director of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction and an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. He is a leading authority on process/behavioral addiction medicine and author of numerous articles/chapters on virtual addiction which, in 1999, were an early warning regarding the world’s growing internet addiction problem. Dr. Greenfield lectures throughout the world, and has appeared on CNN, Dr. Oz, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, ESPN, NPR and HBO. He’s been featured in U.S. News and World Report, Newsweek, People, Time, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and The Economist.

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  • Leticia Dyer says:

    Fantastic summit
    Thanks so much

  • Diane says:

    In the pandemic we are meeting by Zoom. We are told that 90 minutes on Zoom at one time is the very limit without a good break. It apparently fires so many parts of our brain that it tires us out.
    Proof if you watch in a meeting that takes longer how people drop off and exit the meeting. Yet we are still doing that… meeting after meeting for some people. How are they going to last?

  • maria luisa says:

    frightening future.
    was trying to download the free gift of how to protect children from emf damage but no avail.
    thank you for the warning

    • Jess (Summit Team) says:

      Through awareness we can make changes! This is why we feel so compelled to share and help educate. Thank you for listening Maria

  • unk says:

    100% if I start my day grabbing my phone, I don’t get the things done I am supposed to. If I get straight to my list of things to do, I am able to be so productive and still make time for cell use later. But I am unmotivated to do anything if the day starts with screen time. :- Same with my kids.

    • E Eady says:

      I would keep kids away from Cell Phones.
      I gave this to all the people I know and not one of them were told at purchase time there was a danger from the radiation. So they had no idea, there was something from the phone, that could harm them. Long term use can be a big problem.

      From the The University of Melbourne
      “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation: what we know, what we need to find out, and what you can do now” Presented by Dr Devra Davis,
      Check your phone to see how much Radiation it emits.

      In Canada they do let people know some things are dangerous but odds are slim to none that most people read it.

      Everyday things that emits Radiation
      Learn about common products and devices that give off radiation.

      • Catherine says:

        @E EAdy Thank you so very much for these links! Dr.Devra Davis is brilliant. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this before. I appreciate you sharing-it’s life changing.

  • Nancy DesJardine says:

    Hello…I sent out about 53 email invites this morning. When I check there are no registered invites. Where can I go to see the list of invites that were sent through your website? I want to make sure I am sending the emails correctly as I am sure and you would think at least 1invite would have signed on which makes me wonder if I am doing something incorrectly through your invite site.

    Much apperciation

  • Gail says:

    Thank you! This was realistic. I especially appreciate Dr. Greenfield’s honesty when he admits “We don’t know (somethings) yet,” but still gives excellent information.

  • wandasue ward says:

    Crap facebook just blocked my posts. I have been sharing every speaker! I sighed for ( all) new share site, but I don’t understand it well .

  • E Eady says:

    David I don’t know if you will see this or not. I went to a family thing a few years back. There were three generations of us there.
    I don’t have a cell phone and never will. I just have no use for one.

    So the first half hour or maybe a bit more they all sat in the same room texting each other. I just observed the whole thing for a while.
    They never spoke to each other the entire time but were talking to each other via text. Even my dog was looking at them like they were nuts. LOL He was quite the mutt.

    He and I went for a walk for about half an hour and I came up with a presentation for the texting addicts.

    So when I came back I walked in sat down and they were still at it. Giggle.

    So I started to do my presentation. I pointed out exactly, what they were doing and how foolish they all were. I even got in a few laughs.
    It was a fifteen minute presentation.

    I had a lot to say about it all.
    The last thing I said was I was going to go home, unless they put the phones away and left them away, while I was there.
    If any one of them got on a phone I was leaving.
    What was strange, is they did not even realize, what they were doing.
    They were clueless. They were so wrapped up in those phone they were totally oblivious to everything else.

    I did point out that you texted the person, sitting right beside you and how daft it was and looked.

    They of course put away the phones and left them away and they did apologize for their foolishness.

    Then they got into a long discussion, about how they were so wrapped up in the phone texting thing and did not even realize, what they were doing. Talk about a wake up call for them all.

    I of course laughed myself silly. It was not really all that funny, but laughter is the best medicine.

    So I got to crack jokes about seeing people walking, running into walls, poles etc on the street while they were texting. Which were all true. Not one of them would admit to any of those of course. One did blush and look rather embarrassed, so I knew right off he had done that one. LOL

    I had a captive audience of 9 of them. No way was I letting them away with that. Not on my time.

    They don’t even realize they are doing it. Go figure.

    • Iris says:

      I am laughing reading your story, because that’s what I encounter everywhere. people glued to their phones. I don’t have one anymore, stopped using it years ago. Here comes my dog to give me the “are you looking into that stupid laptop again” look. Time to turn off. Thank you for your comment. Iris

  • John Winstead says:

    I developed a technology years ago based on BioScalar Energy that I’ve tested and demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s. I believe it will do the same for 5G. If you are interested in learning more check out the last part of the seminar I did last year demonstrating the technology with more information in the description….

  • Kathleen McKinley says:

    Still unable to submit to my representatives.

  • Giada says:

    Just listened to Dr Greenfield’s talk, very interesting

  • Ann Meredith says:

    But what about spending time on the Internet learning something new that can enrich your life? That could lead to a new job? That could lead to a new idea? So using the Internet isn’t just about boredom or distraction. It can be about something substantive.

    • Zoe says:

      You certainly can do that when alone or during specified time, but when you are with family or friends, give it up and talk to people. The internet is great for many things, but there should be a time and a place.

  • Eva says:

    As soon as you say “it’s coming–nothings we can do,” you have just assigned the death penalty to a group of people– those with radio wave sickness. Not to mention fetuses and infants. See,
    Why do people keep using the word “technology” with no definition? As if “wireless”– blasting the universe with harmful radiation is just part of innocuous “technology”– call them them “radiation-emitting technology”, or “hard-wired technology.”

    Sent from my totally hard-wired internet connection.

  • John Duffenais says:

    Could the reward aspect of adrenaline in gaming, be involved in shooters going out to get that same reward in real life, because the gaming effect was reduced?

  • Jeff Forman says:

    Jeff Forman
    Thanks for your talk & insight going back many years David. I don’t have & never wanted to own a cell phone & on several occasions going back quite a few years my go to comment was “They’re a societal disease I don’t subscribe to!” I really do loath them & intuitively have also resisted them because of the radiation health issues they clearly impose & the potential spying & loss of privacy that they invite from predatory sources. I also completely resist social media involvement even though it’s likely adversely affected much more recognition & success of my music & poetry up until now. I marvel at the level of compulsive obsession & enslavement modern technological devices command in our ever dehumanized world & as a humanitarian greatly lament it. At my gym almost everyone has their heads down immersed in their tablets & these (de)vices are much more prevalent with people in the stores & the supermarket or at concerts (up until recently with the covid-19 plandemic that I also consider largely a psi-op!) Being a classically trained pianist from a young age who also improvises as well as a poet with a recently published book I am used to spending lots of time alone immersed in my creative endeavors. Consequently I’ve never been prone to being bored with lots of other interests like listening to music (I have a large record & CD collection) & interacting with nature. That being said I do have lots of tapes & DVDs also so I’ve admittedly spent countless hours over the years watching TV & I also ruefully lament the amount of time the internet saps regularly on my pc. We all need to downsize our hours & get back to more direct social interaction!

  • Susan says:

    I tried to share this talk to Facebook but it says this app is in development and I don’t have permission
    to access it.

    • Susan says:

      I have an addition to playing games on my tablet. One game suddenly stopped working and I was angry. I now know it is a good thing because I was addicted to it and would play for hours. Glad it no longer works and I will delete the app.

  • Christine says:

    this is a great talk, making one realize many issues one probably never thought about…

  • Christine says:

    time distortion seems to be quite an issue with 5G, to a level where one literally ‘looses the time’ not knowing what actually happened, how one got to a certain place for example!!

  • Aura says:

    Thank you for the informative presentation. Tech Addiction seems to have overtaken Drug Addiction and it is as disruptive and invasive to family harmony, while the user believes he/she needs it for social, educational or work purposes, among other reasons.

  • Evelyn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I have tried to share it on Facebook, the first one was accepted but when I tried to share another it came up with- App not set up:This app is still in development mode, and you don’t have access to it. Switch to a registered test user or ask app admin for permission.

  • Charles Wolfe says:

    David Greenfield, thank you. Really liked your presentation.

  • Christopher Hickman says:

    I found that setting your screen to monochrome reduced the stimulation has allowed me to reduce my use of the phone. Apparently the vivid colours stimulate dopamine release.

    • Gen says:

      Thank you so much for this comment! I wasn’t aware of that possibility. I have just changed the mode to monochrome and hope that it will work out well with my addiction continiously having to look at and browse through the smarthphone.

  • Iris says:

    Thank you for this summit!

    • Jess (Summit Team) says:

      Thank you for taking part. We are so happy to share the information we have gathered and have learned so much from our expert speakers.

  • susan wolf says:

    Thank you for all this great information. I’m going to download APP so I get off my phone !!!

  • Daniel Kuźma says:

    Very very beautiful talk, well all talks are very valuable for people to find the way how to resist to the recent situation. I appreciate all, this is really amazing summit. Mr. David is really great person and has very good insights about reality of life regarding society addiction and disconnection from each other. Yes this is all true, the population went in different way we should. Why it happens like that? Why we aren’t happy? Why we looking on each other strange and better to don’t try to be friend, because you are immediately at least cheated. This is all progress which is continuing for long time done by us and by people who are trying to control us and with evolution of human awareness (like wo don’t do more slavery like in the past..) more and more understanding of our minds trough psychological way of thinking gives more and more control over us and 5G is like next step like a key to close us in some of virtual reality with control of AI. We are getting separate from each other but getting addicted to the VR, you can see it every day on the street, I don’t have to give even any example, I have that every day but Poland is quite back before US so US is much more advanced with this type of behavior and this is what create this total madness in the World, disconnection from ourself and addiction to the VR or computers. And David has very good insights even not really studying Ancient Teachings (lets say from Tibet, at least he didn’t mentioned that), well yes we can have many insights, it depends from our level of awareness of maturity, I even met person who had few clinical deaths and were talking about infinity awareness that was very beautiful and she has really beautiful insights. We can have many experiences as well as many ideas to which we stick to or reject for example like with VR games or other fancy things but we can also get use of Ancient Knowledge which talks exactly about this issue, there is in real nothing else like only about this issue, funny like that. This is what psychologists don’t know or they trying to understand searching in millions of publications regarding this types of Teachings. But in all of that millions of publications some of them are real “white crows”. Means that beside they are ancient they are also showing totally the Truth about this “reality”. It is not about religion it is about to know how it really is, from that point we are speeding up very fast. I’m writing that only because David insights are very accurate regarding this what ancient Teachings are saying and for him can be very interesting to listen Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, he explain that from the point of Bon Dzogchen Teachings by using western words and Rinpoche has already realization in Western World so its really hits the goal who we really are and how we can fix it as best as possible, this type of Teachings is not really about Teachings itself, is only tool to know who you really are. It is really something precious. I’m westerner and in the past not catching buddhism at all, all that fancy things around, buddhas etc.. is like another religion, here Christains talking about Jesus and God, they Islam is Talking about Allach and here buddhist are talking about budda and nothing. Is not totally like that, the real Teachings transmit the Knowledge about who we really are and why is like it is and then getting down step by step things are getting more complicated but finally we can understands all buddhists schools like all other religions as well. But the point is (for David) to know what the stillness really is, what is connecting to ourselves. Is something really really amazing to know that, believe me or not. We are in this danger because we had created this, rely on outer objects whatever they are, we like them or dislike and rejecting or being neutral to them, psychologist know that so they created pattern how to control us regardless what to say, what to show that we like and opposite if they don’t want us to go some way they create fear. And this is how they are spited us, but this is also long writing topic(don’t wanna write more), I’m not a master, I just realized some of Teachings and I’m so happy about that and only thanks that I could write what I writing. Is not intellectual play like philosophy, realization is something, you listening Teachings, you doing meditation practice regarding Teacher instruction and one day you catching it, you just know, this is how I wrote above, not reading any psychological book in my life, reading few Masters Teachings books only, but listening and practicing gave me that knowledge what I’ve shared with You here.
    So, if you feel like to check I really recommend this Master

    It can really speed up our Peaceful Transformation of Awareness, we don’t have to experiment about this field, like our own discoveries (they sometimes can be helpfull or keep us in kind of our own illusion about reality of things, mind is infinity everything can be manifested), is just here. Just to let You know, Those Teachings were kept secret for centuries, only few people were receiving them, because awareness of people of that time wasn’t developed enough, you know.. all that wars with axles etc…
    Also doesn’t mean that You have to join to Sangha, I’m not personally Sangha member. It is helpful sometimes, it supporting person but for me is to much formal, little filling like a sect because people are joining together into groups and treat people out of community like strangers. Well I think this is normal behavior because there is not to many people of real high awareness, we all need to practice and get rid of mess we created inside of us, almost none of them knows about 5G problem for example so only means they don’t have this type of ordinary awareness only but not all of them, I met among all that people very knowledgeable ones ad thanks them I’m here around btw.., well.. everyone needs to be bring themselves up. People with higher level of awareness have different problem, they think that they know.. and they ignore those precious Teachings very often, not all of course, there are always brilliant people around all Masters, they just not showing tem up 🙂

    @ David, please don’t miss those two videos

    Sincerely from my heart… 🙂

  • R says:

    This is wrong no one has the right to invade anyone life like this . This crop has made people go crazy . Are there not laws against this kind of stuff ? . K so what I’ve gone from this is everything we all doing day to day is being recorded . So I can’t even take my morning poop with out the world being able to Access it? And it from all the smart devices?. I just found the link to see this.

  • Verda Olayinka says:

    Have you / will you examine 5-G emf’s and chemtrail emf’s?

  • Lokio says:

    While I’ve been spending many hours a day reading the thousands of comments people have left on Max Igan’s YouTube channel, I can’t help but notice tonnes of angry people threatening to burn down cell towers.

    While I’ve seen many YouTube videos of towers in the UK that are on fire, I’m also reading about groups of vigilantes in America getting together, and arming themselves with axes and chainsaws, and going from power pole to power pole, while another group of creative taggers here in Australia, who no longer care about making a name for themselves, are going out late at night when the streets are quiet, armed with paint, and spray cans, and putting their graffiti skills to better use on major highways, and busy intersections, and sprucing up our roundabouts, hoping to catch people’s attention to the dangers of 5G that way.

    People, please, whatever you do, do not riot out on the streets, and paint the town red, nor should you burn down their cell towers, and government buildings, along with their bureaucratic bullshit, when that’s illegal, okay?

    Last year, when I printed out 1012 letters, and put them in people’s letterboxes, I came back home to find the police searching through my bedroom looking for terrorist activity.

    Because I never watch their fearmongering Illuminati TV, read the heavily watered down local bullshit newspaper, or listen to their Muslim bashing radio, I haven’t been updated on the governments rulebooks, and didn’t know it was illegal to warn people to the dangers of 5G, thus, I had no choice but to stop what I was doing. Now I think I can understand why the media blackout, and why 5G is being censored all over the internet, when it’s illegal to talk about it.

    So, once again, folks, please do not try and warn people to the dangers of 5G, when it’s illegal, and no doubt deeply offends our murder intensive, psychopathic governments, and their technocratic telco bed buddies in crime.

    You must understand, these enviro-mental terrorists are working very hard to transform the planet, when they have the legal right, law and authority to treat us like lab rats, and MKUltra expose us to their man-made pollution, as they experiment on every man, woman and child on the face of the planet, that may, or may not mess with your biology, and interfere with your evolution, okay?

    How else can our governments, and telecommunications companies get together to line their deep pockets, and get fat, and filthy rich, earning billions of dollars?

    Sorry, folks, but you’ll just have to learn to accept the poison, while these parasites make an absolute killing from your suffering.

    But it’s okay, cheer up. The good news is, once millions of TV brain-dead sheeple start dropping dead, and everybody catches wind that it’s not the coronavirus, then they’ll have no choice but to act on behalf of the public outcry, before they say, “enough is enough, it’s now time to get rid of this 5G, now that we’ve done a fantastic job in helping to reduce the population, and should have enough resources to last us a few more years, can we then move onto the next subtle poisoning of humanity, chapter of their lives.”

  • John Winstead says:

    The only way to protect yourself from 5G is to protect every cell in your body…from the inside out. I’ve tested pendants and bracelets and other gadgets that stick on your phone. Totally worthless!
    I developed a technology years ago based on Quantum BioScalar Energy and Spiritual Guidance that I’ve demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emfs and more. No doubt it will do the same for 5G. Check out the last part of the seminar I did last year demonstrating the only technology that will protect every cell in your body….from the inside out.

  • John Winstead says:

    Energized Water is the answer! Every cell and DNA in your body is bathed in water. Energized water creates a protective shield throughout your whole body. The technology I developed over 10 years ago has been demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s and no doubt will protect against 5G. Watch the last part of a seminar I did last year demonstrating this BioScalar Technology at…

  • Daisy Jrch says:

    It’s good to see someone taking addiction seriously. About 9 or 10 yrs ago, i went looking for help because a family member was addicted. Help was hard to find. Sadly, he did not recognise it as a problem. Now he has lost his home (affecting his wife and children) and he would rather lose his wife and family than deal with his addiction and he has no qualms about taking his boys along for the ride.

  • Tania Mara Tristao says:

    Hi Joshua and David.
    Great issue for discussion. Awesome knowledge. Thanks.

    My husband and I, we never adhere to the modernization of the cell phone. we use the old fashion (3G irradiation).
    What we observe is that innovation has brought more harm than good for this generation. Helping people to read less, acculturate less, dramatically decreasing communication between people, other than through cell phones.
    On the street, people walk like robots. They sit next to each other and start using their cell phones, even friends, couples. I see it terrible when I’m inside the bus, and almost everyone is using their cell phone. I have observed that they actually cause addiction, because they start using it, hang up, put it in the bag; but in a few minutes they look for it again to use it.
    In my opinion the world is each time more artificial, we lose the taste for the simple, natural and healthy for our body, mind and spirit.
    we don’t use the smart phone and we don’t have television at home either, because we cultivate a taste for reading and studying.
    If God allows us, we are going to the countryside, we have the desire to grow our own food, and stay as far away from these technologies as possible.

    Behind The Door pt 25: The Merchants of the Earth


    Another thing that can be observed is that people wear less wristwatches since they started selling smart phones, isn’t it?.

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