Extensive Biological Effects of EMFs and 5Gwith Magda Havas, PhD


What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Rise of "electro-hypersensitivity"
  • Impact of EMFs on your health
  • Simple solutions to protect your home

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Magda Havas, PhD

Magda Havas, PhD

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  • John Potter says:

    Is there a transcript of this interview as is the case with Dr. Devra Davis and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.? Having no subtitles makes it almost impossible for me to follow.

  • Nancy says:

    Some of the names of the elected officials are no longer serving and have been replaced with others. Is there anyway to remove names from the group email? I assume I can just cut and paste the information to email the new elected officials. Thanks a million for what you are doing!! You give so many people hope that we can make the technology safe.

    • 5G Summit Moderator (Susan) says:

      Hi Nancy, Within the automatic system, the contacts are regularly kept up to date. Unfortunately, we cannot be certain that it will always be 100% accurate. If you know that some of the recipients are not current for you, you can delete them from your mailing, and then also cut, copy and paste the body of the letter into an email and forward it to your known elected officials who are not listed within the tool…We appreciate your understanding and your help in spreading the word.

  • NJB says:

    why so many hours to watch for only one day. I have other things to do in my day. That is ALOT. I agree I need to see close captions to follow the conversations. Any transcripts?

    • 5G Summit Moderator (Susan) says:

      Thank you for joining us. There are transcripts already available posted beneath some of the videos. You can download them directly beneath the video. They are not all completed yet. The summit is offered for free so everyone has access to several videos each day during the summit week. You can purchase the entire summit, which will include all transcripts for lifelong access.

      • Maja says:

        I suggest that you give us one additional encore day. We were unable to catch up for all that we wanted to listen. Many of us will be grateful for one more opportunity.

      • Danna says:

        I agree that there is not enough time. I just worked 5 13-hour days and couldn’t watch but two. I am a single Mom and also care for my elderly mother. Please open these up to those that signed up, forever. We MUST obtain knowledge to get this word out and have names and statements to site our references. It’s that important. Put people’s health ahead of money earned by forcing us to purchase. This will really make your support base angry. Truth matters…

  • Ibolya Ágnes Gál says:

    Thank You for this precious expertise Dr MAGDA HAVAS! Köszönöm szépen!

  • Helen says:

    Is there any research on the electro sensitive people? Their dietary patterns? are they smokers? etc

    • Megan says:

      I remember coming across research that people with elevated levels of heavy metals (especially mercury) were more susceptible to being symptomatic around electrosmog. It makes sense because metals are conductors, so they can mess with the natural electricity currents in your body. If you suspect your are electrosensitive then getting heavy metal testing would be the second thing I’d do after removing known exposures (within my control).

    • Jo says:

      Many of them it seems have healthy habits. Apparently about 50% have already (or are now susceptible to) synthetic chemicals (multi-chemical sensitivity). But accumulation of environment pollutants seems to decrease the size of their “bucket” so-to-speak so that it doesn’t take as much to fill up and tip over into a reaction to the dangers in the environment. One specialist I spoke with years ago talked about how some environmental dangers can change the DNA/genetics so that a person can become more likely to be like a canary in a coal mine. In essence, EHS can hit any population where the electromagnetic pollution is strong enough.

  • Will says:

    None of these talks will play continuously
    even in audio only.

  • Martie says:

    Enjoying all the wonderful information. Is a 10-second rewind button possible? Thank you!

  • T Lewis says:

    The Nag Hamaddi Text is informed by the same entities that are perpetrating and funding these evil agendas and protocols upon humanity. I will not be looking there for solution.

  • Alicia says:

    Thank you so much for this valuable information! And to Magda Havas for your work and positive regard for children and humanity! I am moved right now to 1. find out about P EMF mats 2. Figure out how to completely turn off electricity to my home at night 3. Find out where electrosmog-free enviroments exist in the world. The learning continues….thank you.

    • Nattalia says:

      Alicia, quite a number of years ago, when I lived in a lovely log house in the country, that was totally electrical everything including heat; the power company shut off the power due to a billing dispute! I noticed immediately how wonderful the environment felt without all that electricity coursing through the house. I became very happy, joyful, light! Positive effect on my children too! That is when I realized what a stressor the electricity was on our family! I kept the power off as long as possible…but had to reconnect when the weather became very cold again, and didn’t want the pipes to freeze, didn’t have a fireplace or woodburning stove. But it was very enlightening to know what the source of negativity was and consequently was able to deal with the resulting stresses in a more calm and intelligent way. Sold the place six months later!

    • LAJ says:

      What do we do with our fridges and freezer and heat pump though? They can’t be turned off.

    • Erik Christensen says:

      Thank you for sharing your work 👍

    • Claire says:

      Where are the electrosmog-free enviroments the world? Any in Europe? Will there be anywhere without 5G? They seem to be rolling it out in rural areas (where I thought it would be safer) as well as cities.

      • Jessica says:

        Brussels is the headquarters of NATO. So, no Belgium doesn’t have 5G. Also, Moscow. 4G in fact is banned in Moscow. I’m told Switzerland doesn’t have 5G either, but I don’t know if that is true. Israel & North Korea also won’t have 5G.

    • Kristy A Peterson says:

      I have similar action steps to from her talk. Does anyone have a good PEMF mat for a reasonable price…the price seems quite steep. Is this similar to a grounding mat? If you have any recommendations please lmk!

    • Magda Havas says:


      Bob Connolly is producing a documentary called Tesla Medicine that should be available by December 2019. In that documentary he discusses various PEMF mats and other frequency devices that promote health and healing. Bob can be contacted through me (as I haven’t asked his permission to provide his email address) at drmagdahavas@gmail.com. If you contact me I will give you his email address and you can learn about the various devices available, some of which are Health Canada approved. I have done studies with various PEMF devices and am providing links to those studies below as well as a video that provides basic information:

      PEMF video featuring Bemer, iMRS, Rhumart

      Centurion & Arthritis: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/dca4/348137c77c489fbb57e4892018fc76fafea5.pdf

      Ondamed & Pleural Effusion:

      I also have information on my website about some of these therapies.

      Hope these videos/articles help you better understand what PEMF therapy can do. Note that light therapy has similar beneficial effects.

      • Laura says:

        Dr Oz? Really? I don’t trust anything he says. He’s a quack. I think I’ve been to The Rose Institute website before, though. Very interesting. I’d like to get a red light sauna…that’s what it is, right? If I’m remembering correctly…
        I have complications from cancer – surgery(s), chemo, radiation (don’t do it…ever). Pain, non-healing wound, etc, after 11 years come January (cancer gone at least).

    • Laura says:

      You can go to your fuse box and turn off all the switches, or your house may have a big MAIN switch to turn off all power to the building. Just do that each night. In the morning or when you need it back on, flip the switch back on. It’s that easy.

  • Why are the speakers not using air tubes and instead of the Apple Buds that wire right into the heads? We got Safe Sleeve headsets with air-tubes to avoid the wires to the brain

  • What brand of glasses is Josh wearing in this interview?

  • SunnySky says:

    Magda Havas, PhD, is 100% correct! Your mind is powerful. Dr. Caroline Leaf teaches how to retrain your brain. http://www.drleaf.com

  • LJC says:

    I notice you did not include my state Attorney General in the email; I think they are the most important people to include since they have the power to implement changes in policy around 5G. I sent a copy of the email to my AG. Thank you so much for doing this summit and making a powerful email easy to send to all our state reps!

    • 5G Summit Team (Susan) says:

      LJC, Within the automatic system, the contacts are regularly kept up to date. Unfortunately, we cannot be certain that it will always be 100% accurate. If you know that some of the recipients are not current for you, you can also cut, copy and paste the body of the letter into an email and forward it to your known elected officials who are not listed within the tool…We appreciate your understanding and your help for spreading the word.

    • ShirleyJoy says:

      Good idea. These are typically not in the same databases as other elected reps, but definitely one to add on one’s own.

  • Lisa says:

    I put in my information to be able to send the letter to my elected officials and it actually went to a different state with the same name of the town that I live in!!!! I am hoping that when I sent it again, that it actually went to my elected officials! No issues really, this information needs to get out no matter where it is sent!! All Good and thank you for making this important information available.

    • Christo says:

      This happened to me too! I got 7 replies from state of officials outside of my state!! It’s insane to see the responses, one man called me manic for forwarding the email, the others said good luck, and one official told me he’s been researching this information for over 30 years and he completely agrees with the information and he is doing his part to stop 5G. At a political level even our elected officials are divided but in a worst way I think it maybe was meant to be that other officials received the email to hopefully awaken them to what is going on, or have them look into it further!

  • Bev says:

    Trying valiantly to order, but ERROR 521 keeps popping up.

  • Maya Cain says:

    Ten tears ago the first smartmeter in a neighborhood I happened to be sleeping in for three months, was installed directly below my bed . Immediately I had all top radiation symptoms in spades. I got PG&E to take it off that building. But that three month radiation exposure left me permanently electrically hypersensitive. It wrecked my health, personal life, business and caused me to be forced out of real estate property I owned, with more than half the proceeds stolen from me by an HOA that would not believe I was electrically hypersensitive to the 30 smartmeters and WiFi sources in that building. This cumulative condition was recently officially defined by the international medical community as Electro Hypersensitivity, or “EHS”. See: http://vimeo.com/100623585 Already the radiation from just one smartmeter travels for up two miles, even through brick walls, damaging the DNA in every living thing. 5G will be millions of times stronger.
    P L E A S E ! Y O U have the power to stop 5G. PL E A S E S T O P 5 G !

  • Kelly says:

    Has anyone heard of seizures being triggered from wifi? I am convinced this is a trigger for my son and it seems possible with what we know about voltage gated ion channels.

    • 5G Summit Team (Susan) says:

      Kelly, I personally have had seizures from over exposure to Wi-Fi, people on their phones around me, and from 5G. I find it critical for me to wear blue blocking glasses to use my wired computer or to watch tv…otherwise, my head starts getting very loopy and I feel these glasses prevent me from having seizures when exposed to those lighting conditions…just my personal experience. PS….Never had a seizure in my life until after I became EHS.

    • ShirleyJoy says:

      I just today added a paragraph to the email going to my govt reps that specifically shared about this. I was a research project manager for large school system. Started having odd health-episodes (including seizures while drifting off to sleep). Finally (after visiting two university med school departments of neurology with no answers), I designed a very simple database. To ‘crack the code’ – I logged info rigorously every 15 minutes on where I was physically – the conditions (equipment around me, my activities), and any symptoms/severity of what I was experiencing (I had multiple symptoms, not just seizures). My first discovery was a definitely statistically significant correlation between certain EMF exposures and the occurrence AND the severity of the seizures I experienced.
      At that time (now ten+ years ago), the trigger was my cathode ray tubed computer monitor. It also triggered nystagmus (uncontrolable eye ball flutters) and other tremors. So do not get resigned when the woefully clueless medical community tells you there’s “nothing wrong” yet these impacts are experienced!!! Do NOT lose your voice! Use the tools that

      Happily, I got smart by: getting a building biologist to teach me how to reduce and navigate exposures, following lifestyle – supplements – an nutritional practices to up my anti-oxidant levels, and started using Eden Energy Medicine routines to get the subtle energy circuits as resilient as possible. Remember, I was a research project manager by profession! One day in an Eden Energy Medicine workshop and it changed my world. I actually went to a workshop in a hotel conference room (where there was heavy WiFi that I had not yet discerned effected me), became unable to walk normally and unable to talk… the teaching assistants saw my problem, came to me and in 8 minutes I could talk and walk again. It blew my mind, especially after multiple medical school consults that added nothing to my knowledge or my health. These practitioners simply “sedated Triple Warmer” which is a well known fight-or-flight circuit within the traditional Chinese meridian system.

      Do I sound like a zealot? Probably, but these aspects ‘saved my life’ – gave me back my power and I know you’ll be able to help your son navigate back to resilience through any of these paths or others similar.
      a) Building Biology knowledge-principles-practices to reduce exposures; b) Eden Energy Medicine to ground & strengthen my own body’s subtle electrical circuitry (many other systems are great but her’s is so simple and empowering and free); c) Anti-oxidant eating-lifestyle-supplements and d) spiritual practices that kept my heart and mind strong. Even legally added “Joy” as a middle name so that I’d remember, “miracles abound” every time I signed my name.

  • DJamil says:

    Many Thanks!

  • Melanie Cook says:

    Can quantum science help protect us from EMF?
    Can wearing a pendant for example?

    • Josh del Sol says:

      I believe some of these devices are helpful. Shungite’s positive effects appear to be quite legit. I also believe that some of them can increase their effectiveness based on what you believe. 🙂 One should not trust in pendants to protect them without mitigation and straightforward strategies presented by the likes of Dietrich Klinghardt, Larry Gust and other brilliant speakers here.

  • Nattalia Chilcott says:

    Excellent discussion! What a beautiful, evolved, intelligent, loving, compassionate spiritual Being Dr. Magda Havas is! Thank you so much for the clarity! Josh you are wonderful too! Thank you for the books/writings/knowledge that you recommended…I intend to access them and read them!

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Thanks for your feedback and support, Nattalia!

      • Carolan says:

        Are the books listed anywhere? I didn’t get it all down from thentalk

      • Deborah says:

        Hi Josh, Thanks for extending the program through weekend. I wanted to let you know that I received an email back from Senator Feinstein saying thanking me for my letter. She said that it is not anything she can do about it because FCC have already done studies that say that 5G is not dangerous and to send my letters to them instead. Do you have any advice on what the next step should be?

  • Wani says:

    Wasn’t aware there’d be no closed captioning. Seriously hearing impaired here.
    No CC or transcript rules out the videos for me. But thank you so much for the event. It’s something all need to learn about to be aware of the dangers of 5G.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Rest of the transcripts coming soon. Please forgive they are not all ready yet. Everyone who owns the Summit will receive them, and we offer a printed book of transcripts too. Backstory is it has been a *very* hectic process getting all of the interviews and content ready in a short amount of time, but we set an aggressive timeline to launch, since this information is so critical.

  • Dianna says:

    Transcripts for all of the videos would be great. As has already been stated, there are a lot of videos for the day and no way for me to watch all of them.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Transcripts are mostly completed, the rest are still coming & all are available for those that choose to own the summit. It has been a *very* hectic process getting all of the interviews and content ready in a short amount of time, but we set an aggressive timeline to launch, since this information is so critical. Thanks Dianna for your support and being here 🙂

      • Maja says:

        I suggest another encore day/weekend to be available, once the transcripts are ready. It makes it so much easier for a foreigner to listen!

  • Kelly says:

    8 years ago I was using a wired headset and on the phone several hours a day. My ear on that side of my face started to ache, and I had an ear ache for months. It went away about 3 weeks after I stopped using the wired headset.

  • Charlene says:

    It was hard to understand the titles of the books that you recommended. Could you spell the names of the authors and titles? Thank you.

  • Kelly says:

    What mat is she speaking about?

  • Debra Hiatt-Cardenas says:

    Josh, could not get the 4 names you gave us…couldn’t figure out the spelling so I can’t research them. Please spell them out for me. thank you

  • Janet says:

    Thanks so much for the education and suggested action steps. Really appreciate the information. Hope we all can effect future change and accountability in our environment

  • Chris says:

    Any sources for the Corenet EMF meter?

  • Joel Chudnow says:

    I could only enter my name for instant action.🤷‍♂️

  • Janette says:

    I LOVED this interview. I have seen and met Dr Havas at a Dr Klinghardt seminar. We spoke about the ASEA redox signaling molecules. If she reads this, to take it further, the ASEA is the identical product that the mitochondria make to then also help the mitochondria cells too. Let me explain, our mitochondria at the end of the Krebs cycle spits out redox signaling molecules. Those molecules then detect cells out of homeostasis, that means ALL cells in the body, including the mitochondrial cells. The atomic medical physicist Dr Gary Samuelson was able to stabilize these exact molecules in a special non-leaching bottle to ingest, as a bio-replenishment. These redox molecules are especially known to quell free radicals and lower oxidative stress. Type in scholar.google.com redox signaling molecules to see the hundreds of thousands of white papers. Then go here to see the ASEA is indeed these molecules, stabilized, until they touch organic matter (our cells) outside or inside our body.https://www.bioagilytix.com/biomarkers/reactive-oxygen/ … Learn more on Facebook group: Redox signaling molecules skin brain sleep genes DNA detox EMF Klinghardt …

  • Lily says:

    Josh, please spell out the YouTube offering you mentioned to use for healing (along with Dr. Sue Mortimer, and Joe Dispenza). It was “Reality ________________________”. Thanks.

  • Col says:

    what was the banned Catholic Church book banned Josh Couldn’t understand what you said.

  • Dora K., PhD. says:

    Hi, I am Dr. Dora, PhD., I am watching this M. Hanvas talk and other 5G summit talks now in Poland, can’t access the talks nor audios… just some transcripts… Myself a NEW citizen of US living in Florida and would love to have the mentioned ’email your legislators” tool to recommend it during my workshops and talks. I am pretty much concerned about electro smog and especially the health danger of 5G. I’m going to form in Highlands Co. FL a group of people to educate the fellow citizens about the danger of 5G and how we could limit it but need some helpt how to proceed… Could you pls help and also send me some transcripts and the email form, so people can use it ?

  • sarah says:

    I Am so gratefull, for all the speakers, with evidence base science. we are still being walked over, without a consciousness by a rogue element, that is so destructive, bend on destroying humanity and planet Earth. Unless, we all collectively gather together and stand as the power of One, we will move mountains. We have the power, strength, to make this devices powerless. Tesler had the knowledge to create a positive outcome. yes,grounding,calling spirit of the Earth to ground us, centre, anchor and to claim all our clean enegies back! namaste

  • Kimberley says:

    Hi! Oh my gosh this is soooo great!

    I’m curious if we could have a written list of all of the devices/products that are recommended to use? For example the one to kind of ground yourself everyday. Also if possible any links to brands that you trust/recommend? Thank you!

  • Susan says:

    Thank you for your valuable information. Cant help wondering that if your dealing with heavy metal toxicity that it makes you more sensitive to this EMF’s? – metals are conductive… Amalgam fillings ?

    • Megan says:

      Yes it absolutely can! Getting amalagms removed by a knowledgeable biological dentist alongside a detox protocol is the best thing you can do.

  • Desiree says:

    Hello, I am unable to utilize the instant action email. I cannot continue past the first screen as the system is not accepting my Canadian postal code which is 6 characters.

  • From a spiritual and practical perspective, Invoking The Light helps too. At the moment, you can get a free eBook version at the following link: https://www.kobo.com/au/en/ebook/invoking-the-light

  • rachel says:

    I went to sign the letter to the representatives in Australia but it comes up with the American reps, not ours here in Oz.

  • Kelly says:

    I had herd that everyone in a very short time in So Cal would have their smart meters installed. Im up on the latest research on EMF/EMR. That being said I thought I needed to give permission for installation (which I would not do)…NOT SO. Happen to go on the side of may house a few weeks later and..that sucker was already installed. I was so angry!! Shortly after, one of my dogs became very aggressive towards my other 2 dogs and my 2 Kittys. I did not put it together until I moved into a small house with a smart meeter, and power lines in my backyard. (I was forced into that new house). The dog that had aggressive behavior increased to the point of constant fear of her. She went berserk, tried to kill the other animals in my house. Next.. my kitty had kidney failure, her health went down hill…next one of my other dogs’ went blind. As for me, surprising my current health issues seem to be stable. Its crazy to make that statement! Im leaving CA with a brief stopover in TX and then Im “getting the hell out of the USA”. It is planned…Im moving to Mexico in a rural area. I have had it. Being sick most of my life. 5G is just one more reason to leave.

  • Taylor Brook says:

    Thank you for your advice on the home meters. I have been considering getting one. Is there guidance that you could point me to in terms of how to interpret the results? For example, what is a high number for dirty electricity, EMFs, and what should we be shooting for? Thank you!

  • Sandra says:

    As a woman of a large family who work in the computer field I am increasingly concerned about the amount of servalince my children are buying for their homes.Their children are exposed .more and more friends cannot reproduce and so many people have sickness that were not a problem 30 years ago.
    I’m proud to see that you are Canadian thank you for your talk today.

  • Allen says:

    They are forcing vaccines on the public that have not been tested. What’s to stop them from bringing 5G into use regardless of the science and how many people get sick. They will blame their illness on something less.

  • Ute says:

    Can you please put the books which where named in this talk on a list?
    Thank you, enjoyed this talk a lot with a very clear message and hopeful measures everyone can take.

  • Emily says:

    What would the suggestion be for kids, who attend public schools, who show signs of hypersensitivity. My child gets headaches when she is in school almost weekly. They all use chrome books daily, and are on constant wifi. She didn’t have headaches all summer, or during holiday, but is so frequent when in school.

    • emfoff says:

      Poor kids these days, I’m glad I was in school in the 90’s. All I can suggest, is besides talking to them (yeah right) is to have your child wear emf clothing that shields it, but in order to work it has to completely cover whole body all the way down to the floor. I use such semi transparent fabric. Well there is really no other way.

  • Lisa says:

    Hello! Yesterday I couldn’t get on the site because it had crashed. You offered day one again today, and I have been able to listen to Devra’s talk, but I am not able to access anyone else’s talk from day one. Can you please make it available? I am very interested in this topic. Thank you, Lisa

    • Maja says:

      Thanx for an additional weekend, that was very necessary. Is there a chance for an extention?
      Some of us depend on wi-fi and cannot be exposed to it so many hours per day!
      Thanx for understanding.

  • Me says:

    The video specifics include…”Simple solutions to protect your home” There was more about personal strategies, detection and detox than prtection. I heard some ways to measure emf and change light bulbs, use a pmf mat, but what ways do we protect our home? Is there any kind of insulation or ? to combat emf and make our homes safer?

  • Colleen Danel says:

    I am concerned that tests conducted on 3 and 4g showed cellular damage with extended
    exposure to all living organisms and that the plan is to launch 5g with total disregard to these prior
    results, as well as the interference it could cause to aviation and the ability to predict weather.
    Elected officials are supposed to be in office to reflect the voice of the public and protect its
    well being, not allow lobbyists to push them to make decisions that are detrimental to the health
    of all life forms on earth.
    All the money in the world has no value if we continue to destroy the delicate balance
    in nature that supports all life forms and once that balance has been so disrupted there
    may be no way to restore it.
    Please do not allow these mega corporations to push forward 5B wireless with zero testing and

  • Anita Bird Jaeger says:

    Köszönjük szépen Dr Havas!!! Thank you for all your work and for everything you do! <3

  • Anne Duncan says:

    Enjoying the talks – so much quality information BUT talks are 50min to over an hour each… no way I can watch them all in the allocated time 😢

  • Rae says:

    Love this! Any recommendations for brand or model of effective PMF device?

  • kathy says:

    I have so much respect for and gratitude to Dr. Havas and Joshua. If I had not heard about her in 2011 and had a couple of emails with her I would not have had initial impetus and chutzpah to start the Families for SAFE Technology (formerly meters) group in Eugene, OR. EWEB, Oregon’s largest publicly owned utility, passed the first OPT IN in the USA. In Feb. 2018 EWEB spuriously reversed opt in to opt out. Regardless, technology had been morphed by SENSUS USA to accommodated Eugene, OR, recommendations and critiques from DRs., IT professionals and citizen activists. EWEB does not have more harmful radio meshnet that CA has – up to 190,000 beacon signals a day per meter. EWEB’s system can have radio turned off remotely from admin office but ratepayer owner has to ask for that turn off; Otherwise radio turned on.

  • Very good lecture! Thank you, Dr. Havas, you are a great teacher. It has been my clinical experience over the past 16 years of treating chronically ill families that electrosensitive patients have pre-existing combinations of any of the following: indoor toxic mold exposure, chronic infections (both vector borne and community acquired), heavy metal toxicity, and other environmental chemical toxins, especially glyphosate. Fortunately, I am one of the few MDs that realize that the Naturopathic medical community, the alternative, integrative folks are the ones to learn from.

  • Thank you for this wonderful educational summit. Thank goodness for all involved. Will the transcript be available for this talk even after the video is not longer accessible for free?

  • Galina says:

    Hello, thank you for doing such a great things as this summit.
    I have one question:
    Shungite stone: will it protect if we put it on cell phones and next to router?
    Thank you

  • Clover says:

    I don’t necessarily agree, I think this is an extension if not an outright perversion of the work you did on Clean Air legislation! OK, we had to do something to shut up these damn scientists, now how can we keep making people sick so they keep buying junk (weight loss, diabetes meds, all the things that are wrong with this society…) and making a buck off them as well as making them feel bad? Answer: electrosmog! Even better than gunky air, it’s invisible!

  • Kate says:

    Great discussions and information.
    Where will the transcripts be posted and when will we be able to access them? I had a hard time following some information on references, colleagues etc. so looking forward to reading in tx. Thanks!

  • Randy Styer says:

    Robert Kennedy mentioned we have to be activists. It is obvious that our political leaders
    have been influenced by their corporate donors to push 5G through. THAT IS THE PROBLEM
    RIGHT THERE. If you truly want to help fix the problem and turn this around we must get
    involved in self governance in each state of this country. The American States Assembly is
    addressing this issue and all other issues we need fixing. Join your State Jural Assemblies
    now and get involved. Go too http://www.theamericanstatesassembly.net to learn more.

  • cristina says:

    only they cut the trees for bio fuel. eu gave miljoens to holland for bio fuel. also trees are dying because of chemtrails and haarp. weather once very hot then ice cold etc.
    yes nature is good against radiation. very good info. thank you

  • cristina says:

    i think we must see this 5G they want to bring to us, is in connection with geoengeneering. very dangerous.

  • cristina says:

    it is a military instrument 5G. very dangerous
    so you all know i think
    it is a mind control. they can kill you if they want. and you don t know that 5G is doing this. they become sick, etc. active denial system directed-energy weapon. developed by us militrary.

  • Betsy Fox says:

    This was great! I learned so much! I have not been able to pinpoint what was causing my bouts of fatigue…I always thought food…now I will pay more attention to electricity and EMF…I also use energy medicine to sort out the energy in my body. Thanks to Dr. Magda Havas for all her pioneering work and for sharing all her knowledge with the rest of the world!

  • Jo says:

    Hi thanku
    Please would be amazing if the EMF meters suggested and the other resources mentioned were offered as unfortunately there is no transcript to this interview

  • Sherrie A Janz says:

    how do you know which meter to buy. there are so many coronet

  • Branko says:

    That was really nice talk!!! Praise the Lord for the prevention which we can choose!!!

  • Sherrie A Janz says:

    this was my favorite. best information i needed at the time. thank you

  • Jessica says:

    We absolutely need to organize against Chemtrails and 5G. Please check out on Facebook-Chemtrails Fightback. We’ll be hosting a phone conference on September 8th; where we’ll be discussing health issues; what’s going on in our area& and what we can do to stop the assault.

  • Hello, Magda,

    The interview was really great! Thank you so much.
    Now listening to you I realised I am one of the electro hypersensitive individuals; I hate fluorescent light bulbs and switch them off when I come to My Groom’s workshop. We had a dispute; I did not want Wi-fi router in Our home and used instead an internet “stick”/modem that you plug into your PC’s USB port. He said that was even worse than wi-fi signal. Please let Me know the fact as this would be really really helpful.

  • Sallye says:

    Please extend this information access for another week! There is so much we need to study about this IMPORTANT and URGENT issue!

  • Jess says:

    Please check out on Facebook: Chemtrails Fightback. We have monthly phone conference where we discuss health issues and organizing strategies; concerning not just Chemtrails, but 5G, too as they are connected. Sadly, we hosted a phone conference tonight open to those on this 5G summit and had 0 callers. Wow, what does this say about those attending this summit? We will try once more Sunday, Sept. 15th at 8:30pm EST. I hope people understand the real threat these things are to our existence and take some responsibility before it’s too late. Already 40% of all arable land is eroded worldwide and 80% of pollinating animals are gone. Albert Einstein actually said when the bees die, so do humans. 30 years ago, we entered the 6th largest extinction period in history. When is the last time you have seen a bee let alone a beehive? Both Geoengineering and 5G are currently leading us to the 7th largest, where humankind is next. 1/2 of all Americans including children according to official CDC records suffer from at least 1 chronic illness. The elite are building underground cities. Why? They may go underground, but neither we nor our children will. 5G is a military weapon. Get on the call to learn about these topics and more.

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