How Wireless Causes Harm (Part 1)with Martin Pall, PhD


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • 9 different areas of harm from wireless
  • Chemical process behind the harmful biological effects
  • Why 5G is more dangerous than its predecessors

Guest Expert

Martin Pall, PhD

Martin Pall is professor emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University (WSU). He earned his PhD in biochemical genetics from Caltech, and was on the faculty of WSU for many years before “retiring” in 2008. Since then he has published numerous papers on wireless radiation effects. Dr. Pall’s research has focused most on 9 different categories of effects of wireless radiation: neurological and neuropsychiatric effects, cellular DNA damage, cell death, endocrine effects, cancer, cardiac effects, very early onset Alzheimer’s and other dementias. One of his most valuable contributions is describing, in detail, the main mechanism by which these effects are produced.

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  • Josh del Sol says:

    I loved this conversation with Martin Pall… one of my favorite in the Summit. Thanks everyone for being here!

    • ARLENE WASMUND says:

      It is very stressful trying to listen to this video! It keeps stopping every couple words or every sentence. I didn’t get anything out of the first few minutes they talked. Could you please fix this? I hope so. Thanks! Arlene

      • Sharon says:

        I heard it just fine. Maybe it’s your internet connection or your computer. I happen to have a lousy connection and a lousy computer. Guessing it’s because I turned everything else off while I listened. Closed all other windows etc. Good luck.

      • Nev says:

        No problems for me…

      • C.J. says:

        Re-boot your browser or computer. I didn’t have any trouble. Good luck

    • Canary Lisa says:

      One of my favorite people to listen to. Dr. Martin Pall published with my environmental physician, Dr. Grace Ziem, on the No-Onoo vicious cycle. His research has helped my symptoms tremendously.

    • Matthew says:

      Hi Josh, would you please post links to some of the scientific studies that Dr. Pall used for his claims? That would help us to verify his claims. Thanks in advance.

      • Morgan says:

        Agreed. He just says, “X amount of studies found this.” Please link these studies so that we can verify he is telling the truth and not just twisting the facts of these studies, which is very easy to do when speaking in such general terms.

      • Paul says:

        Hi Matthew. Have you found the studies yet? I clicked on the ‘experts’ button below the video window and then clicked on the link to Martin’s web site where all his studies are.

    • Michael Wehring says:

      I loved to hear what your conversation entailed and what I have learned thus far about what is going on in our nation. Yet it is so disturbing what we’ve allowed this nation to become. And how they would even think doing such a thing. Yet the Word speaks of these things… Thank you for enduring to get us this knowledge, so we know the truth,

      • Tish Scott says:

        It’s a very deceitful monster mash who’s doing this – better pray for a miracle – they do happen you know

    • Delbert Carpenter says:

      I agree If we the people don’t open their eyes, Stop Look And Listen to whats being said in these videos and send your voice to their Representatives, and get this stopped we, the world and all of us are going to be in BIG trouble. This is coming from an Experienced Ham Radio Operator KE8BLD!!!!

      • Tish Scott says:

        As Bobby said we all have to do our bit – and I say believe with all our mind we are finally going to set humanity free – and turn the centuries of the corrupt inside out .. no more poison vaccines control and dissolve big brother

      • Steven Ashton says:

        Amen KE8BLD. I’m also a long time Ham operator and former Army communicator. We learned the basics of this long ago and have feared microwaves since going to radio school. KD4STA.

    • s.miko burns says:

      Amazing work brother!

  • Elisha G says:

    So excited on educating myself and loved ones, in this important matter. Thank you all for your faithfulness and time you put for us. Know our eyes are opened.

  • Bernie Liebl says:

    What Does Dr. Pall mean when he says pulsations? Is it just the (higher) frequency, does it have to do with the modulation? As an engineer I am concerned that this is where industry will say that “pulsation” is nothing real. What exactly is he talking about when he makes reference to pulsations?


      Think of your heart beating. Every time it beats it makes a pulse or expression of the beating. These waves also pulse in that manner- By pulsing several times per a time period, the affect of the emfs is greatly increased- think of a sound blasting at you at a small number of pulses or sounds even.Then think of it blasting several times per seconds so you end up getting an unbelievieble dose of the sound that can just overwhelm your body.

    • Wayne says:

      A pulsed wave is a short burst of energy, usually of only a few cycles per pulse. It’s the type of wave used in ultrasound. A continuous wave will not produce an image.

  • Mo says:

    This talk is very interesting, but very complicated regarding the technical language.

  • Carl says:

    The problem is, those with wisdom have not the phenomenal authority vested in them as is in the hollow hypocrites.

    • Helen Carey says:

      When enough of us know about this Carl and decide to resist it we shall be a phenomenal force the industries will find irresistable!

  • Lisa says:

    Unfortunately, I tuned out after the host asked Martin to define the dielectric constant and he laughed/scoffed. Not okay.

  • Edward says:

    When Martin Pall says about the insane safety guidelines ignore logic he says, “But that is what WE are doing.” However, in my mind it is not WE that are doing this but it is what THEY (industry/government) are doing.

    • Ray says:

      Good point, I totally agree. It is not WE who are doing it …. I am a believer in pointing to the guilty parties behind this & not being afraid to name names.


    Very interesting review of causes and affects of 5G in biological systems. too much info to hold on to. My only complaint is that I was not able to download and save the transcript of this presentation

    • Sharon says:

      Since wireless internet came to be, we had 3 healthy women in our family have grossly deformed babies that could not survive. I think there is a connection. Two were able to have a healthy baby on the next try. All have WiFi. The 3rd was older so didn’t try again.

    • Sharon says:

      I believe you can get transcripts from ordering them. Not certain since I have not tried this time but I got those things the last time they had a presentation like this.

  • EJ says:

    The interviewer is excellent at asking Dr Pall for clarity about terms. It would be a better talk had brilliant Dr Pall respected that the audience consists of ordinary citizens trying to get informed–and known to willingly give needed explanations. We need every bit of info re life killer 5G. Thanks, EJ

  • Aura says:

    Thnx Dr. Martin for providing us with this valuable information and the convenience of finding it all in one place. Usually, I glean my knowledge via numerous sites and speakers after which I organize the contents. .

  • Michelle says:

    I know the dangers of EMF’s/WiFi/5G…. can somebody tell me how we are supposed to listen to things like this summit without WiFi? serious question…..

    • Sharon says:

      You need to hard wire your internet. I am very sensitive to WiFi. Took me 5 years to figure out what was causing all my health issues. I have underlying chronic Lyme but WiFi makes me way sicker than I should be. Once we stopped our WiFi and hard wired it again, I was much better. Now all the wireless computers in my neighborhood are making me very ill. I have 32 wireless networks in my neighborhood.

      • Cameron Heiland says:

        Have you considered painting your house with 5g blocking paint?..or using technology on your person to counter these effects?

    • Windy says:

      Use An Ethernet cable and Plug directly into your laptop. No need for wireless.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Michelle, check out the guide “7 Effective Ways to Make Your Home Safe…” at . Oram Miller and I show you how to wire your computer and other devices; and mitigate EMF throughout your home. With the right solutions, no one needs any wireless…

  • janet Bornhoeft says:

    I couldn’t sent info to my local legislators. my zip code is 33408. It said I couldn’t connect to safari

  • Jean says:

    Excellent interview..thank you so much for enlightening those of us who thought they already knew about EMFs/5G, but learned even more of the science behind 5G. Am going to tell friends the importance of becoming educated in this HUGH topic which all should be more than concerned about.

  • James Robert Deal says:

    In your condemnation of 5G are you giving 4G, 3G, IOT appliances, and smart meters a pass? Have we overshot the levels of RF that beings can handle? Do we need to go back to pagers and take down all the cell towers?

    • Josh del Sol says:

      James, I think Martin’s point is that all wireless radiation for communications purposes is harmful… and that 5G, by adding a whole new layer of frequency-range and exposure, is amplifying it to a frightening extent. Other talks such as Jerry Day and Terry Stotyn, talk about ‘smart’ meters; and Dietrich Klinghardt and others talk about 3G/4G as well. It’s all an environmental toxin.

  • Michael says:

    You need a translator for this doctor. “Stunning effects” just don’t register. So you need someone who says “calcium is bad and at this level will kill the average person with no other co-morbidity with 30 days”

    • Ray says:

      Most definitely agree with you. There is a LOT in this interview that needs translated to levels that the average person who doesn’t have advanced degrees in biochemistry, etc. can understand. Unfortunately the doctor seemed oblivious to that fact.

    • R Herrmann says:

      Read Excitotoxins by Blaylock, he explains it well. It results in cell death (neurons, specifically).

  • barbara says:

    Big Tech, Big Pharma and other corporate giants are willing to sacrifice our health (and lives) for their profit. Do they not realize that if they kill us off, they will have to resort to corporate cannibalism?

    • Dr. Jennifer A. McCollum says:

      LOL That was a priceless comment!

      • marty says:

        when nobody is left,what are they going to do? Very informative summit, a lot of information to absorb.(Josh you are doing a great job) .

    • Melissa says:

      And these powers that be are sacrificing their own health and families as well. ???

      • Kaitlyn Karol says:

        They’re not really affecting their own health. Do you know that Bill Gates won’t give his own kids/ family vax for example? These ppl are also hoarding the food supply right now and preach to us about not eating cattle due to ‘global warming’ yet they eat steak behind the scenes. Complete hypocrites and virute signalng psychopaths all to control us.

        Just like right now how the riots are professionally staged and funded by the globalists and yet kids are so naive and dumb, they really think this is a ‘grass roots’ thing! smh!!

        • Shauna Baker says:

          Yes Kaitlyn, and they also don’t eat GMO’s, have their own sources of pure water, and they manipulate weather and all kinds of things to make life tough for the sleeping sheeples. Their top agenda is depopulation and to have a WHITE ARIAN type race, just like Hitler. They also kill anyone who gets in their way. Everyone needs to wake up so we can all be free and safe and never be forced to do anything again.

  • Belinda says:

    Thank you for sharing your work.

  • Jean says:

    Yes a block buster video for information!!! Gives me a head ache just to think of it!!!!

  • Jace says:

    It’s clear that we face two human-caused extinction crises simultaneously, global climate breakdown affecting us on the macro level and the breakdown on a micro level of the cellular and every internal biological system of all living matter. We must unite globally to inform and to resist, or the blue planet dies, much more quickly than our sun.

  • Vangie says:

    I am impressed by this Summit. I just finished 2 interviews, but the informations I’ve heard are already amazing. Agree, Dr. Martin Pall inputs are so valuable. Thank you. It is not over yet- I can’t wait to hear from other speakers 🙂

  • Marilynne L. Mellander says:

    Blood pressure meds, like Amlodopine, are calcium channel blockers….

  • Margaret Meckelborg says:

    It is astounding to hear Dr Pall describe complex concept so understandably. Thank you. I am very much looking forward to Part II. Josh you questions throughout really were right on. Thank you to you as well.

  • Eugenia says:

    I see you are developing the tools for connections around the world. We, in South America, need your help. They are now implementing the 5G in Guayaquil where many people died due to the pandemia which I see it relate to the technology. Here in Colombia, they are starting to use it in some official buildings, and who knows where else. The first phone company announcing it is CLARO. Right now I have to remain in here, no international flights yet, but I live in Colorado.

    • Ariste Arvanitides says:

      Hi. People all over the world are learning about 5G damage to health and they are burning down the 5G towers, the ones that look like trees and chimneys and the huge towers — here in Europe. Others have voted not to install them. FIGHT IT.

  • Robert says:

    Total Illuminati agenda! C’mon world brothers and sisters… STAND UP AND REJECT THEIR LUCIFERIAN PROGRAMME!

  • Jami says:

    I’m wondering if anyone dare to comment on this relationship with covid-19. I have been reading lately how “they” are now saying that covid-19 is now thought to be a vascular disease, and have called Kawasaki disease, as one example, as being a covid-related inflammatory vascular condition. Plus the blood clotting, strokes, etc. From listening to what Dr. Pall just said he mentioned all of these effects with EMF exposure. Can we talk about what part EMF exposure could have?

  • Boris says:

    I enjoyed Martin Pall”s interview, he described every danger of EMF in the point form so anybody could understand. Thank you for having him in the summit.

  • Ray says:

    Dr. Pall’s level of knowledge in electro magnetics is very impressive, truly an expert. But he seems to not be aware that most people interested in protecting their health & well being don’t have his advanced bio-tech knowledge. I might suggest that you make your guests more aware of this fact & to prepare appropriately. Some already do & are able to communicate these things to the less intelligent or educated.

    • Susan says:

      A lot of this is over my head and very confusing for me to understand. I have no science background or medical background. I feel lost in trying to understand what Dr Paul is saying.

  • jawhara says:

    very very informative …thank you both very much !!!! Any chance we will find out what kind of calcium channel blockers we can use to stop the EMF damage ? Is hydroxychloroquine one of them by any chance ?

    • Dr. Jennifer A. McCollum says:

      It is very tempting to throw a pharmaceutical at a problem. There are plants that are much more therapeutic and also easy on the body. But before we even go throwing things at a problem should se not remove the cause this is what holisitc medicine is all about! Dr. Gem

  • Berkeley says:

    I was able to send the first set of letters to my representatives. However, when I modified the second set, I could not click on the submit button. I tried getting out of the program, going back in, still can’t click submit. Is it my computer, or an issue with the program?

  • carolina garza says:

    thank you for sharing

  • John Winstead says:

    I developed a technology years ago based on BioScalar Energy that I’ve tested and demonstrated over the years to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s. I believe it will do the same for 5G. If you are interested in learning more check out the seminar I did last year demonstrating the technology with more information in the description….

  • Pamela says:

    Thank you for sharing and showing you care. The more who listen and share they care for our health and our planet, will bring about change for a brighter future. Blessings in love and light

  • R Herrmann says:

    Dr Russell Blaylock describes, in Excitotoxins the voltage gated calcium channels and neuronal death with MSG, and other toxins. Very interesting, and scary as hell.

  • Wayne A. Van Dine Jr. says:

    Given the issue of the dangers of “the pulse” I envision the trick where a standard deck of playing cards are used as weapons. Clearly paper playing cards are benign in normal use. However when thrown aerodynamically against a target, those same playing cards can penetrate targets and do actual damage.

  • Helen Carey says:

    This was a very powerful interview, most people would not want to run the risk of the consequences to their families health discussed here. No wonder the industry is so worried about us finding out what 5G will really mean for our wellbeing

  • Patricia says:

    So much information given. It is mind blowing! Thank you

  • Charisse Marei says:

    I listened to the talks from the last 5G Summit and purchased one of the packages, and ordered the book (great resource). Though I did not understand everything Dr. Pall discussed, I took away valuable information. Thank you for the powerful insight.

  • John.Russell says:

    Not only is 5G much closer than 4G, it has much more power and the 5G knows where your phone is and it’s beam is focused on your phone. And what is next to your phone to absorb most of the power? [Notice any change in vision?]

  • Ashlee Badgett, C.Ht. says:

    Great talk. Informative. Having trouble with the Take Action link. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • Pastor-Phil Biggs says:

    Wonderful we are killing ourselves while we make life more convenient yet much shorter. We can continue on this path to mass suicide or turn back the clock where computers are plugged into the wall, telephones and answering machines remain in our homes, young people no longer spend 8 hours a day staring at the little box in their hand while walking out in front of traffic too busy to be safe. The world we are being led into by those who control us now. We have surrendered our lives to a system of control where we are tracked through our phones, through Alexa and similar little units that click on themselves and secretly record your actions. Privacy has been stolen from you and now we call it progress. is this truly the future we have chosen for ourselves or are we being lied to. As we can see from this one video death sells and those marketing these products don’t care. Say no more no 5G, Life is far more valuable than the products we purchase because we are being lied to. God bless us all, may all be unified with a single vision for a long and healthy life for each and every one of us.

    • Susan says:

      Well said!

    • G Hutson says:

      Time does not have to be turned back, just tweaked. The technology has been here as far back as 60’s & 70’s. It just was not allowed. Human advancement has been stifled for decades!

    • C.J. says:

      I don’t have Alexa or any other equivalent and won’t be getting one either. Google and Amazon are recording and listening at random.

  • Sue says:

    Hey Josh I already purchased the 5G Summit last year. Is this year different? I’m glued to the tube. Loving this.

    • Susan says:

      I sent an email and asked the same question as to whether this is new or the same package I purchased last year. their reply was it is the same package, No need to purchase again. I went to Health Means and check and anything new has bee added to my previous purchase.

  • Ariste Arvanitides says:

    5G is military-made weapon… W E A P O N .

  • Sue Jones says:

    Loved listen to Dr Pall last summit and wow, just blew my mind again with even more intense research, discovery and sharing, thank you so much and thank you Josh for getting all these amazing professionals together for a second summit!!! Bless you both 🙂

  • Christine says:

    every protein, DNA, RNA, water has a dielectric dipole moment calculable through the spacial distribution of their charges. Those vectors align themselves even in a protein-protein complexes, in protein-DNA complexes. There is no randomness in them in terms of that directionality, which is given in them from their INTELLIGENT design! The same vectors will be affected in external EMF fields based on Maxwell/Lorentz formulas. Many functional portions of proteins are charged, as in example of all GPCR proteins with their Asp/Glu-Arg-Tyr motif, or all digestive enzymes with their charged catalytic triads called ‘charge relay systems’, or in all the cell adherence motifs RGD, present on many viral surfaces, inclusive covid…. A DNA polymerase dimer has a electric dipole moment exactly in the same direction in which the newly produced DNA is being processed! Iron in hemoglobin is clearly affected by EMF fields alone through observation of dark force microscopy… Just a small addition to Dr. Palls research.

  • Luisa Martin says:

    Is there anything we can do to rid our bodies of excessive free radicals? I have read that modifying one’s diet may help. Is that true?

  • Rebecca says:

    Thank you for all your hard work and tireless devotion to bring this to the public 💜

  • Mary Burden says:

    There has to be a way to raise the awareness of humanity. We know: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” We have leadership and need to find a way to get the information out in plain layman’s terms.

  • Christine says:

    every newly produced nano metal will absorb GHz radiation, if inside the body, it will do the same, depending on the depth of the applied pulsed 5G radiation. It seems reasonable to assume that the chemicals and the EMFs’ will have an accumulative effect on the surrounding tissue affected by the 5G wave…

  • Lynette Monk says:

    Is anyone else having a problem with the take action button? Nothing happens when I click it.


    Thank you so much sir… Very much informative session it was.. I have learned a lot..

  • Jean says:

    Since this is going to affect all of us, won’t these industry folks have the same problems, or do they have some secret cloaking device that will protect them? Seems strange that they wouldn’t be worried about these adverse effects at all.

    • Steve Daniels says:

      The people that push these things, (5G, herbicides, chemicals, vaccines) definitely live by a totally different set of standards. Nothing like what they force on the unwashed masses… I’m sure they are just concerned with their immediate life span and their possible earning potential and life style in that time period. Absolutely no concern for us. It’s pretty obvious. Ignorance is bliss for a lot of people and this is what it begat!

  • Mike says:

    Please post links to the scientific studies that Dr. Pall uses for his claims so I can present them to the sceptics?
    Keep up your good work, Josh.

  • Penny says:

    I have good English comprehension, no science experience, but I cannot understand any of this information, but that it’s really bad

  • Patricia says:

    Dr. Martin Pall may be “skeptical” about the toxic load model of illness, but he is in disagreement with Dr. William Rea, Dr. Sherry Rogers, Dr. Doris Rapp and a host of other environmental physicians and naturopathic physicians on that issue. I didn’t appreciate his chuckle and the misinformation he shared about chemical sensitivity when he said, “…things like multiple chemical sensitivity where people have studied what kind of chemicals they have in their bodies, often they’re not high; that’s in part because people avoid chemical exposures, (chuckle, chuckle) but it doesn’t help them get rid of the disease; it helps prevent it from getting worse.”

    First, people diagnosed with chemical sensitivity frequently do test with very high levels of chemicals. Individuals vary in their sensitivity to chemicals; studies have shown that some people are 1000 times more sensitive to chemicals than the general population. William J. Rea, in Considerations for the Diagnosis of Chemical Sensitivity wrote, “Some individuals, for example, are born with significantly lower quantities of specific enzymes (it may be 75%, 50% or even 25% of the norms). Their response to environmental stimuli is often considerably weaker than those born with 100% of the normal detoxifying enzymes and immune parameters.”

    Gulf War Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue, Lyme disease, and Delayed Stress Syndrome are all chemical sensitivity under a different diagnosis. Because of masking and adaptation, most people do not realize they are chemically sensitive until they begin to avoid chemical exposures, then they unmask their reactions. If they can avoid reactions for a period of time, i.e. avoid chemicals, yes, they do heal, Dr. Pall.

    In Time Magazine article “They’re Poisoning Us,” investigative reporter Arnold Mann wrote, “…chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic digestive problems, cognitive and memory impairment. Millions of people have these problems. But they don’t necessarily make the connection between the symptoms and what’s triggering them in the environment.”

    Unless 5G installations are going to immediately cease, it is important for people to know how to give themselves the maximum protection. There are four categories of toxic load on the immune system: chemical; physical (emf’s); biological (e.g. mold, dust); and psychological (stress). People can help protect their health by lessening their toxic load in the other three areas.

    If the public had galvanized to protect themselves from industry assaults with toxic chemicals a long time ago, everyone would be in a better position to address the current encroachment of emf’s. The public would have more energy and intelligence (I.Q. generally goes up 20 points by installing air filters) and they would already be in the habit of protecting themselves at the expense of convenience.

  • Tish Scott says:

    Thankyou for all your hard work care and courage

  • Nev says:

    Do the people behind this technology not care about their own family and children? Seemingly not…

  • Gabrielle McNeil says:

    WE are in Ontario. My Husband and I decided to change from wifi to Ethernet in our home, and it has made a difference. WE are sleeping better and I do not have crawling sensations throughout my body after being on the internet. WE are also sleeping better. But we do have a question. Since China has 5G and cameras everywhere we are wondering how many deaths are happening in China because of this Technology? Where do we get this info or is it being hidden.?

  • Doc says:

    I could have done without the tech information. Sorry he blew off the interviewer when he asked or clarification

  • Eileen says:

    URGENT! Action link does not work on the first action step. The second one –
    TRACE ACT: Notice of Non-Consent (USA) – does work.

  • Rob Brown says:

    Assembling these experts for this online summit is a wonderful gift to the world. You guys are doing an outstanding service! Thank you!!!

  • Philippe Mayu says:

    Excellent. Thank you for the clarity .

  • Golden Age says:

    A wealth of information Martin Pall, and so grateful that this work has been done already. I really enjoyed the technical aspect of this talk and can understand more about diseases. We are electrical human beings and anything that affects the DNA will affect the future for this humanity. The eugenics program, the telecommunications company and our silent consent as a populace is on the brink to be discovered by the masses and I hope, that this will wake up more and more of us to critical mass, so that we can stop such a plight to our human species. Our quality of our lives, and humanity’s future is at stake. Thank you for this summit Josh.

  • paul says:

    Many thanks for this highly informative interview. Yes there are plenty of challenging concepts and terminology to understand. I guess this is why my friends(some of) prefer the orthodox narrative.

  • Shauna Baker says:

    Another really great interview with a respected expert. These first interviews are brilliant Josh. I am looking forward to the rest of the summit with this high calibre of guest. You have outdone yourself this year. Many thanks to Josh and Sayer for the opportunities presented in this brilliant summit.

  • Flower says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this information to us free at this time.
    God bless all your efforts to save humanity.

    I wish there could be more of us who think along the same platform and not be blinded and foolishly misled by men of power, men of agenda, men with absolute no regard for ‘higher consciousness’ and compassion for anything. …But, the good will always prevail, in the end!!
    Thank you so much xoxoxo

  • Brianna says:

    Ok Then Talking is not enough. What are we going to do about it before is too late? Why have we gone that far that 5G is being forced on us already. Were we sleeping? We want to be healthy and have our children healthy and happy life. We are already physically poisoned through our food and water. We let that happened already. Now the enemy is invisible but harming. What are we going to do about it? Earth is our home…Home for every living creature, Nobody owns it. We have the birth right to have free life not taken nor controlled by same species whoonly have more power given by us

  • Don says:

    Would be nice if some of the peer reviewed studies that were discussed about these various health concerns were posted.

  • Deborah says:

    I have been having difficulty accessing the video conversations.When I try to access them, it keeps taking me back to the registration page and won’t let me go beyond day 1 talks. Please help!

  • Lokio says:

    While I’ve been spending many hours a day reading the thousands of comments people have left on Max Igan’s YouTube channel, I can’t help but notice tonnes of angry people threatening to burn down cell towers.

    While I’ve seen many YouTube videos of towers in the UK that are on fire, I’m also reading about groups of vigilantes in America getting together, and arming themselves with axes and chainsaws, and going from power pole to power pole, while another group of creative taggers here in Australia, who no longer care about making a name for themselves, are going out late at night when the streets are quiet, armed with paint, and spray cans, and putting their graffiti skills to better use on major highways, and busy intersections, and sprucing up our roundabouts, hoping to catch people’s attention to the dangers of 5G that way.

    People, please, whatever you do, do not riot out on the streets, and paint the town red, nor should you burn down their cell towers, and government buildings, along with their bureaucratic bullshit, when that’s illegal, okay?

    Last year, when I printed out 1012 letters, and put them in people’s letterboxes, I came back home to find the police searching through my bedroom looking for terrorist activity.

    Because I never watch their fearmongering Illuminati TV, read the heavily watered down local bullshit newspaper, or listen to their Muslim bashing radio, I haven’t been updated on the governments rulebooks, and didn’t know it was illegal to warn people to the dangers of 5G, thus, I had no choice but to stop what I was doing. Now I think I can understand why the media blackout, and why 5G is being censored all over the internet, when it’s illegal to talk about it.

    So, once again, folks, please do not try and warn people to the dangers of 5G, when it’s illegal, and no doubt deeply offends our murder intensive, psychopathic governments, and their technocratic telco bed buddies in crime.

    You must understand, these enviro-mental terrorists are working very hard to transform the planet, when they have the legal right, law and authority to treat us like lab rats, and MKUltra expose us to their man-made pollution, as they experiment on every man, woman and child on the face of the planet, that may, or may not mess with your biology, and interfere with your evolution, okay?

    How else can our governments, and telecommunications companies get together to line their deep pockets, and get fat, and filthy rich, earning billions of dollars?

    Sorry, folks, but you’ll just have to learn to accept the poison, while these parasites make an absolute killing from your suffering.

    But it’s okay, cheer up. The good news is, once millions of TV brain-dead sheeple start dropping dead, and everybody catches wind that it’s not the coronavirus, then they’ll have no choice but to act on behalf of the public outcry, before they say, “enough is enough, it’s now time to get rid of this 5G, now that we’ve done a fantastic job in helping to reduce the population, and should have enough resources to last us a few more years, can we then move onto the next subtle poisoning of humanity, chapter of their lives.”

  • Janette Warren says:

    I love Martin Pall …At a recent webinar from Dr Buttar’s group, I got to hear new ways to minimize EMF / WIFI / microwave cell damage. I saw pictures before 5G, with 5G, and with 5G using the anti 5G Devices with “live blood microscopy” readings, as well as professional testing done in Germany. I heard that this company has hired the CLEVELAND CLINIC AMERICAN CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE (Who published the study showing that men’s sperm count significantly reduces with WIFI–they did not cave in to Big Pharma to not release the study, they released the study and lost 100% of all their future funding.) This company “Waveguard” has paid the Cleveland Clinic $500,000 to do studies on their EMF 5G protective devices to PROVE it works. This is a company I can stand behind.

    Yesterday, I purchased a medium sized unit called QI SHIELD that will protect me 8′ in diameter – so wherever I put it, I am protected. They come in larger sizes for entire homes as well as up to 1 acre outside!

    I have created a FB group called EMF 5G WIFI Protection & Help.

    For now, here is a link to read the research, and look at the choices or to order. Click the link at the bottom of this paragraph. You can also click EDUCATE. Then click EMF & QI STUDIES so you can see the studies and impressive companies doing them:

  • diana brightbill says:

    wowee, i’m so excited to be honored to get to hear these heroes, those of whom will speak the truth

  • John Winstead says:

    If there was something that would protect you from 5G would you want to know about it?
    I developed a technology years ago based on Quantum BioScalar Energy and Spiritual Guidance that I’ve demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emfs and more. No doubt it will do the same for 5G. Check out the last part of the seminar I did last year demonstrating the technology….

  • Claire says:

    Fantastic information we can share with our doctors

  • Claire says:

    Guys, I still cannot “Take Action Now regarding the 5 G. Please, can’t you fix this problem? I want to send my municipality responsibles the letter. thanks.

  • Liz says:

    I’ve read that boron, as easily obtained in laundry borax, ie, 10 Mules Team Borax, is effective in capturing calcium and returning it to the bone from where it leached. There are claims that a pinch of borax (no more than that) in a glass of water has even reversed osteoarthritis. Has anyone else heard of this?

  • John Winstead says:

    Energized Water is the answer! Every cell and DNA in your body is bathed in water. Energized water creates a protective shield throughout your whole body. The technology I developed over 10 years ago has been demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s and no doubt will protect against 5G. Watch the last part of a seminar I did last year demonstrating this BioScalar Technology at…

  • amy says:

    This is unfortunately so hard to understand for a lay person. Would love an interpretation/translation of these interviews.

  • Iris Rossi says:

    I thank you all so much who did put up and organized the summit! It gives so much hope to see how many people are involved to inform the world about the tecnologies and their effects! I am very grateful! I live in Switzerland and am also involved in a 5G stopp or lets say go away group and support people to prefent that new Antenas are put up.Thank you so much!

  • Iris Rossi says:

    I am also member of an organisation that is also very active in differned parts (health, agriculture) to bring back the balance and beauty on our dear earth and how to restore it again! The World Foundation For Natural Science. It has a lot informations about how to get healthy. Best wishes Iris

  • Susi says:

    Sadly, i kept seeing 5G in my inbox and thought it was an advertisement. By the time I opened the email and realized it was the 5G conference, it was too late. I wanted to watch and listen, the deadline to listen had passed. Im bummed because I can tell it was vital info.

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