5G and the Spiritual Crisis of Humanitywith Max Igan


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • How geopolitical structures use fear to control
  • Legal steps to block and remove 4G/5G installations
  • Embracing the opportunity for awakening

Guest Expert

Max Igan

Max Igan is a researcher, radio host and film-maker from Queensland, Australia. He spent much of his life as a traveling musician and is now a popular speaker at international conferences and on radio shows. With a large YouTube following, Max produces "dot-connecting" videos which support people’s learning of the bigger picture in our world and thoughtfully question the official narratives. His films include The Awakening (2008), The Calling (2009) and Trance-Formation (2012).

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  • Priscilla Solari says:

    Very Informative l know this is the Great Spiritual Awakening each person has to wake up to the TRUTH and change their own Health Life and Beliefs. I Share all that l can even the I Ching emotional Balancing Magnetic Healing to help Humanity Thank you!!!!!!

  • Diane says:

    When people stand up for those who have been silenced. The poor, the homeless that we create,
    those powerless need a voice. The Bible is political. God’s love is perfect we subtract and divide rather than multiply. We are called to care: for earth, people, animals, Creation itself. Love is how.
    The Spirit lives forever… all of us will leave this body here and or Spirit will move on. How? Not mine but, the Creator’s knowing but Love will be its corner stone.


    That is we are in Spiritual Battle. I’m total in agreement with you. Battle in the Mind. I believe is about who will lead you God or Satan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_Controversy_(book)

  • Kat Peterson says:

    Thank you for your time and expertise. This was incredible and helps connect the larger dots. We are spiritual beings first and can shift awareness and therefore what happens in our world at large. Your analogies and illustrations about the apple, the fall and where we have gone since then are fascinating. We have an opportunity here.


    I’d like to add that I have found that Bill Gates is Luciferian as many artists that are pushing for this Diabolical Agenda. Through the Music and Movie industries they are Brainwashing many to be blindly obedient. In this generation most don’t spend time to read good books, achieve knowledge, on the contrary they spend a lot time with the Media that give them the information that they want they believe. I’d like to recommend. to watch Behind the Door Messages by Bill Hughes. He deals with various events in History. And you can REALLY KNOW WHO ARE BEHIND OF ALL OF DISGRACE IN THE HUMANKIND. THE JESUIT ORDER.
    and Antonny Fauci have done mention that he is practicing the teachings of his Jesuit University.

  • angela says:

    Any change to combat elon musk ? and others who putting satellites up ?

  • Silke says:

    Thank you Max, you are speaking my heart! Would love to see this talk with spanish subtitles or something! The first 5G tower has been put up in a subburb of Cusco, where I live…. and the majority of people here is either fast asleep or too scared to speak up – this clip would be such an encouragement for the population here.

  • Cythare says:

    Interesting listening to Max. I am so grateful for his dedication to getting the news out about the fires in Australia! However, here he is describing the very worst scenario and I do not feel it will ever happen as DS want. Totally with you Josh, before you even said it, that I do not surrender my personal-soul sovereignty.

  • Debbie says:

    It wont let me share individual talks,

  • Mel says:

    When and how can we build these grassroots networks? What are the step after summits like these?

  • Kareh Gevaert says:

    The Patrick Wood lecture covered the whole Technocracy control over our civilization. I was particularly interested in where Phoenix Arizona is a ‘pilot’ for all their depraved philosophy worldview. If these technocrats win it will be the end of life as we know it today. I suggest reading Patrick’s books esp. “Technocracy Rising the Trojan Horse of Global Transformation.”

  • Mel says:

    Automatic Virtual Life does not come up in my search engine!

  • Robin says:

    My sister said she saw a news feed (not sure where) that said Trump has stated he will put a stop to 5G and HR6666 – I cannot find anything of the sort and have not heard of this on the news. MY guess is that someone is putting a false feed out to try and get people to STOP trying to stop them both! Amazing what lengths they will go to!!

    • Sharine Borslien says:

      Robin, yes, it must be false info because Trump signed into law the Secure 5G and Beyond Act on Monday, March 23, 2020.

  • John Winstead says:

    I developed a technology years ago based on BioScalar Energy that I’ve tested and demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s. I believe it will do the same for 5G. If you are interested in learning more check out the last part of the seminar I did last year demonstrating the technology with more information in the description….http://tinyurl.com/seminardemo919

  • Rose says:

    What a pleasure to watch this conversation! Very informative and it makes you think of what´s really important and that we, the people are the ones that have the power to change and to say NO and stop the 5g nightmare

  • Michelle Breau says:

    Such an excellent talk. Thank you Max – You shared so much that I needed to hear today.

  • Kathryn says:

    I find the pre-crime piece really disturbing in light of the present protests (in the US over police and ex-cops blatantly killing black people). 5G, COVID19; it’s as though every single day there’s one more piece of a totalitarian puzzle fitting into its place.

    • Ray says:

      Hi, what if the riots were induced by the ‘state’ as a means to bring in martial law now that the fear of C19 is decreasing? This monster has many tentacles..

  • Andrew says:

    You should switch to alternative social media sites, such as, Minds, Telegram, Ruqqus, and Bit Chute.

  • Brenda Parsons says:

    Thank you for making this information available, I had no idea 5G was so dangerous to our health and the other implications of its use. We as Americans are being sold a bill of goods, by telling us it will simply make our lives so much more easier, faster internet, more capabilities etc.. and we think well we already have 4G, higher has to be better, the American thought, more is always better right! Unless we get informed, we are truly going to kill ourselves with this greedy mentality. I have forwarded the letters to my government representatives and posted on all my social media accounts. Thank you for making that so easy as well, you have all worked hard and I for one am very appreciative. God bless you is my prayer.

  • ElisaBe says:

    How do you feel about a keener ability to move into self- awareness and connecting with self by moving into organic veganic whole food plant- based eating? What about letting go of eating chickens, fishes, cows, all dead flesh, and the fluids that come out of animals meant for their own young? Do you see the connection between shifting what we eat each day both physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and allowing vaccination, fracking, and 5G?

  • Susan Boyce says:

    You better believe we’re energy beings.. I taught myself, with the help of Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditations, to feel the energy in my body and was listening to some sound energy music by Jonathan Goldman and was feeling the energy build in my body until I turned on my electric tooth brush and immediately the energy completely stopped. Just the frequency from this small appliance removed that energy or blocked it. The more energy we have the healthier we are.

  • Susan Boyce says:

    After listening to people like Anita Moorijami speak about their experience’s with death, I have a pretty good idea that this life we now have in these human bodies is just a fraction of time in our true reality as energy beings and we are way more powerful that we realize. Protect your body and connect to the field.

  • Aura says:

    Loved your connection to Genesis and the Bitten Apple. It makes so much sense. Thank you Max for the Great Talk.

  • Ray says:

    When you look at the established Organ Transplant Trade in China and the social credit issues Max is talking about it is not a far leap to see that those low on social credit can be thrown in with the Inocent Falun Gong supporters and normal prisoners who are the body parts stock.

  • Olivia says:

    The self as I is an imperfect self that has sinned. One sin created imperfection, yes knowledge of evil, because evil is lack of faith in love, and knowledge of evil was obtained by lack of faith. For those who have faith and salvation through Jesus, their self as I has been put to death through faith in Jesus and they are a new creation, born again in Christ as a perfect self because they are no longer their own self, but a part of Jesus, perfect faith in love, for God is perfect love. Only by faith in the love of Jesus (a love willing to give up all for those who would believe) takes a person out of the deception of knowing evil.

    5 For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we will certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his. 6 For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with,[a] that we should no longer be slaves to sin— 7 because anyone who has died has been set free from sin. (Romans 6:5-7).

    It is not about knowing our own sin self, it is about knowing the one true God, Jesus, who is real, a real Spirit, who is perfect love.

  • Olivia says:

    Jesus was talking to believers only when he said, “because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world” (John 4:4). The saved have the Holy Spirit of God within. The unsaved don’t.

  • Robin says:

    Want to add that the neighborhood chat site NextDoor is also censoring information and conversation. During this covid-19 time, they won’t allow any discussion on how we can boost our immune system naturally because we aren’t allowed to discuss just how dangerous vaccines are. We need to be able to discuss what’s going on since it affects everyone!

  • Margaret says:

    Even though Max said he wasn’t a spiritual person he’s been given a lot of insight about God and his creation and yes the more we move away from our ‘innocence’ that God delights in and veer towards Satan’s lure and greed for that sort of knowledge we get into the power of darkness and evil that brings death instead of love light and life that God wants for us. Indeed we’re in a spiritual battle and we have to put on the full armour of God to fight this demonic power. Thank you Josh for finding this brilliant speaker!

    • Paula says:

      WOW Margaret!!! I feel exactly the same way!!! we have all been in the shadows and have seen where it leads… now is the darkest time since creation…this really is a spiritual battle and we are at a crossroads…but the truth is spreading fast and people are waking up exponentially!!! Its CRAZY AMAZING!!! What a time to be alive!!!!!!!! when the critical mass chooses to live their lives only from love, light, beauty and truth over darkness, evil, hate, anger, pain, etc.. all darkness will just fall away.. there will be no place for darkness when the masses are living in the light. now is the time to turn things around simply by choosing love, light, joy, living through the heart and tapping into our innate connection to source!!! We can choose this into being!! We are of source and are always connected to source and are sovereign people of this planet. We never agreed to this insane, hellish, prison!!! we were tricked, manipulated, lied to, robbed, tortured and and and ….ENOUGH!!! NO MORE!!! There will be no fight, the 99% love each other, love life, nature, goodness, truth …the darkness naturally will be overtaken by the light, as a spark becomes a flame and darkness fades, our hellish situation will miraculously and naturally become obsolete and will peacefully and magically disappear! What we focus on becomes… Im done with giving too much attention to the news feeds, evil propaganda and images that are attempting, and at times succeeding in brainwashing me and influence how I interact with everything. From here forward I make it my mission to only focus on what I want to create in partnership with source and will be an instrument in building the ‘new normal’ ..a world of beauty, love, joy and only good things for all of creation!!!

  • Jane says:

    I particularly liked the last fifteen minutes of this interview. I don’t actually agree about the bite of the apple. Anything’s ‘as good as the hands it’s in’… and there’s the rub. The very few ‘hands’ this planet is in are psychopathic and power hungry… and they embody or utilize some of the most intellectually erudite and intellectually specialized minds on earth. This must not be underestimated. What counts as progress in our world largely amounts to the trajectories galvanized by this tiny minority to suit their interests and agendas. I know it’s much quoted, but Einstein’s observation that we can’t solve problems using the same lines of thinking that created them has a fundamentally important place in this scenario.

    These are a few books that encompass various aspects of the problems:

    Ian McGilchrist ‘The Master and His Emissary’ (The master: right brain hemisphere/his emissary: left brain hemisphere)

    Rupert Sheldrake ‘The Science Delusion’

    Curtis White ‘The Science Delusion’

    Daniel Estulin ‘The True Story of the Bilderberg Group’

    Vandana Shiva ‘Oneness vs the 1%’

    John Coleman ‘The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’

    Edward Bernays ‘Propaganda’

    The list goes on… (You can probably find interviews or lectures on YouTube).

    In terms of different lines of thinking, Lynne McTaggart’s books ‘The field’ and ‘The Power of Eight’ are an excellent resource. I also think Joe Dispenza’s books are solidly excellent.

    As for human greed as a way of life… this can be tortuously traced back to fundamental biological and neurological responses in relation to environments. Currently, we have a cultural, ideological, economic and totally propagandized environment perpetually and strategically playing on the adaptive malleability of human brains. In every moment, the brain is designed to read and adapt to its environment… and what a cognitive opportunity that’s been for the propagandists and social engineers.

    One last point… we’re almost drowning in information… power lies in organizing it into clarity.

    Bless us all, hey.

  • Lokio says:

    All around the world in every major city and small town, they have this so called thing called a police force, right? Where they have sworn to uphold the law, and to serve, and to protect us, right? And within this police force, they have these supposedly highly intelligent, highly intuitive people called detectives, right? And their job is to suss shit out and detect stuff, right? And if their job is to suss shit out and detect stuff, then what the freaking hell are all you lazy, good-for-nothing, Dinkum-Dunkin’-Donut-King-shit eating, big boys in blue doing, while the 5G crime of the goddamn century is taking place right underneath your Porky Pig noses, when considering, over here, it takes your average Joe Imbriano to figure shit out on your behalf?!

    Your not still getting down and dirty rolling around in the mud, and wrestling with them African American people called Rodney King, for another racist round of bish-bashing, while this is unfolding all around us, are you?

    Like, seriously, if it takes a dikhed like me to figure out the sheer obviousnesses of this global conspiracy after you’ve put all the highly intelligent, and highly intuitive Joe Imbriano, David Icke, and Max Igan jigsaw puzzle pieces together, then surely a dumbed-down, flat-footed, pill popping police officer named Peter Porker, whose still drinking the fluoridated tap poison, or some big hotshot armchair Cobumbo of cigar smoking, fart sniffing detective, who obviously couldn’t find a freaking whore in a goddamned whore house, must have some kind of critical thinking power of observation and deduction, right? And if so, maybe you’ll hurry up, and do us proud, before we’re all made dead, and begin looking deep into the heart of the matter, after you’ve had your GMO fill of fair Dinkum Donuts.

    Will you hopefully soon be heading back to your pigsty station in your bacon cruisers, and getting on the freaking internet to reassure all of humanity that your on the case, and that you’ll soon be arresting all the psychological warfaring, media-mafian pappa-nazi, and other Decepticon gov-mental scumbags, whose never-ending fear projections through the hellevision ouija board is what is really killing all these people off, right?

    Must you stop listening to this forever deceptive, lamestream media porn circus of horrors, and this control freaking gov-mental brainwashing which has you believing that you should be looking down upon us common folk as terrorists, when really, they are the terrorists, who terrorize us everyday by forcing us to accept their electromagnetic poison through our bedroom walls, and like using terrorism as an excuse to get you to terrorize us and raid our homes, and find dirt on us, do they hope to shut us up by slandering our good name into the freaking ground for embarrassments sake after airing us out on their Illuminati TV, heavily watered down local bullshit newspaper, or Muslim bashing radio shack.

    Like seriously, you cowardly oinkers should be thanking us for doing your goddamned job when it comes to speaking up about this demonic, archonic parasitic governments, when your obviously too shit-scared to bring it to the attention of your superiors in feareth losing your jobs, right?

    Every once in a while may a lone warrior come along who no longer gives two shits about earning a paycheck, or working at some meaningless job after this 4G electromagnetic nightmare has been foisted upon his every electrohypersensitivities, but now prefers arming himself with a speargun, and spending most of his time swimming around in the deep end of the ocean with the kraken, as he goes into battle against one verily murder intensive presidency of the United Terrorist States of America, and their globalist partners in war crimes against humanity, are all sociopathic, psychopathic criminals who have this very bad track record of catching long flights out of their country to murder innocent men, women and children to help lower the population in 3rd world countries. And now out of fear of too many people spiritually awakening to the truth of their evil doing, and in desperation to upgrade the poison, they’re now coming after everybody with their millimeter wave, oxygen depriving, carcinogenic Wi-Fi frequencies, while their black magician conjurers of woe in the media circus, distract us with their staged Hollywood theatrics, come their well scripted crisis actors, and other cock-and-bull juggling performances. Do they hope we all sing along to their every black magic satanic evil tune, while they commit their 5G upgraded crime of the century under the guise of a fake viral plannedemic while were in lockdown, no doubt?

    Will you long diks of the law soon be getting back to us to tell us that everything is gonna be just fine and dandy, and that your children, and our children will be fine and dandy after this surveillance matrix of 60Ghz worth of weaponized warfare has secretly been deployed all around the globe, and in our schools during this convenient viral outbreak time of crisis.

    Like, like, what a freaking joke!!! You badge-heavy, badge-licking, stormtrooping, Robo rent-a-cops are an absolute goddamned disgrace to your fellow human being, and should all be ashamed of yourselves for choosing to sit on the freaking fence, and allowing the GMO, fluoridated, chemtrail, petrochemical, vaccinated, and soon to be 5G Wi-Fi poisoning of humanity to continue unchallenged, which no doubt makes you part of the goddamned problem, whereas, you no doubt share their psychopathy, as it flows through your little boy blue veins, when considering the choice of occupation into wanting to schoolyard bully your average idiot into submission with your nightsticks, and no doubt lacking in empathy, and don’t give two shits about the suffering of others, while you happily allow those who have a monopoly on all things filthy rich, with their get-out-of-jail-free cards, are no doubt powerful, but pathetic people whom you consider worthy of protecting, are all sly, cunning, evil scum, whom you no doubt love and adore, and bow down to, must you with your drone-bee-hive-minded-mentality protect and serve your Satan worshipping gov-mental masters first and foremost in exchange for receiving the root of all evil, come that filthy cash flow. And considering how you’ve worked oh so hard to get where you are in life, it must be really tough to go out on a limb and speak up about all that which is poisoning you and your family, hey?

    And because your a sell-out, and can’t help but continue paper chasing after that filthy cash flow week after week, now me, you, your family and friends, and everybody else on this godforsaken filthy little prison planet are all gonna die a nice painful death, thanks to you turning a blind eye, and not doing your goddamned job in throwing these TV squawking, fear-mongering political-puppet-Polly-parrots in jail where they belong.

    Will you be going down with the rest of us along with your politically correct bureaucratic bullshit, and die like cowards do best, after your glorious elitist masters have hooked us up to the kill grid, and pressed a few buttons, while they sit happy and healthy, deep underground in their billion dollar Resident Evil fallout shelters.

    Then once the dust has settled, they’ll no doubt crawl back out of Satan’s little hell hole, and get back to us live with more bullshit, and say something like: “Today on worldwide breaking fear… Oops! Sorry everybody who’s still left alive, I guess we just made a few big bad, but huge miscalculations with our sudden 10G spike in the system, of extremely high off the charts, mega overload of cell tower recalibrations on every 5G Wi-Fried power pole out on the streets, where your beautiful warrior Indigo Children of the Revolution love to play, skip, hop, dance, and blow their Pied Piper’s flutes, which accidentally killed a few billion people off to sleep, to help lower the population a liddle, to help keep our corporate power of control over the people intact, is no biggie.”

  • hollyash says:

    Hi, I am a Wiccan, and I just want to say that practicing a nature based religion is not evil and please do not lump any type of witchcraft in with what the speaker is talking about, black magic. We are peaceful , loving people who are spiritual and also very concerned with these issues.


    Thank you so much sir.. very informative session it was!!

  • Kat says:

    Lucifer is evil. Pure and simple. Don’t get confused. Lucy will bring false truths and spread lies. Distract you from joy, peace, love. Make you hate your brother. He is not light. He is darkness. Keeps you bound in darkness. Jesus is the light. He is the truth, the way, and the life.

  • Sandy Grey says:

    Absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Max Igan blown away with what you had to say which is only TRUTH! thank you.

  • Mark says:

    Facebook is now censoring me now & will not let me share any more of these talks.

  • brian says:

    ive seen a lot of changes over my lifetime and a lot of the present changes to the world are damming id say 5G is a final nail in our coffins. i feel sorry for the younger generation they think they know more then you and that were old and decrepid but the fact is the younger generation do not have the any wisdom to understand whats approaching

  • Susan says:

    Cant forward to fb!

  • Franz Fraitzl says:

    Very powerful and most honest conversation of the ones I was able to watch during this summit.

  • Lokio says:

    While I’ve been spending many hours a day reading the thousands of comments people have left on Max Igan’s YouTube channel, I can’t help but notice tonnes of angry people threatening to burn down cell towers.

    While I’ve seen many YouTube videos of towers in the UK that are on fire, I’m also reading about groups of vigilantes in America getting together, and arming themselves with axes and chainsaws, and going from power pole to power pole, while another group of creative taggers here in Australia, who no longer care about making a name for themselves, are going out late at night when the streets are quiet, armed with paint, and spray cans, and putting their graffiti skills to better use on major highways, and busy intersections, and sprucing up our roundabouts, hoping to catch people’s attention to the dangers of 5G that way.

    People, please, whatever you do, do not riot out on the streets, and paint the town red, nor should you burn down their cell towers, and government buildings, along with their bureaucratic bullshit, when that’s illegal, okay?

    Last year, when I printed out 1012 letters, and put them in people’s letterboxes, I came back home to find the police searching through my bedroom looking for terrorist activity.

    Because I never watch their fearmongering Illuminati TV, read the heavily watered down local bullshit newspaper, or listen to their Muslim bashing radio, I haven’t been updated on the governments rulebooks, and didn’t know it was illegal to warn people to the dangers of 5G, thus, I had no choice but to stop what I was doing. Now I think I can understand why the media blackout, and why 5G is being censored all over the internet, when it’s illegal to talk about it.

    So, once again, folks, please do not try and warn people to the dangers of 5G, when it’s illegal, and no doubt deeply offends our murder intensive, psychopathic governments, and their technocratic telco bed buddies in crime.

    You must understand, these enviro-mental terrorists are working very hard to transform the planet, when they have the legal right, law and authority to treat us like lab rats, and MKUltra expose us to their man-made pollution, as they experiment on every man, woman and child on the face of the planet, that may, or may not mess with your biology, and interfere with your evolution, okay?

    How else can our governments, and telecommunications companies get together to line their deep pockets, and get fat, and filthy rich, earning billions of dollars?

    Sorry, folks, but you’ll just have to learn to accept the poison, while these parasites make an absolute killing from your suffering.

    But it’s okay, cheer up. The good news is, once millions of TV brain-dead sheeple start dropping dead, and everybody catches wind that it’s not the coronavirus, then they’ll have no choice but to act on behalf of the public outcry, before they say, “enough is enough, it’s now time to get rid of this 5G, now that we’ve done a fantastic job in helping to reduce the population, and should have enough resources to last us a few more years, can we then move onto the next subtle poisoning of humanity, chapter of their lives.”

  • John Winstead says:

    The only way to protect yourself from 5G is to protect every cell in your body…from the inside out. I’ve tested pendants and bracelets and other gadgets that stick on your phone. Totally worthless!
    I developed a technology years ago based on Quantum BioScalar Energy and Spiritual Guidance that I’ve demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emfs and more. No doubt it will do the same for 5G. Watch the last part of the seminar I did last year demonstrating the only technology Guaranteed that will protect every cell in your body….from the inside out. http://tinyurl.com/seminardemo919

  • Claire says:

    What can I say. Thank you for this great interview. Max is an extremely smart and kind man with a world view that nearly achieves its purpose except for the one thing he is unable to admit. Nevertheless, he is so right in saying this is a spiritual problem. However, when it comes to the “biting( not an apple)into the delights of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil that opened the eyes of man and his progeny to the dark realm, Adam needed a real entity to deceive him. By the very nature of the first man being created in holy perfection–the way “God” made us,– we could not deceive ourselves. Impossible! Its not an “inner self decision” to go towards the dark side of knowledge when we never knew it existed until a tempter came forth–who also hates our guts. There was a entity (a fallen angel) who presented his deceptive case before the first man and woman and then they chose to bite into it. The Bible so clearly defines it that it makes me sad to see how people refuse to seriously take a book, – that has withstood the test of time, (3500 years), to read and meditate on it. You will find the answers to every spiritual question you have been asking in this interview. And certainly we all have the desire to live forever because we were originally made eternal beings. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or just deceiving himself. Our well intentioned secular scholars constantly try to psychoanalyze a book throught their own finite eyes. They don’t want to admit that it was written by men fully inspired by an eternal omnipresent, omnipotent God who reveals Himself in space and time to tell us His magnificent plan for the redemption of a fallen world that was and is being destroyed by these fallen angels (5G is Nephilim technology) and the part we humans play in it. In short, He reveals who He is, who we are, why we’re here, and where we’ll be going. His Book is the only one to answer all three questions that philosophers have been searching for since time began, and all in the wrong places. And yes, we win at the end, not because we’re so smart, but because He is so loving and caring about the world He made for His glory and we get to participate.

  • John Winstead says:

    Energized Water is the answer! Every cell and DNA in your body is bathed in water. Energized water creates a protective shield throughout your whole body. The technology I developed over 10 years ago has been demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s and no doubt will protect against 5G. Watch the last part of a seminar I did last year demonstrating this BioScalar Technology at…http://tinyurl.com/seminardemo919

  • Julius says:

    “But veneration is inherent in the human breast. Presently mankind, emerging from intellectual infancy, began to detect absurdity in creation without a Creator, in effects without causes. As yet, however, they did not dare to throw upon a Single Being the whole onus of the world of matter, creation, preservation, and destruction. Man, instinctively impressed by a sense of his own unworthiness, would hopelessly have attempted to conceive the idea of a purely Spiritual Being, omnipotent and omnipresent.

    Awestruck by the admirable phenomena and the stupendous powers of Nature, filled with a sentiment of individual weakness, he abandoned himself to a flood of superstitious fears, and prostrated himself before natural objects, inanimate as well as animate. Thus comforted by the sun and fire, benefited by wind and rain, improved by hero and sage, destroyed by wild beasts, dispersed by convulsions of Nature, he fell into a rude, degrading, and cowardly Fetissism, the faith of fear, and the transition state from utter savagery to barbarism.”

    • “The Jew, The Gypsy and El Islam” by Richard Francis Burton

  • Astraea says:

    It may seem irrelevant but, I feel it may be interesting for people to know that Christianity was the religion or spiritual Way of the Egyptians.
    “IUSA the KRST was born in a stable on the 25th. December, the Winter Solstice, of a Virgin called IsisMary.
    He taught in the Temple at age 12 and he was baptized at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser.
    He had 12 companions, walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead.
    He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock – like a pyramid.
    He was resurrected – naturally.”
    It is all in the Pyramid Texts and the Book of the Dead.
    Christianity was usurped by the Essenes – who were Jews – at the time that the Great Library of Alexandria and the other great shrines and libraries of Egypt were destroyed.
    Christianity is about Nature.
    Thee are many books which bring the truth out – and the Old Testament was written up – copied from the surrounding cultures of the time – only in about 200 BC.
    Israel Finkelstein’s book The Bible Unearthed. is fascinating – he is the senior archaeologist at Tel AViv University,

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