5G: The Agenda for Total Controlwith Patrick Wood


What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Connection between 5G and the "Technocracy" 
  • Economy based on energy consumption and surveillance?
  • The "social credit" policy (and other dangerous agendas)

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Patrick Wood

Patrick Wood

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  • The consensus of speakers so far seems to agree with George Orwell’s 1984, which has repeatedly been banned and challenged in the past for its social and political themes.Your programme of expert speakers is truly informative. What can the people do against the 21st Century Pharaoh’s of today?

    • Susan says:

      Some of the talks have links to download the transcripts…

    • 5G Summit Team (Croissy) says:

      Hi John, this is such a good question we are all asking ourselves and the answer depends on each one of us. It is possible to act, we are sure: the Berlin wall went down, many governing monarchies were replaced by an elected government in the recent history of humanity… but as we know, so much more needs to be done – and even more important, so much more needs to be prevented. We think attending the summit is a good idea to start with, because our speakers open the discussion on the topic.

  • SunnySky says:

    Ack! Day 2 is another six hours (approx)! Pick & choose at this point…

    • 5G Summit Team (Susan) says:

      SunnySky, It seems you value the summit talks, but don’t have time to watch all of them. The summit is available to own permanently either online or on zip drive, so you can do so at your own pace. This also helps offset the large expenses incurred by Josh and Sayer in putting it together, and helps to support and grow the mission.
      Thank you for being here!

  • Cindy Koch says:

    Can’t fill out instant action. Can type in my name, nothing else.

  • meinelt says:

    thanks josh and patrick, I had an inkling of this already, but you really prove here that “IT” is really happening. thanks for opening our minds, our eyes, our ears…..to our “future slavery”! It is for us to move
    sybille in switzerland

  • Brenda Hawk says:

    Funny he mentioned the movie, Soylent Green, I watched it as a child. It was the only movie which left an impression on me. To this day an elderly friend and I discussed that it appears our world is headed in this direction. We have seen the wheels in motion. The powers that be keep getting further away from Freedom, liberty and free will for the people.

  • Jami says:

    Instant Action sent my email to the same town (by name) in another state. Can you fix the code that loads the representatives to look at state, then city? My city is Danville. There are Danville’s in IN, IL, CA…so all those representatives are getting emails from people who are not necessarily their constituents. Thank you!

    • 5G Summit Moderator (Michelle) says:

      Hi Jamie, thank you so much for your email. Tech is now working on a fix for this issue. We appreciate your care and concern!

    • 5G Summit Moderator (Michelle) says:

      It is officially fixed. Thanks again Jami!

    • 5G Summit Team (Susan) says:

      Hi Jami. We are told that if the city name is in several states, it sent it to ALL of those states. This was only true for certain cities….It has now been corrected and everything should be functioning properly. Thank you for bringing this glitch to our attention. Happy to have you on the Summit!
      We appreciate your patience and are happy this is resolved.

  • Frederick P Sinclair Jr says:

    Are the transmitter antennas, being placed, set uo or easilly adapted for cameras and more surveillance. This would drive the points about control home.

  • Linda Bux says:

    People love their devices and they are buying the faster internet promise. The road to Tyranny is paved with propaganda. When I told a friend of my 5G health concerns, she told me “Oh they are just trying to scare us”. I’m interested to hear her response to this internet of things presentation. My family can’t wait for the”super fast internet”. I’m sure they haven’t opened any information I have sent them, I keep sending it anyway. I can’t control anything, so I’m trying to stay out of fear and live my life the best way I can.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Well said, Linda. It’s a paradox, but perhaps a worthwhile intention: to be aware but also not live in fear & enjoy life the best we can. My friend David calls it, finding the “cosmic giggle” in everything…

    • Susan S., freelance medical writer says:

      Some of the ppl interested in the health hazards of 5G are those who don’t have robust health and haven’t found answers with conventional doctors for their health problems. Does your friend enjoy robust health?

      • Linda J Schwald says:

        Dear Susan, Having been sensitive to man made products since I was born, has always caused me some reaction which could be avoided by removing or avoiding them. Then mold became my worst enemy and that could be avoided as well. Having been health aware about what I and my family eat and lifestyle throughout my life I have been mostly happy, healthy and community involved. Then smart meter(Dumb) was installed, dang within several hrs. my life has turned upside down with health problems occurring with in hrs, namely severe inflammation in my head, then ear, GI tract, huge Charlie horse type gripping cramps that last for days to weeks…There is no code for Hyper sensitivity to EMF’s or Microwave radiation, there fore your Doc, conventional or alternative are mostly at a loss when it comes to helping anyone. All conversations must be off record. They could be fired. Truly there is no fix all for this problem other than keeping positive, continue eating and sleeping well, keeping your immune system strong as possible. I am glad that Good people like Josh and associates are coming at these problems from other perspectives outside of health issues. It may be our only chance to save humanity, good people, Mother Nature and all her flora and fauna, from the selfish few…

        • Lela says:

          Linda J Schwald: You might look into the work of Donna Eden, author of the book, Energy Medicine, and others with her husband, Dr. David Feinstein. She herself was electrosensitive at one point and healed herself by working with her energy body. There are hundreds of YouTube videos showing her work. Recommended to start with is her “5-Minute Daily Energy Routine”. It will hook up your meridians and energy flows, and cost you nothing!

      • Kelly says:

        Robust Health??? Who has that in the US? We are all sick of one thing or another, young and old. That is part of the plan. It would be the collapse of our economy if we had “Robust Health”, or the truth to be cured was given to us. 5G…is not any different health wise than poison laden vaccines, Glyphosate poisoning, chemicals in our food and GMO. Sadly, the list goes on. And… it is not just the US engaging in 5G and the like. I swear Im glad Im older. Our future for mankind is bleak.

    • Beverly Gibel says:

      I have similar experiences trying to bring awareness to others. We must keep trying!
      “Everything you do may be futile, but you must do it anyway.” Mahatma Gandhi

  • Dawn says:

    Do you recommend not posting information on social media sites due to the initiative of gathering data on humans?

    • susan higgins says:

      I have never used or been on social media; however the ‘data collection’ on my activities, where I travel and where I temporarily live collating disappearing migratory birds, the chemicals and artificial energy used for this purpose and the immediate increase in deteriorating women’s health at younger and younger ages has earned me outright criminal assault on my person and property. I sold everything I own in life for this reason. I personally do not believe social media is of any value to anyone including the data collectors…the elite want to know your credit rating, your bank account balances and your total debt load, they want to know where spend your money and who you vote for and what your children are up to….they certainly do not wish your medical record to be known even by the medical community should you come up with an untimely illness. Unless you talk about the nitty, gritty details of any personal tragedy on social media your life history is of no value….please eliminate all technology that you can at any level for the singular purpose of passive resistance and the other humans destroyed in the past two decades who simply asked the question, “where did the natural world go, why is the sky falling?” Instead of chatting on social media, take a moment each day and locate your satellites in the sky and see if you can see the sky falling. I find most women actually can see optical phenomenon that in centuries past would have earned us the label, “hysterical.”

    • Josh del Sol says:

      This is a very good question. The nefarious purposes / business model of Facebook is the main reason that the commenting on this site is not via Facebook – which has been the standard for online events until now. (There’s no way I’d be ok with requiring someone to be on FB in order to comment here!)

      The filmmaker Josh Fox (who made Gasland) is, I believe, talking a lot about the situation with AI hive mind being created largely through social media data harvesting. Also, an excellent researcher with regard to surveillance is Yasha Levine (who write Surveillance Valley). Everyone interested in data capture would benefit from reading his works.

  • Celest says:

    It seems the speed buttons on video is not working?

    • 5G Summit Team (Croissy) says:

      Hi Celest, thank you for attending the summit. We asked the technical team to check, please try a little later to see if this was fixed

    • 5G Summit Team (Croissy) says:

      Hi Celest, our host confirms it is working. Please try again, might have been a glitch due to so many people on the platform.

  • Peacharoo says:

    does anyone know of a https://www.citizensforfreespeech.org/ or https://localactivist.org/ european alternative please?

    • 5G Summit Team (Croissy) says:

      Hi Peacharoo, we do not know of any equivalent. Europe has many languages so it is not as easy to find.

  • Sarah says:

    OMG I live in Phoenix!
    All of these speakers have given me a lot of food for thought on things I never new about and things I have suspected. This is so scary.

  • Diane Trollope says:

    It seems that these technocrats are not conscious humans as far as self control and perhaps even without a conscience at all. That is scary. A Hitler-like world where we are as sheep,
    screams loudly of a world wide Holocaust type happening ahead.
    How do we turn this around? Hmm! Keep ourselves out if this slavery by not owning
    all these ‘smart’ things. Stay off Face Book and Social media.
    We lived without these before, so we can.
    I believe we already will live forever, so don’t see the reasons for this fear of not being.
    No one is perfect on this earth. But still our spirit lives on after this life. Are these people so afraid of death they are ‘hijacking’ life here to keep their egos alive??? How sad they feel they have no soul.
    Love is the only way to turn this around. Science is also from God, but humans can always make things self serving and bad. It is a choice. Follow love, not fear.

  • Diane Trollope says:

    I have sent this series on to them…. good idea. Thank you, Patick.

  • G Bender says:

    It is good to know how far they will go, not that I had any doubts! It is the material for nightmares, however, I can say: In Christ alone my hope is found
    He is my light, my strength, my song
    This Cornerstone, this solid ground
    Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
    What heights of love, what depths of peace
    When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
    My Comforter, my All in All

    thank you for opening the eyes of those who see with this summit!

  • Siegfried says:

    I am just a resource. That is such a scary concept. Great talk.

  • Janice P says:

    I came across technocracy a while back. There are Youtube videos (still there hopefully). Yes, this 5G seems to tie into to many of the elitist’s agendas. I don’t live anywhere near a major city and will be keeping it that way. In fact, I intend to be completely off-grid except for my internet and I still have a flip phone. I want to be completely self-sufficient. I don’t see the future as being friendly.

    PS. If you also want to live that way on Northern Vancouver Island, go to FB page “Sustainable Building Vancouver Island” and leave me a comment.

  • Harry says:

    “Josh” said that this conversation with Patrick Wood has been an “incredible” conversation. Thanks for telling me this, however late. I was believing what was being said, but now that I know it is incredible, I will shovel it all into the dustbin of my mind, realizing that it is all not to be believed, not credible, incredible. I am not trying to be a smartass. We are being overtaken, conquered by our misuse of words, and before long we will agree to things we didn’t in our wildest dreams intend to agree to.

  • Karen says:

    WOW! This surveillance technology in conjunction with other events currently happening in the Middle East cause me to be looking up! Fascinating to see how events foretold in the Bible thousands of years ago are all coming to fruition!

  • Roxanne says:

    Thank you so much for coordinating and presenting this information. I did send the action email and have received three responses from city officials only – all saying it is out of their control and is heading quickly in the direction of being out of the state’s control and in the full control of the federal government. This response is the most detailed (from Arizona) and I hope that by posting it here, the information will serve well.

    Regarding your concerns with small wireless facilities; while we hear your apprehensions – this is actually a state and federal issue which local communities are bound by. Although we are unable to assist with your concerns, here is additional information and resources you may refer to:
    The current and planned wireless deployments in the rights-of-ways (on street light poles, etc.) are regulated by the state and federal governments, not the city.

    In March 2017, the Arizona Legislature passed House Bill 2365 that was sponsored by the wireless industry and signed into law. The new State law (A.R.S. §9-591 to §9-599) eliminated local governments’ ability to prohibit Small Wireless Facilities (SWF) sites in any specific zoning districts or areas in the city; wireless service companies can install SWF sites in the ROW as a “permitted use” without nearby property owner input.

    With respect to your concerns about exposure to Radio Frequency (RF) or electromagnetic energy from the SWF sites, federal law (see below) preempts the city from considering the potential health effects of RF exposure in the review and approval of any wireless site, so long as the wireless site is operated in compliance of the RF exposure guidelines set forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
    47 U.S. Code §332(c)(7)(B)(iv)

    No State or local government or instrumentality thereof may regulate the placement, construction, and modification of personal wireless service facilities on the basis of the environmental effects of radio frequency emissions to the extent that such facilities comply with the Commission’s regulations concerning such emissions.

    For reference – the City of Scottsdale’s permit application to install a SWF includes a requirement that the wireless company submit a letter certifying that the SWF will be operated in compliance with all FCC regulations. More information on FCC regulations may be found via the FCC’s Wireless Division at the following: https://www.fcc.gov/wireless-telecommunications#block-menu-block-4
    Additionally, Congress is considering Senate Bill 3157 (The STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act) that, if passed and signed into law in its current form, will override State law, including the recently passed House Bill 2365, to allow wireless companies to install the infrastructure quickly. Again, cities are required to follow state and federal legislation.

  • William Bolton says:

    I’m sorry, but people just don’t get it. This is all part of a concerted, world-wide effort to usher in the “New World Order”. There is going to be a massive culling of the population. There’s a reason why the Georgia Guide Stones advocate a global population cap of 500,000,000 people and why Bill Gates and Ted Turner say there shouldn’t be more than one or two billion people on the planet. It’s not because the planet cannot sustain the population. It’s because it’s easier to control fewer people. A certain number of people will be required to provide the slave labor necessary to maintain necessary production and police the rest, but the remainder will be destroyed. They, the globalists/satanists, are in the information gathering phase. This will enable them to know who is dangerous to them and who is necessary to their purposes. If you haven’t noticed, and you should pay attention to everything, the world’s economies are on the verge of collapse (Check out the ITM Trading channel on YouTube.).They’re being sustained by the people with all the planet’s wealth, not the money, the wealth, gold, silver, land, the means of production, etc. The world’s bankers, the Rothschilds and their ilk, have managed over the past two to three centuries to transfer all this wealth into their control by manipulating credit and engineering foreclosures. (Read “Pawns in the Game” by William Guy Carr if you want to see how much we’ve been deceived.) The money has no backing. It’s worthless. When the globalists/satanists decide things are sufficiently in place and it’s time to act, they will withdraw their support. Currencies will collapse. Hyperinflation will occur on a global scale. People will not be able to get food, etc. Social order will collapse and violence will increase to an unimaginable degree. Camps will open and people will be invited to enter them for food and safety, but they will be death camps. Few will survive these times. It’s Biblical. There’s a reason why the Bible has been subjected to a strong and relentless campaign to discredit it for the past decades. It tells the truth. Satan is the prince of the world, the god of this age. With improvements in technology he is coming into his own. His ability to surveil, to influence and to control is increasing, exponentially. The rulers of the world, those in the highest positions of power, in government, in finance, in industry, in the military, in media, and so on, serve him. That’s why they enjoy tremendous wealth, prestige, and power. Don’t be deceived! Read the Bible. It is the Word of God and has the power to inform the understanding and transform the character. There are only two outcomes to life and both are never-ending. “Repent, and believe the gospel.” -Jesus, Mark 1:15

    -This comment was also posted on two other talks

  • Cynthia Vandeman says:

    I live in Phoenix, by what your saying is I have no voice and it can’t be stopped. Is that correct?

  • Odette says:

    Its too late now, but some bullet points from all these talks would have been great to have for sending to friends and family to get them interested in watching. “the new oil is data = 5G”, “targeting crowds and making them feel like they are on fire”…… It would have got their attention.

  • William Croft says:

    Here is some solid information on conspiracy theories around “Agenda 21”.


    Sustainability and sustainable development is simply the goal to employ earth and human resources wisely and not to assume we can treat the planet as as an infinite extractible source. How this got twisted into a conspiracy baffles me.

    It’s unclear to me what drives theories that the UN is a agent of dastardly motivation. Evidence for this is simply nonexistent. I see this perspective as being driven by fears.

    It is certainly true that telecom companies are out of control and need much tighter regulation. But PLEASE, let’s disconnect this from UN goals for peacemaking and cooperation around our limited resources.

    • Patrick Wood says:

      Mr. Croft – Surely you are trolling my presentation, unless you are simply ignorant of the facts. In either case, I suggest that you read my book “Technocracy: The Hard Road to World Order) (it is also available as an audio book) and get the facts about how this all came about and where it is going. I have studied and written about globalization for over 40 years and the evidence that I present is drawn from these very organizations that you think have no ill intent.

      • Thomas Guitarman says:

        Wonderful presentation, Mr Wood IM WITH YOU 100 PERCENT ON ALL THIS HAVE BEEN FOR 30 YEARS , Im also very much active on these issues , also please read ALL Elana Freeland” s book on all this she is a friend and fellow activist I also focus on teaching people how to survive all this , and where and how to live off grid harmoniously , I am aware aware though these are total planetary agendas, I would love to meet you some day Thomas

        • Lela says:

          Thomas Guitarman: I am interested to know more about where and how to live off grid in the USA. Can you supply me with any info on this?

  • Nancy says:

    Hello everyone, Does anyone else out there have people who challenge them all the time? Regarding Patrick Woods statement that the UN owns heritage sites. Where can I go to get proof of this? All I’m finding is info that says Heritage sites are owned by the country they are in. Which contradicts what Patrick Wood said. Help?

    • William Croft says:

      Patrick is a conspiracy theorist in regarding to the UN. See his website. Also see my comments above and below yours here on the video comments section.

      • Patrick Wood says:

        Mr. Croft – Your charge that I am a “conspiracy theorist” borders on slander. The vast majority of the 3,400 articles on Technocracy.News are drawn from OTHER global publications like the United Nations, Washington Post, New York Times, Foreign Policy Magazine, The Telegraph (UK), Foreign Affairs, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Bloomberg, The Intercept, The Independent (UK), Global Times (CN), The Guardian (UK), USA Today, Quartz, The Verge, New York Post and many others. I simply report what THEY say. Surely you are not suggesting that all of these are conspiracy theorists, are you?

        My experience with individuals who level the charge of “conspiracy theorist” is that they have no ability to refute the facts of a matter, so they resort to ad hominem attacks and name calling.

    • Patrick Wood says:

      Nancy – I have not stated that the UN literally “owns” the property contained in designated Heritage sites. There are currently 1121 designated heritage sites throughout the world. (see map: https://whc.unesco.org/en/list/) The UN then seeks to place restrictions on commercial and private use of the properties in the name of “conservation” or “endangered species”. This is plainly clear from their own language on the UNESCO website:

      “The World Heritage Convention is not only ‘words on paper’ but is above all a useful instrument for concrete action in preserving threatened sites and endangered species. By recognizing the Outstanding Universal Value of a site, States Parties commit to its preservation and strive to find solutions for its protection. If a site is inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger, the World Heritage Committee can take immediate action to address the situation and this has led to many successful restorations.”

      “The World Heritage Committee and the States Parties, with the assistance of UNESCO experts and other partners, find solutions before a given situation deteriorates to an extent that would damage the site.”

      Conservation areas are off limits to development, even though they lie within the boundaries of nation-states. Those states are thus deprived of deriving any value from their own sovereign property.

      I hope this helps your understanding.

  • William Croft says:

    How this speaker sees evil in the possibility of the US mobilizing to act on climate change. He ties it to Agenda 21. See my previous comment on this.


  • truthtopower says:

    The Rule of Law hasn’t applied in the US since 2001 Patriot Act. Later Obama had his US Citizen Kill list implemented to yes, Americans have no right to property or life any more.

  • Elle says:

    Excellent Information…
    When I share 5G w-family, I’m met with: “I don’t have time to worry about that.” “OH NO, the worlds coming to an end… (while laughing)” “Oh Elle… there you go again.” “You worry too much.” And on, and on, and on…

    I tell them you couldn’t be more wrong. I’m not worrying, I’m educating myself, eyes wide open, and aware of what’s going on around us. We are in charge of our destiny, and when we see something that isn’t right WE NEED to act on it. I contact my representatives with all issues that concern me… to be told, “Why do you bother?” “It’s going to be what it’s going to be, you can’t change it.”

    So my last face to face with my congressman I asked him… “Do my letters make a difference?” He took full attention on me and said, “Absolutely, 100% they do. Every constituents concerns matter. Every contact to me is 1,000 votes – and it’s not just about the votes, it’s about my service to you. Don’t stop writing, we’re listening.”

    I also tell them (family, and anyone else who negates my efforts)… We cannot just live out our lives trusting in our representatives to always do what’s right. I believe if we’d been much more attentive to the issues (corruption), our country, and the world around us, would not have gotten to where it is today. It’s now gotten to the point of urgency… and we need to step up our attention to what’s happening, before we’re swallowed by it, with no way out. The agenda is very clear, it’s our responsibility to ‘DO SOMETHING,’ – help to make it right. I’m just sharing information with you, and hoping that you’ll hear me.

    It’s difficult at times to share information like this and be heard. I will continue, no matter anyones response, respectfully. Share, hope they hear, and let God do the rest.

    When I’m with my peers, and like minded concerned citizens it is much more empowering. It’s important that we band together and make ourselves heard, like no other time in our lifetime – this is truly a turning point. Keep planting the good seeds, and hopefully, together, we’ll crowd out the seeds of deception being sprinkled on us by every media platform there is.

    I thank God every day for platforms like this one… and I thank ALL OF YOU, for making this available to us. TOGETHER we are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH.


  • Rory says:

    So how do we as individuals protect our our selfs. Im sending out the link to people an friends on facebook to the 5G Summit. So they can watch this. But really what can we do to stop this?

  • Rory says:

    Be in touch Patric. Got it! thank you. and thank you Josh. God Bless.

  • Jeanette Weeks says:


  • Arlene says:

    This talk was mind boggling! I will have to listen to it again to digest what was said. I don’t know whether I believe everything I heard. I need to do some research

  • Gabriela Kessler says:

    Thank you both very much for this interview.
    In addition also
    1) Who’s Behind The 5G Cull Of Humanity? by Dean Hendersen 2019 03 19
    Link: https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2019/03/19/whos-behind-the-5g-cull-of-humanity/
    2) the interviews with Dean Hendersen by the Youtube channel258

  • sue kay says:

    excellent program!

  • georgie says:

    Wow, to me that ‘AUTOMATIC GIVEN’!!! It was inevitable !!!. Do unto humans what done to COW, trees. It the SAME METHOD OF OPERATION. My sarcastic comment about GMO was the same, it was inevitable , automatic given…what done to plants, hybridizing…so what the shock when you get GMO. Execpt, humans knows how to BITCH when done unto US, but poor cow, ignored and every one of us PAID with our phoney Federal Reserve dollar to kill them !!!1. IT OUR TURN .

  • Steve Lewis says:

    Very alarming indeed! This is a DRASTIC issue, and it demands drastic action and change.
    Does every new Technology have to be weaponized? NO!
    BUT, so long as society as a whole continues to allow clinical sociopaths, (and psychopaths), to rise to the top and become CEOs and political leaders, simply because these people, (totally devoid of empathy for others), make companies huge profits at the expense of other people, then YES! All new Technologies WILL be weaponized against anyone and everyone lower in wealth, power or social status than they are!
    We as humanity MUST begin to “reward” those putting people BEFORE profits, not the other way around as it is today.
    Humanity MUST also guard AGAINST the rise of clinical sociopaths/psychopaths, devoid of empathy for others, from rising to positions of influence, fame, wealth and power, particularly in politics and Gov’ts!
    Screening for clinical socio/psychopaths must be implemented if we are to save humanity from Technological slavery, or worse, EXTINCTION itself!

  • Thanks Pat Wood for your talk about “Regional Takeover / Smart Region Initiative”

    Yes, This is going on right here in Canada – in Southern Ontario

    Its a combo of these two things :

    SWIFT partnership “South Western Intergrated Fibre Technology”

    and the big “5G Corridor” project called ENCQOR, running through Ontario and Quebec

    Rather then “Fibre ONLY” networks, companies are using these partnerships to build a network or Fibre for their Small Cell Backhauling. The Fibre itself is safe, and fast, but industry is creating an illusion using terms like “Pure Fibre” or “Fibre to the Neighbourhood” (FTTN) when its not directly to the house, and its not only fibre that they are installing, its Small Cell Antennas.

    Yes, its a Regional Takeover of Ontario. British Columbia and Quebec are also doing this Small Cell regional takeover and most are not aware of this. In fact its across many parts of North America.

    Many towns are now running “Dark Fibre”, thats City owned Fibre being installed for future use.

    According to the “Fibre to the Home Council in Europe” – Europe is apparently the only true “Fibre Only” networks ( no wireless ) that we could find. Many CITY OWNED Fibre Networks in North America claim to be Fibre Only, but they are tempted by money to open up their networks to industry. ( https://muninetworks.org/communitymap )

    Our suggestions are to research what is going on in your area, Speak to the City, Province/State to find out their intentions with Fibre, then focus on the good points of Fibre Only rather then Wireless.

  • Charles Wolfe says:

    If I didn’t have over 50 years in the computing field, I’d think Mr. Wood was ‘nuts’ and a conspiracy believer. But, having witnessed much of what he has related in the science and computing, etc.and having worked with legislators and others at all levels of government (city, county, state, federal), I pretty much have to go along with him on the majority of what he has said. It is getting really scary and the public has to push candidates for office and those holding office now on the topic of 5G and all the downsides this series is exposing.

  • Julia says:

    This guy sounds like a conspiracy theorist. I feel people like this weaken the Summits message. The minute I talk to anyone about these guys and their ‘theories’, I’ve just lost them on every other ‘out there’ issue I bring up.

    • Patrick Wood says:

      Julia – I have presented nothing except concrete and tangible facts for you to consider. All of my work is extensively footnoted, with bibliographies included. My books are available for all to read and study. It is not acceptable nor fruitful to simply sweep this all aside under the charge of “conspiracy”.

  • Bonnie says:

    As interesting as this is, I doubt the general public has the ability to understand, nor the time to investigate all the information being presented. I have talked with so many people about 5g and not one of them had any idea what I was talking about other then they would have faster internet. We are being bombarded with so many things that we have become overwhelmed and wore out. I also did you your contact page to reach out to my local politicians. All I have received back is, Will look into it.”

    • Patrick Wood says:

      Your point is well taken, but I will add that people generally are sensing that something is very wrong in society, even if they cannot express it to themselves. Unfortunately, fear tends to paralyze the brain and any action to find out more. If people are comparable to sheep (not smart and always scared) then we must remember that sheep are led by a shepherd, not driven like cattle by a cowboy. We can purpose to be leaders who draw people along, to calm their fears to the point that they can understand deeper explanations. When fear is conquered, courage and determination can rise up to make a difference.

  • Gunt Niessen says:

    Dear Mr. Wood,
    are you aware of the basis-phenomenon behind all the others, that there is a big 4%-guerrilla-group of LUSTdamagemakers, producing all the damages of today and eagerly preparating the damages of tomorrow as G5-damages? Please read http://www.LUSTdamagemakers-screened.jaaaa.net .
    I’d like to hear your reaction.

    Yours sincerely

    Gunther Niessen

    Dear Josh del Sol,
    are you aware of the basis-phenomenon behind all the others, that there is a big 4%-guerrilla-group of LUSTdamagemakers, producing all the damages of today and eagerly preparating the damages of tomorrow as G5-damages? Please read http://www.LUSTdamagemakers-screened.jaaaa.net .
    I’d like to hear your reaction.

    Your G5-summit is great! So much information. Putting te pieces of the puzzle together!

    Yours sincerely

    Gunther Niessen

  • Noreen says:

    After submitting the Email your elected officials I got a know on my front door from the Wall, NJ police (litterly 30 minutes) about a email sent to “the chief of police about 5G’ just a welfare check.WTF

  • andrea says:

    Thank you Patrick and Josh. Wow so much information . I really respect all that you are doing to get this information out Josh. I really do hope we can stop these evil people with their sinister plan to enslave all of us.

  • Enca Crosbie says:

    Brilliant interview with Patrick Wood. Well presented, showing us the real agenda of 5G beyond the health risks that everyone needs to hear not fear.

  • I have been in battle against the 5G technology for over two years, mostly at the state legislative level and more recently at the local level. I learned so much here about aspects of the vision of these technocrats and how it has begun to infiltrate the thinking of the “common man” or the “human resource.” Shocking how this truly diabolical agenda has permeated our Executive and Legislative and probably the Judicial Branches of US government and top down, how that has spread in just a few months to 8,700 “Opportunity Zones” across America. Thank you Patrick Wood for your revelations.

  • Antoinette says:

    Thanks Patrick for this excellent speech! Word is getting around, but not fast enough – this lobby is so big. If you will allow me, I’d like to add this
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol3tAxnNccY 5G APOCALYPSE – THE EXTINCTION EVENT and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cAsgGbZujn0 Barrie Trower and Mark Steele on 5G (2019) | BETTER AUDIO and we can all support The Appeal
    https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal INTERNATIONAL APPEAL
    Stop 5G on Earth and in Space
    There are 134,458 signatories from 198 countries as of August 2, 2019.
    To the UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe
    and governments of all nations
    Together we stand, together we fall – we must not allow this Beast to destroy us.

  • Jessica says:

    We absolutely need to organize against Chemtrails and 5G. Please check out on Facebook-Chemtrails Fightback. We’ll be hosting a phone conference on September 8th; where we’ll be discussing health issues; what’s going on in our area& and what we can do to stop the assault.

  • Jess says:

    Please check out on Facebook: Chemtrails Fightback. We have monthly phone conference where we discuss health issues and organizing strategies; concerning not just Chemtrails, but 5G, too as they are connected. Sadly, we hosted a phone conference tonight open to those on this 5G summit and had 0 callers. Wow, what does this say about those attending this summit? We will try once more Sunday, Sept. 15th at 8:30pm EST. I hope people understand the real threat these things are to our existence and take some responsibility before it’s too late. Already 40% of all arable land is eroded worldwide and 80% of pollinating animals are gone. Albert Einstein actually said when the bees die, so do humans. 30 years ago, we entered the 6th largest extinction period in history. When is the last time you have seen a bee let alone a beehive? Both Geoengineering and 5G are currently leading us to the 7th largest, where humankind is next. 1/2 of all Americans including children according to official CDC records suffer from at least 1 chronic illness. The elite are building underground cities. Why? They may go underground, but neither we nor our children will. 5G is a military weapon. Get on the call to learn about these topics and more.

  • WendySue Hagins says:

    Thank you Patrick, I’ve known this for a long time. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the progression.
    I’m with you totally. Keep up the great fight. Or at least, dodge the system, we need you.

  • TSGordon says:

    Structurally, group resistance can only come about by well-financed and focused attention on the observable detrimental health and community welfare effects as each ‘roll-out’ occurs.

    Most people aren’t remotely aware that ALL forms of RF radiation came about with direct health warning caveats. DANGER signs were posted in the proximity of all radio and TV transmission facilities. TV service people wore lead shields and complained bitterly about their hands vibrating, loss of sleep, amnesia, etc. All of these effects were easily recognized when the background RF levels were 1,000 times lower than today.

  • Order 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit Today!