5G and Total Global Surveillancewith Paul Seils


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Military and intelligence surveillance 
  • Grassroots campaigns to apply criminal justice
  • How Australians and others are taking action

Guest Expert

Paul Seils

Paul Seils is a privacy advocate and public speaker living in Australia. After reaching the pinnacle of his profession in landscape consultancy and having been called into action by his local community, Seils walked away from his business to focus on concerns about 5G related to surveillance, health and well-being. He is the founder of Stop5GGlobal.org. On his YouTube channel, he actively interviews truth-tellers and whistleblowers, and is very much focused on bringing awareness to the unlawful rollouts of 5G.

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  • Wendy says:

    Very good discussions—at last people are being awakened to the damage all these EMFs can cause. As a Physicist with a good understanding of how our bodies work, I knew that the new technologies with the WiFi would affect us, and other living beings, so avoided them. However, a 4 hour coach journey resulted in my realization that I am electro-sensitive due to the WiFi. It took 2 or 3 days at home to recover. 5G is planed here, but I have protested, via my MP, to the government.

    • linda says:

      It is my belief that most people are sensitive to EMF. Wifi is the worse thing that has ever been invented. It has the capacity to disturb us at the deepest level of our being. After all, we are pure energy and they know this. As it is, I feel that we are being subjected to major physical injury ( radiation) whether or not we are aware of it. I never gave my permission to be subjected to this type of treatment and they do it regardless.

  • Cherry Reppert says:

    Frightening! I don’t want to live the Orwellian life of ‘1984’. I’ve been encrypting my emails this year and disguising ‘red flag’ words such as v*irus for years now. I refuse to use google, deleted my fascistbook account & am trying hard to convince others about what’s really happening in our World today. It’s not easy.
    My cousin recently decided that I’m a ‘C theorist’ and that I need psychiatric help. Breaks my heart how people can be such fools and not able to ‘think’ for themselves and how they respond with contempt and/or ‘concern’ about our mental health rather than listen and learn. :’-(

    • Anita (Summit Team) says:

      I hear you Cherry – truly frightening … what we’re living in today. We will keep fighting the good fight!

    • Zita says:

      We are here with you! 💕

    • JANE says:

      I know exactly what you are going thru.
      “THEIR” propaganda is effective, very clever, and people who are not interested in doing their own research, end up believing in the lies of the corrupt system that is all about money and could not careless about human beings. Our health is their least priority. 5G implementation proves this.
      My own sister and son have the same attitude as your cousin.
      Very sad. They will not try to protect themselves from the harm being done to all of us.
      Best wishes to you and please, don’t give up trying to enlight your friends and family about our reality and what is coming our way.

    • Jane says:

      Get use to it ..in Saskatchewan, a place called Buffalo jump . The natives would run the Buffalo off a cliff . Thats whats happening and you will find most just wanna blindly go with the flow . go

  • Lauriellen Bonga says:

    I am an american living in India and what really bothers me is that I doubt the people will ever understand how far this can go even in our third world country.

    They were using drones to keep people in extreme lockdown for goodness sakes!

    I wish I knew how to get people to believe but it’s so hard to share. For now at least 5G isn’t here yet. PLEASE EVERYONE raise your voice in countries where you can because it can help countries like mine that cannot or will not.

    • Anita (Summit Team) says:

      That’s exactly why we do these Summits Lauriellen! To arm people with the knowledge to raise their voices! Thank you!

      • Robin says:

        Just wanted to let the summit team know that my sister said she saw a news feed today (not sure where but am guessing Facebook) that said Trump has stated he will put a stop to 5G and HR6666 – I cannot find anything of the sort (I am not on FB or any other social media, never have been, and never will be) and have not heard of this on the news or anywhere else. MY guess is that someone is putting a false feed out to try and get people to STOP trying to stop them both from going through! Amazing what lengths they will go to!!

        • Jane says:

          I have also heard that discussion, Robin,
          and I believe it was President Trump who spoke it in one of his roundtable talks. I may be wrong, but don’t be too quick to count him out in my estimation.

    • Rachele says:

      I have found bringing up articles and government website and corporate business patents on the corona beam, contact tracing…. surveillance and weaponry and crowd control hit people harder these days , I believe they’re numbed by all the information of what makes us sick. Stress your Russian German guy in India multi millionaire he owns the patent for the corona beam crowd control in military usage, stress China and contact tracing along with Finland Where things are more mandatory and controlled and now involves money, stress that there will be no escape 40,000 satellites in orbit thousands already and more going up and antenna boosters every few hundred feet in rural areas…. Hope that helps a little🙏🏻

  • Robin Coventry says:

    I AGREE, our intention is important We can visualize the change of negative path humanity is on. Gaia or Mother Earth and the Schumann Resonance is healing.

  • Angie says:

    I am so glad to know others are as concerned about the effects of 5G as I am!!!!!! We need each other!!!!!!

  • Linda says:

    what are the brand of the blue light glasses you are wearing?

    Thank you for this summit, you are my hero!

    • Su says:

      in a Day one interview with Jason Bawden-Smith, Josh said he was wearing Swann Wicks, but wanted to try Jason’s brand, on mitoHQ.com

  • Sandi says:

    It’s truly amazing the kind of world we are living in now and being assaulted from all levels. I think knowledge is power and learning about the 5G helps me not only understand what is going on but also how to protect myself. Protection is the key because I don’t see the problem going away anytime soon. Yet we are divine beings and a creation of God. This too shall pass. Keep the faith and stay the course.

  • Stella Arsenault says:

    I sent a few video of info on 5G and chemtrails and they answered that they will continu to give the official story.

  • Ester Akersloot says:

    Wonderful work. Thankj you so much for all the effort required for this great program. This is imperative that our whole world needs to understand ,the dangers to our health.

  • Delores Treat-Guy says:

    Mr. Seils, TK-you for the information, resources, and prompting us to take action. I look forward to accessing the sites and learning more.

  • Jane says:

    I have found these presentations illuminating, unnerving in many ways, yet inspiring in the positive direction towards a greater humanity and trust in creation and our Creator and Christian leader. The spiritual awareness, guidance and direction toward health and healing is tantamount to the survival of all natural species and an enlightened intelligence going forward. We can and must all play a part to achieve a more natural course globally. Peace and mutual respect for all life and its blessings will unveil the truth and the light through enlightened leadership that embraces integrity and virtue as its values in staying the honourable course ahead.

  • Katja Juscha Grunther says:

    Josh, thank you so much for this and the other interviews we’ve seen yesterday and today. You have a clear-sighted, calm, open, intelligent approach that is kind of a breath of fresh air. Your ability to expose what are typically considered conspiracy theories in a balanced, thoughtful way as you draw out the researcher being interviewed, will go a long way to helping people get past the “tin hat” bias.

    The World Economic Forum website actually has a special, sort of hidden inner sanctum that actually links Global Governance with 5G and a whole host of fairly scary programs in a sort of 3D interactive map:
    • Covid-19
    • Climate Change
    • Corporate Governance
    • Cyber Security
    • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
    • Financial & Monetary Systems
    • Natural Resource Security
    And many many others. Click on any part of this 3D map and it takes you to a whole new strata… https://intelligence.weforum.org/topics/a1Gb0000000LHN2EAO?tab=publications

    It’s fairly revelatory, I think, that the word “intelligence” is used in the www address…

  • Olivia says:

    7 “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows…10 And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. 11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many. 12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” (Matt. 24:7-8; Matt. 24:10-12). KJV Bible

    1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that [spirit] of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. (1 John 4:1-3). KJV Bible

    Collective consciousness New Age thinking is in a deception and is collective consciousness in Satan because sin is in Satan, not Jesus. The only way to escape the deception is to be saved by Jesus and have the mind of Christ which he gives to believers through his Holy Spirit.


      666 – MARK OF THE BEAST – A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22

      W X Y Z
      23 24 25 26

      S – 19
      A – 1
      T – 20
      A – 1
      N – 14
      X 6

    • Debbie says:

      Amen sister…so true! This is definitely scary times..Our only hope is in Jesus as our savior!

  • Robin says:

    I hear this comment alot, about going into nature, but, just be smart when you go into nature, since small ticks on vegetation and wood can be randomly present and randomly infected with Lyme disease and co-infections. Best to have bug repellent on and walk in the center of the path and not touch the edges of vegetation where ticks can be waiting to grab onto any passing creature. More info at http://www.lymedisease.org, http://www.lymediseaseassociation.org, discussion and referrals to Lyme-literate doctors at http://www.lymenet.org

  • Aura says:

    Thank you Paul. Some of us knew we were under attack but now it is so blatant that action is needed.

  • Cassandra says:

    G’Day Guys, I SO Appreciate your Erudite Conscious Information.
    Happy Beyond Words, that we are Gathering in Intention and Wherever we Can in Body to Stand firm in Our Non Compliance to the Deep States Agenda.
    I Escaped to the Country a year ago as Inner Directed to Get Outta Dodge and Away from Weaponised Cell Towers in my City Street, also the Sardine Living and the General Angry, Ice Zombie Energy pervading the Gold Coast.
    Stopped TV Brainwashing Several years Ago.
    Hard-wire my Laptops, use Dumb Flip phone rarely.
    Turn Off all devices at Mains at Night.
    Stopped Fluoride/Grains/Dairy Lectins as my System Imploded into Auto-Immune.
    Weaned Off All Big Pharma Meds…That was Hard.
    Eat Plant Based and as Cleanly as I can.
    Reversed Diabetes, Arthritis and Nearly at Homeostasis with the Auto-Immune.
    Use a VPN or TOR, Don’t Use Google, Facebook, Sync Systems.
    Go to Bitchute to listen to De-Platformed Speakers from You Tube.
    Read Reckefellers Operation Lockstep/The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
    NASA – Future Strategic Issues Future Warfare Circa 2025.
    Ed Snowdon’s Permanent Record.
    This has been Rolling Out for Ages and then there are “Quickenings” which are becoming closer together in Release.
    While the Marshall Law is Happening here 5G Towers have been going up at a Furious Pace (Essential Services?)
    The “Government” are the Minions of the 1% who Control the Planetary Corporations which are Laughingly called our Democracy and Countries.
    Don’t Vote it Only Encourages Them also IF It Made a Difference it would Be Illegal!
    The Whole Entire Shit Show Needs to be Brought Down, I Don’t Know if that’s Even Possible in my Lifetime…As the Rabbit Holes all Join Up at The Hall of the Mountain king and There we Find the Usual Suspects and it’s Scary Dark.
    Geez Just Reading this Back I Sound Like a Card Carrying Nut-Job!
    Except I Know I am Not!
    Trying to Temper All this with Keeping in Light, Staying Out of Anger and Fear and not Succumbing to Despair.
    This Can Sometimes Prove to Be an Epic Task.
    I would Dearly Love to Find Out How to Connect with Like Minded Awake Humans in my Area.
    Maybe if We Could Contribute to an Encrypted Connection Contact Log or Directory, if that wouldn’t Incriminate Us in the Current Agenda.
    I have NO Trust or Faith in ANY of the Systems Constructs.
    Anything Connected to Justice/Police/Law/Government is Contaminated and Corrupt.
    We Can NO Longer Use the System to Bring Down the System as They Stack the Deck Always…
    I Live Alone in Chillingham, Nth NSW, and Don’t Drive, so that would be Grand to Hear if there are any Humans near me in 3D to Connect with.
    I Came to This Planet on a Mission and Now is the Time to Warrior Up.
    Thank You Again for Being Brave.
    All My Love
    Cassie in OZ 😉

  • Mary says:

    Fantastic information, but I find it difficult to get all the talks as it is ~6 hours in one day and that is rather difficult to find. Absolutely love the information and will endeavour to use at least some of it in our group’s newsletter – I am president of a health group and we do a quarterly 20 page newsletter, so it is very applicable to use and we have close on 200 members.

  • Zita says:

    Great talk, thanks so much! Alas Share Facebook button does not work anymore. Anyone else experiences it?


    Very much interesting and informative session it was!!

  • Sunlight says:

    When Paul described a lockdown, I strongly suspect this was recorded in 2019. Eerie.

  • Glen says:

    Great info, but I would think this effort would go a lot further, and much faster if it was shareable. You have taken the leadership that so many are depending on…. that’s invaluable. Is there at least a summary interview that will stay available to be shared. (Linking of course to the purchase option and information given, etc.) It seems odd to make this short term, so that by the time someone who signed up to watch all the videos wants to share it a certain one of them it only has an hour left or something like that. It would be a shame if all this just goes away because of the price.

  • Mary says:

    People who have low energy want a lot of outside help. The more that frequencies interfere with biology, the more people will keep asking for answers from technocracy. The absorbable-magnesium supplements help against some of this spiral downward, because glyphosate (Round-Up stuff) blocks magnesium biologically; and much of our water has contamination by this chemical.

  • Barbara Perry says:

    This was a very informative segement. Both terrifying and inspiring. Thanks.

  • Daniel Kuźma says:

    Also beautiful talk. Domination is also big part of our humanity, is not only because of IT but this is how World is created from the perspective of more primitive awareness, animals have the same. Always we are in the line where are better from us and less better than us, always is like that in the school, in our work, in relations, we are always fighting to be better and always pays respect to those who are better and less respect who are loess better than us, sometimes we are jealous about who is better and try to go over or pride to who we are better. Always is play like Ying and Yang, do You know what I mean? And this is happening also on the World wide level, domination of all countries about another countries or by force or by another smart solutions this is kind of awareness to, higher awareness dominate lesser awareness. The new grow awareness which grows is based on our humanity source and it can’t be dominated, yes we starting back connecting what was disconnected by those dirty afflictive emotions and misunderstandings. We are going back to our source, we know that we completely lost and is our instinct to survive which shows us the path, is very interesting experience to discover who we really are from inside of us then everything start to be clear. The key point is that this is not possible to understand by thinking about it, this is only possible to discover inside of us 🙂 it must be real experience so nobody is telling you, you just know. This is awesome and I can see that people are seeking of that, to be honest is just here where you are right now, funny like that. So what is the problem… Yes I was long time trying to garet what is the problem if this is just here, you don’t have to even looking for it, is just here, the biggest jewel, why people not garet this and prefer to looking for that (like in the story “you ride of elephant looking for elephant”). Because we have that since our beginning and is always not changing but the mind grows and develops since born and is watching outside and this is difficult to let the mind relax to see who we really are, really hard because we identify with the mind, mind thinking this is who I’m am and our real self identity with that thinking and allow mind to be itself, so the rider riding on lion is identify as is the lion looking for the rider (saying shortly) 🙂 . But is possible to figure out this… Awesome talk..
    Btw..Thank you for allowing me to listen over hours btw.. I bough presale package to, but watching streaming is much cool, I’m from Poland and my time frame is little different + different things to do but at least now I found little door to watch. Best regards.

  • jane says:

    Better to stand on your feet than beg on your knee’s. Be strong and go wild . Say good by to the idiots that don’t wake up but tell you your negative or its all conspiracy. Its real and its happening, new world order, agenda in full swing with Mr. Gates of hell , the WHO and the rest of the sicko’s that want to depopulate the planet and Give us micro chips and untested mandatory vaccines…with the first round going to Africa and India as usual ! Keep us all under self lock down. Lambs to the slaugher . If you think you wanna peaceful protest forget it . The heavy hand of the law will show you your rights as they step on your last breath especially if your black . Beam me up Scottie ! This place sucks !

  • Lokio says:

    While I’ve been spending many hours a day reading the thousands of comments people have left on Max Igan’s YouTube channel, I can’t help but notice tonnes of angry people threatening to burn down cell towers.

    While I’ve seen many YouTube videos of towers in the UK that are on fire, I’m also reading about groups of vigilantes in America getting together, and arming themselves with axes and chainsaws, and going from power pole to power pole, while another group of creative taggers here in Australia, who no longer care about making a name for themselves, are going out late at night when the streets are quiet, armed with paint, and spray cans, and putting their graffiti skills to better use on major highways, and busy intersections, and sprucing up our roundabouts, hoping to catch people’s attention to the dangers of 5G that way.

    People, please, whatever you do, do not riot out on the streets, and paint the town red, nor should you burn down their cell towers, and government buildings, along with their bureaucratic bullshit, when that’s illegal, okay?

    Last year, when I printed out 1012 letters, and put them in people’s letterboxes, I came back home to find the police searching through my bedroom looking for terrorist activity.

    Because I never watch their fearmongering Illuminati TV, read the heavily watered down local bullshit newspaper, or listen to their Muslim bashing radio, I haven’t been updated on the governments rulebooks, and didn’t know it was illegal to warn people to the dangers of 5G, thus, I had no choice but to stop what I was doing. Now I think I can understand why the media blackout, and why 5G is being censored all over the internet, when it’s illegal to talk about it.

    So, once again, folks, please do not try and warn people to the dangers of 5G, when it’s illegal, and no doubt deeply offends our murder intensive, psychopathic governments, and their technocratic telco bed buddies in crime.

    You must understand, these enviro-mental terrorists are working very hard to transform the planet, when they have the legal right, law and authority to treat us like lab rats, and MKUltra expose us to their man-made pollution, as they experiment on every man, woman and child on the face of the planet, that may, or may not mess with your biology, and interfere with your evolution, okay?

    How else can our governments, and telecommunications companies get together to line their deep pockets, and get fat, and filthy rich, earning billions of dollars?

    Sorry, folks, but you’ll just have to learn to accept the poison, while these parasites make an absolute killing from your suffering.

    But it’s okay, cheer up. The good news is, once millions of TV brain-dead sheeple start dropping dead, and everybody catches wind that it’s not the coronavirus, then they’ll have no choice but to act on behalf of the public outcry, before they say, “enough is enough, it’s now time to get rid of this 5G, now that we’ve done a fantastic job in helping to reduce the population, and should have enough resources to last us a few more years, can we then move onto the next subtle poisoning of humanity, chapter of their lives.”

  • Janette Warren says:

    Remember, the light always wins, in the end. And we CAN protect ourselves, at least from 5G, I just found out. At a recent webinar from Dr Buttar’s group, I got to hear new ways to minimize EMF / WIFI / microwave cell damage. I saw pictures before 5G, with 5G, and with 5G using the anti 5G Devices with “live blood microscopy” readings, as well as professional testing done in Germany. I heard that this company has hired the CLEVELAND CLINIC AMERICAN CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE (Who published the study showing that men’s sperm count significantly reduces with WIFI–they did not cave in to Big Pharma to not release the study, they released the study and lost 100% of all their future funding.) This company “Waveguard” has paid the Cleveland Clinic $500,000 to do studies on their EMF 5G protective devices to PROVE it works. This is a company I can stand behind.

    Yesterday, I purchased a medium sized unit called QI SHIELD that will protect me 8′ in diameter – so wherever I put it, I am protected. They come in larger sizes for entire homes as well as up to 1 acre outside!

    I have created a FB group called EMF 5G WIFI Protection & Help.

    For now, here is a link to read the research, and look at the choices or to order. Click the link at the bottom of this paragraph. You can also click EDUCATE. Then click EMF & QI STUDIES so you can see the studies and impressive companies doing them: https://www.synergyscience.com/shop/?afmc=cu

  • Linda Crabb says:

    Hi there, much appreciate the Summit. I was not able listen to all of the talks during the week but have purchased them. Today I tried to send the petition to the two senators that came up for me but it did not seem to go anywhere. I am totally not tech savvy and so do not know what went wrong. Is to late because the summit was already over?

  • John Winstead says:

    The only way to protect yourself from 5G is to protect every cell in your body…from the inside out. I’ve tested pendants and bracelets and other gadgets that stick on your phone. Totally worthless!
    I developed a technology years ago based on Quantum BioScalar Energy and Spiritual Guidance that I’ve demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emfs and more. No doubt it will do the same for 5G. Watch the last part of the seminar I did last year demonstrating the only technology backed by a $3000 Guarantee that it can be demonstrated on the spot to protect every cell in your body….from the inside out. http://tinyurl.com/seminardemo919

  • Petra Bucenieks says:

    Another concern (i know it’s not a legal term) is that all our technology is based upon specific types of semiconductors. According to the engineer and alternate thinker, Preston Nichols, the semiconductors we now use, don’t transmute life force. He said vacuum tubes did work with life force, and that a different kind of semiconductor (now commercially discontinued) was also able to transmute it.

    Since all our commercially available devices have components which are not conducive to life force, we don’t know any different, and believe every computer technology possible must function similarly. But a number of accounts about different extraterrestrial civilizations refer to their computers functioning through natural crystals. Spiritually, natural crystals are known to be alive in the sense that all natural things are alive, but also in that crystals have a sacred geometry similar to the energetic structure (ie. Merkabas) of higher life forms like us. Also ET craft are organic in the sense that they are created, “grown” as a whole, not by having many manufactured parts screwed together.

    It is no wonder then that the term “Artificial Intelligence” is being applied when describing, not only the reasoning process of our computers based on non-life components, but also the fact that their programming is intended for surveillance and control over us. It is not necessarily a strict dichotomy when considering technology vs nature; organic technology is also a possibility.

    Looking for the point where we began heading down this (arbitrary) road of technology based on this non-life technology, we see that the Grey Aliens gave us the surface barrier transistor in the 1940s (as per Col. Philip Corso, The Day After Roswell) whereupon the new technology was disseminated among relevant corporations at the time. Corporations are well suited to perform non-life functions. The telecoms and the media giants continue to do their part in this continuing scheme. “Technocracy” is the institutional term for this continuing process, yet this ideology (if you could call it that) lacks a justification, an end game. Personally i believe we must look to the Aliens for that.

  • John Winstead says:

    Energized Water is the answer! Every cell and DNA in your body is bathed in water. Energized water creates a protective shield throughout your whole body. The technology I developed over 10 years ago has been demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s and no doubt will protect against 5G. Watch the last part of a seminar I did last year demonstrating this BioScalar Technology at…http://tinyurl.com/seminardemo919

  • Mikala says:

    Very surprised though pleased to see that the Australian national TV broadcaster has just aired tonight the US Frontline program called IN THE AGE OF AI. Touches on the themes discussed throughout this summit where the leading thinkers of the world on AI explain the risks that comes with this powerful tool, 5G being the enabler. Hopefully this will stir more people to realise that what is being pushed on us can be used for good but also for evil and control. The program is very clear on this point.

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