Dangers of 5G to Children’s Healthwith Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • 5G satellite insanity
  • Industry lobbying and captured agencies
  • Violations of human rights and informed consent

Guest Expert

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

For over three decades, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has been one of the world’s leading environmental advocates. He is the founder and president of Waterkeeper Alliance, the umbrella group for 300 local waterkeeper organizations, in 34 countries, that track down and sue polluters. Under his leadership, Waterkeeper has grown to become the world’s largest clean water advocacy organization.

Around 2005, parents of vaccine-injured children began encountering Mr. Kennedy’s speeches and writings about the toxic mercury-based preservative thimerosal. They embraced new hope that this environmental champion would finally expose the truth about vaccine injury and win justice for injured children. Kennedy is known for his fierce and relentless brand of environmental activism and his advocacy for transparent government and rigorous science. He is now applying his tenacious energies and sophisticated strategies to exposing the fraud and corruption within the CDC and the pharmaceutical industry. Last month, he launched his new non-profit, the Children’s Health Defense, with vaccine safety advocates Lyn Redwood and Laura Bono, legends themselves among parents of vaccine-injured children.

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  • Michelle says:

    Where can I go to read real uncensored information on all types of topics similar to those mentioned in this viedo? Great video.

  • Ron Weiss says:

    So many are Fooled by Liars on TV and So called ‘Science’ It is Scary that we live in a World of So Many Ignorant People. the Lockdown is The epitome of Ignorance Also. Social Distancing and wearing Masks are Utter Insanity!

    • Romah says:

      scary indeed but, sad to say this is the result of abusing the human body, the garbage that we eat for food and the poisons we fed our minds, the result is obvious, we have lost our God given ability to think. we have become nations of living dead therefore…………..thinks they can do as they please. But God always have a witness to blow the trumpet and warn transgressor. Robert is blowing, we need to wake up and echo it throughout………………..

    • Annie Konkol says:

      Ever heard of the “barrier” concept? Like a diaphragm for birth control. Not 100% but never the less a statistical reduction of acquiring a-n-y infection. Common sense.

    • Annie Konkol says:

      Ever heard of the “barrier” concept? Like a diaphragm for birth control. Not 100% but never the less a statistical reduction of acquiring a-n-y infection. Common sense.

      • snickers says:

        If germ theory were true, why don’t they call it germ fact? You might discover one day that everything you think you know about reality is wrong.

        • Charles Wolfe says:

          In science and math we start with an hypothesis; if you like, a guess. If the hypothesis is proven true, correct, we call it a theory. Theories (or theorems) in science and math are things that have been proven, they are not “guesses” as in everyday conversation.

          • Geraldine Perry says:

            Definition of the word “theory” is a bit more nuanced than something having been proven: a formal statement of ideas that are suggested to explain a fact or event, or how something works from Cambridge Dictionary online. and this from Merriam Webster: 1: a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body of principles offered to explain phenomena
            the wave theory of light

        • Lucia da Vinci says:

          The sad ‘fact’ about information and its meaning to people is that the neoliberal ideology, through its postmodernist movement, has given birth to and developed what we now call ‘social constructivism’ whereby perception and interpretation has gained a considerable weight in the way we form and express the meaning we attribute to information.

          In science, as Charles Wolfe explains below, there are rigorous testing procedures in order to render hypotheses as true, so that the next stage of formulating a theory can occur. Even so, the proven facts and theories can fall prey to interpretation. At that stage, if not outspoken clearly, this happens by censoring in the peer review process.

          What we call the information (in your question only two out of many names were mentioned – theory and fact) is very much guided by accepted protocols and consensus and at this level the question is… who is involved in establishing and imposing these and whose interests are served in doing so.

          This is where you and I (as public consumers of the scholarly output) ought to have a role to play and we can only assume that role by becoming consciously and responsibly informed. Even that is insufficient – we also need to inspire this spirit in our offsprings, for our collective wellbeing and peaceful evolution. I hope this reaches you snickers 🙂

    • Kimber says:

      So very true and sad. I have worked in the Medical Field for over 25 Years and it is unbelievable the many People who just follow and never ask any questions. Wearing the Masks are not doing any good, in fact they are doing just the opposite by causing Hypoxia. Hypoxia Compounds inhibit the T- Lymphocytes, the Immune Systems main Cells. Which fights off Viral Infections, wearing a Mask in turn sets the stage for contracting the Flu. Hypoxia promotes Inflammation, and a significant factor in Atherosclerosis increasing the risk of Stroke and Heart attacks. It is in part of a Psy-Op Faux security measure. Health risks for Restricting your Oxygen flowing with a Virus that has the ability to cause Respiratory issues in Compromised Individuals is not Healthy.

      • Eravus says:

        Can you tell why in operating rooms or even preparing sterile solutions in pharmacy or any procedure which requires sterile environment medical personnel wears masks?

        • Zoe says:

          Medical personnel are protecting the patient. The mask’s prevent droplets (from possible sneezes, coughing, nasal drip, drools, etc,), from infecting the patient. An open wound on the body is how germs enter the body.

      • Christine says:

        Well said! Please spread that word!

    • Michael says:

      Interesting concept. Genesis 6 in the Bible tells us of the fallen angels mating with human females creating a hybrid species. Our history writers claim these were myths, they were NOT!

      The fallen asleep were masters at DNA manipulation, the beasts of mythology actually walked among men, the ancients didn’t have science fiction, they depicted WHAT THEY SAW.

      Why would they try to hide this information? Because it would PROVE the Bible is telling the TRUTH. Godlike beings walked among men, placed their offspring, the lighter hybrids, in positions of power and created kings for the rest of us to worshp, told our human ancestors they were divine and gods, they were not.

      They had advance tech which seemed like magic to men who had no concept of a car or an airplane. Today we are as the gods were, anti gravity flying discs, DNA manipulations, thinking tomorrow, clones, everything you think is science fiction already exists it is being tested. Weather as weapons, DNA specific weapons to target individuals in a football stadium… DO NOT GET YOUR DNA TESTED… Time travel, time displacement, anything you can imagine is already in effect. Crazy weather, crazy quakes, strange fires that burn horses and cars but leave trees intact, these are NOT natural but man made.

      The final and greatest false flag event will be an down invasion. It will NOT be aliens, it will be humans in human built and flown flying saucers ours Project Bluebeam holograms made to look like ARMADAS of invading aliens. Do NOT run to FEMA CAMPS, as Christians you will be either killed (beheaded) or sent to reeduction centers where you must deny or Savior, Jesus Christ.

      I sound like I’m insane but trust me I am NOT. I’m exposing the world outside the Matrix of lies, it is the world that is insane, and it is NOT we who are crazy, it’s the venal cabal of satanic scum who are running this planet and spitting in God’s face. Read Revelation 2.9, and 3.9. This is God’s PROMISE to US… Take heart Chosen Children of the Most High, Yahweh and Yahshua are with us, ALWAYS, ALL WAYS. 🔥💖🖖🏿✌🏽🙏🏻

      Here’s a show for you… Roswell The Beginning (Trailer)

      Plus episode 1 of Roswell The Beginning

  • Kim says:

    Very dismal news.

  • Gina says:

    . We look forward to learning more from your website Children’s Health Defense. Thank you for sharing your journey and awakening citizens to the truth.

  • Judith Anne Fasone says:

    Thanks to Robert Kennedy Jr for all the work he has done for children’s health, and our future!

    • Kimber says:

      Yes, Thank You Robert Kennedy for all you have done and do. God sees your work and it’s because of Hero’s like you that the Goliath’s were defeated as written in the Bible.

  • Helen Harris says:

    Thank you Mr Kennedy for your honesty,guidence and empowering people with your knowledge .
    Best wishes from Brisbane,Australia xx

  • Gisele says:

    Thank you Josh and Dr Kennedy for this candid conversation. It will inspire more people to act locally and become an activist. I hope the real science with Innovation could turn this technology into positive waves. I appreciate both your commitment to educate us on possible actions to take. Great start of the first day of summit!

  • Romah says:

    thanks for the enlightenment Robert, the word of God says, the love of money is the root of all evil, we now have tangible proof. God will not allow man to destroy His creation, He will stand up. we must pray. Humbly sincere prayers confessing our helplessness and our need of divine help from the creator our creator, will give us the wisdom and peace and strength that we need at this time.

    • Eileen says:

      You are so right Romah .God will not allow greedy humans to destroy this beautiful earth in all its complexity that he has lovingly created for us.Yet without knowing it we “have”been praying for him to do something about it.Every time we pray the “Lords Prayer” we have been asking for God’s kingdom to come and his “will” to“be done on earth”
      Only God can and will do something about it.Because as it says in the bible at Jeremiah 10:23 “It does not belong to man who is walking ,even to direct his step” and he will “bring to ruin those ruining the earth”
      There are many very sincere carrying human beings like Bobby Kennedy and I really do appreciate them.But in the end it isJehovah God himself who will fight these wicked men.Please go to the website jw.org regards Eileen

      • Ellen Bartholomew says:

        God expects us to do active prayer – not just inactive prayer. At times there is little we can do, but when we can we need to participate. They very least we can do is spread the word and rebel to the status quo.

    • sheila price says:

      Moses had to step out in faith to recieve the promise…If we don’t put our foot in the water, God won’t move…Even Israel has to cry out to YHWH – then he responds

    • Shirley says:

      Romah, I appreciate your thoughts that God will not allow his creation to be destroyed. That makes sense to human minds; but we need to search His revealed Word. Presently God is giving both Good and Evil the chance to demonstrate the principles of their governments. God does not force us to sign up under His leadership. So He is allowing us to see the evidence on both sides, so we may make intelligent decisions. Until all people can see the difference between good and evil, our world will be in turmoil, exactly as we are, TODAY. When every person has confirmed their allegiance, then God can stop the process and rescue those who choose to live under God’s GOOD rule. Then, as the Bible says, He will rescue His own and cleanse the world. We who choose Him as Ruler will have the privilege of watching Him RESTORE, REMAKE, a New Heaven and a New Earth. God doesn’t like what is happening in our world any more than we do. The climax of the greatest war on earth is nearing completion. It’s called: The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan.

    • Kimber says:

      Amen, God is more powerful than any Man, they forget who is in control. There is a reason the Bible says a very Wealthy Man will not be able to enter the Kingdom. For many are Greedy and immoral. God has given us a Warrior like Mr.Robert Kennedy to be our David.

    • Christine says:

      Money was meant to be a tool in the hands of soul conscious people. When mis-used, money can become a weapon.
      We need to raise the soul vibration and pray that those who are misled, misinformed, and off-track come to their senses.

    • Brianna says:

      God gave the man authority to rule the world and man gave the authority to evil through his weakness of love the money more than anything else…even the future, happiness and health of his own children. The world is going down We are going to be distinct from it through suffering we are bringing on by lock of love to each other By extreme hunger for money and power like that was the most important thing ever. We have only few years on this Earth. Why not to enjoy them? Who believes in this please don’t sit in home and pretend as nothing is happening. Like Robert said.

  • Jan Bowden says:

    If only all men had your integrity Mr Kennedy… What a beautiful world we’d have!

    • Judith says:

      Very true. I like your motivation sir.
      I am one of those that have seen the impact of vaccines. Two friends of mine gave birth to bouncing babies and all was well till they got some shots before they turned one year. Both of these kids have been diagnosed with autism. One is 4 years old and has never uttered a word. They have told her to sign him up in a therapy program. Why these poison in children? Why have they made these vaccinations mandatory knowing that they are poisonous to our children? I am so angry.

      • Kimber says:

        So agree, Vaccines are not without detrimental Side Effects. Ones that come early on, or progress over time in Generations. No two Fingerprints are the same, and neither are our Bio-Maps. You have no idea what those Neuro-Toxins will do. They don’t either, nor do they have any Protocol. Studies of the Effect of the Concoction of all them together.

    • Steve says:

      You may want to rephrase that to “all humans”. Not all women are of his caliber as well. 😉

  • Randy says:

    Correction: 5G is not “going to be weaponized” – it already is a weapon!

    • Josh del Sol says:

      It indeed appears so, Randy. And apparently already being used for crowd control.

      • Russell King says:

        After fighting it for over 30 years with no help from the politicians who I thought were on my side, I wound up in public housing with a an undesirable pension, so I still have to work, which I don’t mind doing, just having my money working for me would be better. I’m on the top floor with a nice view some estate money has come in to help me get investments going, but there’s a 3g cell tower on the elevator housing. The city is not saving money in the long run by killing tax payers. I was shoehorned in here, downsized, clothing and business gear stolen, furniture busted deliberately, heavy tote’s put inside dresser drawers instead of putting the drawers on top of the tote. I was shoed away from my suitcases so I couldn’t instruct these “church friends” to put my clothing into the cases and they dump drawers of other smaller belongings into the suitcases. They pulled the cords from my AC devices and ditched them elsewhere. I got some stuff back and the housing department gave me the bum steer on my apartment keys for half a day which made late with the rent. These people cherry-pick the Bible(Gospel), no talk about the right food and healing medicines.

        They are the ones we fight. Chinese and Russian and Indian agents.I could try to get out, but I think there could be damage done to my vehicle. It won’t be easy. Keep a couple of people around you at all times, Bobby. They threaten. People go missing. I have the police, they’ve long be notified. NOTHING, yet.

        • Cassandra says:

          Dear Russell, Ask Internally for Guidance and Get Out of Dodge!
          Nothing to do with Religion…That’s Same old Power and Control used by the 1%.
          We are All Connected and have a Direct Conduit to Source…
          I was Trapped in the City was Auto Immune, So Sick, surrounded by Insanity/ Ice and Violence.
          Knew what was ‘Going Down’ and had No Idea how I was able to get back to Nature as I had No Money or Transport.
          Used to get up at 4.30am to avoid the Zombies to take my little dog to the Nearest patch of Green with Trees as the Humans around me were Toxic.
          Had 3 Weaponised Cell Towers 600 meters from my home that I’d watched Grow over 25 years.
          Against Tremendous Odds, Somehow I Manifested a Ramshackle House by a River in the Country that I thought I couldn’t Afford but I’m here and surrounded by Nature and Animals…
          A Balm for my Soul and I am Expanding my Awareness as to the Matrix as I Heal from Auto-Immunity that the Doctors had Drugged me to the Back Teeth for.
          Healed from Diabetes – Arthritis and nearly in Homeostasis wit the Auto-Immune Symptoms by Eating mainly a Plant Based Diet with Medicinal Mushroom and Ayurvedic Plant Powders.
          Hold to Your Knowing and Intention and Align with this in your Life.
          Synchronicity Unfolds and you Trust this More and More.
          Be Kind to Your Self and the Animals
          Sending You Love
          Cassie in OZ 😉

  • Michelle Kahle says:

    I hope that everyone on this site will take the time to use the emails that are set up for us it is so important to do I just did all three steps

  • E Eady says:

    From the The University of Melbourne Cell Phones cause cancer. 5G is worse then Cell Phones.
    “The truth about mobile phone and wireless radiation: what we know, what we need to find out, and what you can do now” Presented by Dr Devra Davis,
    Check your phone to see how much Radiation it emits.

  • Karolyn Donner says:

    Thank you so much for your expertise. What will happen if we refuse the vaccine? I’m hopeful that you will find a way to get the information out to the main stream our kids do not deserve this. I have a huge amount of respect for you and your wonderful family that were always advocates of the American People.

  • Kuheli Bhowmick says:

    Thank you sir..

  • Rolph Engler says:

    Having a first hand experience of a EM attack, once at home in front of a visitor, the second time while driving on the hwy at 65mi/hr (110km/hr), were only by the grace of God, I was able to come to a controlled stop. As a result from those experiences, I got myself a Electromagnetic Tester and removed all wi-fi from my home, covered my “smart” hydro meter with a Faraday cage. I noticed a great difference in my health.

    • Lyane says:

      May i ask, what was your EM-attack experience like? Which symptoms do you have when near a mobile station/or WiFi router?

  • Marguerite Catuogno says:

    Thank you for your efforts to put this program together. I have posted the link to this Summit on my FB page. Hopefully others will listen in. Thank you. We are with you!

  • Gloria Crockett says:

    This was so filled with good information and knowledge of what is going on in our world and what we need to do become involved. Where is the link for the Children’s Health Defense that Robert Kennedy talked about?

  • Diane C. Christofferson says:

    I appreciate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a person and a Freedom Fighter. I feel it is important that we live Democracy. Never should truths be censored. Never should money be more important the peoples choices and their freedoms.

    • Kimber says:

      Right On! History has shown throughout time that allowing too much Power given to any one Government is disastrous.

  • Donna says:

    I didn’t find the link to join the Children’s Health Defense…..did anyone else find it?

  • Tina Gilbert says:

    I personally put a great deal of stock in the presentation and am grateful to have moved away from being very close to an airport area with huge toxic energy exposure. I also have high regard for the Kennedy family and am pleased that Robert Jr. is still a strong advocate for democracy. Thank you for this !

  • Maricy says:

    Excellent video Mr. Kennedy. How can we start a movement to raise people’s awareness? Gratitude

  • Angel Primal says:

    All we can do is keep on pushing. It is a slow process, but everything will start turning around in 4 o 5 years. Great work Bob!! It is a pleasure to know there are great people like you around. We are also pushing a little in Spain. http://UnidosPorElVirus.com http://primal.es/5g

    • tere says:

      How things are going we might not have 4 or 5 years we
      need to fight this now .what are things being done in Spain. against this 5 G and mandatory vaccines. do people in Spain know about the bill hr 6666 being presented in US congress in may . where a police / army task force can come into your home force testing for corona 19 virus and take you or your family members including your children out of your home to a Government custody taking them to unknown place if tested positive for Corona 19 virus ,also will be contact tracking people though smart phones or other means, who got the virus or tested positive family & friends or anybody that had contact with this person . even if the contact was in a restaurant Church, work, store etc . will be contacted by people who being hired to make 27 in hr hired by this contact tacking committee government control to come to your home to force themselves in your home by police and army to force testing on you and everyone in your home ,who ever tested positive or sick will be removed from there home and taken to government facility ,not knowing what the government will be doing to these positive tested persons. how long be in this government control , and no right to ask questions or know what is happening to you or your love ones .if you do not know about this bill hr 6666 please look into it there is to much to mention about this bill here ,but is very scary and against human rights ,if it passes in America the rest of the world be following after . also do you know about bill gates ideal id 2020 where be mandatory to get the corona 19 vaccine as a chip in your hand where be contact tacking as well though satellite. this 5G is needed for this chip in the hand to tack people who did not get the vaccine and i think to control people .please look into all of this and pass along as much as you can to find out as many people in Spain& Europe would be against this .and bring attention to your government that this would will not allow or support to these evil human right violations!

  • Paul lipman says:

    Hard to not get choked up but I wish he tried

  • Karina Zegers de Beijl says:

    Thank you so much. We need people of integrity, now more than ever. Here, in Spain, we are struggling too, not enough Davids and too many powerful Goliaths. But we won’t give up!

    • tere says:

      Can you please tell us what is going on in Spain, my family came from Spain . there is not enough news here in Us on what is GOING ON in Spain .Thank You So Much God Bless You And God Bless Spain !

  • Deepa says:

    I just want to say thank you all for joing the 5G summit and taking the call to action. I just feel people are opening thier mind and taking action for the causes and action that matter! And ofcourse to the organizer of this summit. I feel good to be part of the community! and together we can initiate and make the change!

  • Sophia Pilbeam says:

    🙏Truth is truth, when we open our hearts and become divine human beings we see that! Ina positive collective we then become powerful… we reject all else. Let’s share this & hope more people as brave as Kennedy Junior Speak out publicly and share what is obviously the way It IS.👏👏

  • Janie says:


    • Natalie says:

      Yes Janie! Our collective will be based on morality, empathy, compassion & unconditional love for all life! We are powered by God, we are sovereign and we are free ! keep the faith ! Envision the outcome we want !

    • Anita says:

      Anita Indeed – Peace, Love and Wellness to all. Thank you, Janie!

  • Elisha G says:

    Powerful information. Thank you for educating us in a simple way.
    God bless you all for taking your time and opening up our eyes.

  • Priscilla Robinson says:

    Thank Mr. Kennedy Jr. for this information and fighting for our children and the future of our grandchildren’s children.

  • EJ says:

    Robert Kennedy F. Kennedy Jr. is a Blessing for us all who want and need this info. Thank you, Mr. Kennedy.

  • Rita Mahajan says:

    Hi,Please make available a Take action button for India too. I have sent the link to quite a lot of people. we need your support to have a campaign here in India. Loveyou for this efforts. Together we can!

  • Diane S. Vann says:

    Watched video twice and Robert Kennedy is very good. Really appreciated his reference to the court settlement that acknowledged that mercury in vaccines caused child’s autism. Regarding sending an email to my local, state and federal representatives, please write an email for President Trump too.
    Thank you.

  • Jo says:

    Thank you, Mr. Kennedy and Josh, for being willing to publicly stand up and educate the masses. God Bless you in your endeavors and protect you all as you continue this mission.

  • Gyan Bohannon says:

    Someone please ask the question to all the experts on this summit.

    How do those developing and promoting this global wifi technology, PROTECT THEMSELVES from the same harmful physiological effects that all life on earth is subject to?

  • Wendy says:

    This is another proof that the saying –“the love of money is the root of all evil” We have an amazing world to live on—so why destroy the environment we all need, to stay alive?

  • Jade says:

    We need to walk the streets in peaceful activism with proper EMF solutions on. One is Q3 Supremacy bracket, any of the orogonite pucks and set up booths to explain to people what these are and how to use and make them, sites to buy them. If the conversation starts around protection the larger topic of standing our ground can easily be approached. Tables, booths, talks, eduction and activism We must have A Voice! Act Now!

  • Tessa says:

    5G the most dangerous thing to life on earth at this time. Thank you to the speakers and to all of you joining in.

  • William Schneider says:

    If we don.t speak out now, our grandchildren may never be able to. In my lifetime, democracy has never been so threatened. My wife and I pledge to continue to support Robert Kennedy’s efforts.

  • Eileen says:

    Good reason for term limits in the federal government

  • holly says:

    THANK YOU for this information! SO appreciate it!

    When was this filmed? You mention the satellites and I know Elon Musk/Space X received approval for 12,000 satellites and 1 million ground antennae. See here:

    Does this mean we are essentially powerless to do anything at this point and if personal/home mitigation becomes imperative!

  • Doreen says:

    Very informative – the bees circling and the queen coming out of the hive – wow! Just because we as humans aren’t aware or tuned in we don’t think it affects us, but clearly if it affects the bees and possible birds and other wildlife then how can they say it’s safe, have they even studied the effects. Thank you for the work you are doing!

  • Hil says:

    This is so fascinating! Shocking! Thank you, Mr. del Sol and Mr. Kennedy!

  • Julie Donaldson says:

    Mr. Kennedy, I am extremely grateful for your intelligence, heart, integrity and commitment. You are making the world a better place, as did your father and your uncles.

  • Joanne Johnson says:

    It’s obvious to me that the United States of America is no longer a Democracy. For decades, it has been an Oligachy and no one complained. Now we are on the brink of a Dictatorship with Fascist controls on our health and well being. Who can we turn to who will stand up for the principles of our republic and restore the precepts of our Constitution?

  • Delores Treat Guy says:

    Mr Kennedy, Sincere thank-you Sir for your dedication to this cause and in service to our nation!

  • José says:

    In Mexico nobody mentions anything about 5G. Pleople is eager to get the latest gadget regardless if it harmful at all. I myself did not much know about
    5G until I saw your promotion on this summit.

  • Eva says:

    We need to make wireless illegal. Period. It is illegal because of us. The industry will keep filling the airwaves up with radiation if we don’t stop it, even if 5G is halted. It is insane– humanity cannot survive it. EHS. Always bring the discussion back to a fiber optic cable alternative. The industry is laying the cables anyway for the 5G infrastructure. A few more feet and it could be end-to-end– clearer, safer, faster , more capacity. Wireless is illegal because of people with EHS– I am tired of being left out of the picture when it comes to “standards” discussions. “Oh, you can only kill us a little.” We need to clean the air up from this filth, and it can be done with the flick of a switch. Wireless can be used for 011 emergencies ONLY.

  • Dr. Nick Berry says:

    Thank you Bobby for your wisdom, reflections and grounded sense for action to support humanity!

  • Beverly Barnes says:

    We are slaves to the state and everyday it is getting closer to our extinction. As soon as those robotics can take over the jobs we once did we will be extinguished.

  • Mary says:

    Thank you Mr. Kennedy for all the work you do especially in regards to our children and their health. God will bless you and reward you for your efforts. Blessings

  • Elizabeth Monroy says:

    Thank you so much very creating this intelligent and extremely informative summit!💗💕💗❤️🙏

  • Mayr says:

    Thank you for your service Mr. Kennedy. We are grateful for your leadership role in helping affect positive change.

  • Evelyn Ediger says:

    This was very important to hear. We also appreciate Mr. Kennedy very much and his efforts for humanity and democracy.

  • Bozena says:

    Great speaker.Thank you for caring!

  • Jan Rickman says:

    We need more driven people to step up and inform the public and government officials about the dangers facing us … 5G and vaccinations, etc. Thank you for this video!

  • Debbie Riddick says:

    Mr. Kennedy, you are amazing! Why can’t our other representatives stand with us on safety? You are the only one that will stand up against powerful lobbyists! You are a bright light in a world getting darker by the minute. Thanks so much for all you do! I have enjoyed your Children’s Health website and have learned so much. God bless you.

  • kath says:

    Thank you so much Robert for all your information! Yes, we need everyone to become activist now! This false flag lockdown “plandemic” has all been orchestrate to stop open protest against 5G and to bring in their New World Order! It’s actually the roll out of 5g that is causing these civid deaths. Yoru uncle John talked about “the secret society” that actually runs this world, now our generation is still fighting their next generation of criminals! Some of their families are the rothchilds, rockefellers, gates etc., but their are more of s than them, so we have the power to not only ban 5G, but to bring down their NWO, and bring back freedom and democracy! peace 🙂

  • Mehru says:

    5 G is exactly like a microwave opened and exposing its harmful radiation beaming at u directly !!or frying your body !!!

    • Delbert Carpenter says:

      I agree, and that is how I’m explaining it in the Forwarded e-mails from Dr. Buttar to get all my friends and families attention.
      Delbert Carpenter, Experienced Ham Radio Operator call letters KE8BLD.

  • DrMargaMusings says:

    Thank you for doing this.

  • Vanhille Michel says:

    Hello this is Michalis from Corfu (GREECE), I`m following Robert many years now and it`s amazing how he`s defending the human (children) rights. Therefor we have to unite all to wake up everybody globally. It is for the pioneers (patriots) who were standing up for decades against this giant money eating monsters and special for our children and future grand children. Let`s continue the big awakening and start believing in the goodness of human kind and respect all the nature on the earth.

  • worthit says:

    where is “the link on this page”???? for Bobby Kennedy?

  • elisheva says:

    Fantastic. Thank you for all you do. Be blessed as you are a blessing.

  • Sonja Storsved says:

    I think this whole 5 G industry is insane. I know a lot of people that are sick from radiation already. I really hope that this summit wakes up more people to take action.

  • Katie says:

    Always love to hear Mr. Kennedy because he has a proven track record in standing up for truth.

  • Tim Nolan says:

    Angel of Mercy (Big Pharma)

    Investigative Reporting, Problems,Reactions,Solutions. Angel of Mercy (Big Pharma)

  • Jo says:

    The last action letter option does not have a way to submit after completing it.

  • John Winstead says:

    I developed a technology years ago based on BioScalar Energy that I’ve tested and demonstrated to protect against cell phone radiation and emf’s. I believe it will do the same for 5G. If you are interested in learning more check out the last part of the seminar I did last year demonstrating the technology….http://tinyurl.com/seminardemo919

  • Jennifer Perry says:

    Great information and support to start the conversation to stop 5G.

  • Sally says:

    I really appreciate what Mr. Kennedy is trying to do to inform us to take a stand for the greater good of our community. Thank you!

  • Pastor-Phil Biggs says:

    Thank you the truth is finally finding it’s way into society. Hopefully people will wake up to the reality of the dangers of 5G which I have been told will spike cancer rates to extreme height’s. I have finished watching Robert Kennedy Junior a true hero in my book . Thank you for putting this program together and every effort applied as you work toward a radiation free world. I believe a luxury is far from it when the item damages the cellular structure of the body. I refuse to use cell phones because they do cause harm even though I have been told there are ways to illuminate the dangers. Is it truly worth the risk to keep up with todays society. Be healthy, Be strong, and be plugged in.

  • Julie Nevison says:

    Excellent! Love him…he cares about Americans
    and children.

  • Cecilia Furlan says:

    Please contact scientist Andreas Kalcker, he has discovered and developed a chlorine dioxod therapy that cures cancer, autism, covid and others. It is a cheap therapy and available to everyone, he has been persecuted by the industry and sued. He has patents that he said is willing to give up to humanity. You must talk to him, together you can make great changes to world health.


  • Glen says:

    Thank you. So well summarized with regards to what we are up against.

  • Rod says:

    Sorry for this question, but the today interviews are the same as 2019 ones, right?
    Which I loved a lot.

  • Lisa Girard says:

    Thank you for your insight Mr. Kennedy, I hope that more people will listen to these talks and send those letters to the people that could act on them. We need people to stand up and be counted, this is much to important to be glossed over. It’s not just for us but, for the rest that follow,
    all humanity.

  • Toni says:

    Just tried to complete the take action forms but Safari (my iPad) kicked me out. Censored?

  • Denise Fields Lee says:

    Enjoyed your contribution to the Summit Mr. Kennedy. Thank you for your work and advocacy on behalf of our nation’s children. Blessings to you, your family and foundation.

  • Bekah says:

    Wonderfully informative talk Mr. Kennedy. Just a thought but maybe instead of battling big pharma, the vaccine industry, the nuclear industry and now the tech industry … the time may be that we should file a suit against our elected officials that have been bought out by these industries and have sold out the very people that put them in place for money and power. while we the people are experimented on and suffer our eleceted officals have given liability immunity to the most deadly of industries. Our salvation can only come from our creator. It’s time for us all to join on bended knees and repent that we have put faith in man over The most high!
    It teuly is time everyone become involved as activists!

  • carm says:

    thank goodness for people like bobby Kennedy

  • carm says:

    make sure you get your house hard wired…just did in my house and we have all been sleeping better

  • Ethel Farnsworth says:

    If we don’t stand up for the health of our families and community, who will?
    This is life threatening as well as creating disabilites in our children and neighbors as well as ourselves.

  • Richard P Radder says:


  • Ginny says:

    Great information! THANKYOU!

  • Kelly says:

    Thank you, RFK JR for an amazing contribution! We love you for your work, your dedication, your vision and sharing…so helpful and informative! I can’t wait to learn more!

  • Lori Curran says:

    Thanks to everyone involved in the 5G Summit! You are all my heroes! You are helping tremendously by educating, organising, and making taking action so much easier for so many <3

  • Christine says:

    Thank you for pressing on with this work! What is anyone thinking who believes money over wellness is life? Where do the world wreckers think they are going to live, or raise kids?
    My Dad taught us to say “cancel” 3 times whenever an ad came on TV. We grew up with Chiropractic and Reflexology care. Not even aspirin in the house.

  • Aura says:

    Keeping up the great Kennedy Legacy of exposing corruption. Thank you for the valuable information and your contribution to various causes.

  • ann m clow says:

    wow, I had no idea about 5 G and I am shocked that nothing is being done to stop it on a large scale.
    Thank you so much for bringing our awareness to this major issue, the knowledge and guest speakers were amazing. Its up to each one of us to make a difference in the world and to protect our children and ourselves , and all the animals, birds, etc… and our human race.

  • Mike says:

    Too many are being fooled into believing that 5G is only for faster internet and phone service. The younger generations have NO idea what life was like before, before everyone had to know what everyone was doing 24 hrs a day. Health issues and loss of privacy seems to be the norm of today’s youth and they don’t seem to even care.
    Where is the health and safety data on these systems? Why were they not done? How can we demand answers? Who is going to listen to us 99%? The guinea pigs…

  • Charity says:

    Thanks Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for all of the information you have shared. Thanks also for all you have done for Children’s health and our well being in the future!

  • Joe Burns says:

    This is to me the obvious first priority of all of the issues that are now being exposed. But fear of this ‘scary’ situation will stop us from being effective. When it comes to fighting for the lives of our children and all future generations on the planet I become a fearless warrior. A warrior who will be effective not just from my fearlessness but the challenge of keeping a balanced spiritual maturity married to an intelligent emotional engine. It lights me up every morning when I get up to know that this day is an opportunity to be the highest and best version of myself in every now moment. What a joy to live every day totally engaged in this life. The gift of knowing that I am truly a fractal of spirit having a human body experience makes me grateful beyond any lesser endeavor. All is well.
    Let’s do this together.

  • Mary Newton says:

    Thank you Robert.

  • K says:

    Are any of the talks new to this summit? This one is an older interview. Thank you

  • susan says:

    Thank you for the contribution to human lives and the environment that you have made, I am encouraged by your passion for the health of our children and as you say the integrity of our democracy.

  • Lorraine says:

    Bobby Kennedy Jr. is a true “David vs Goliath” hero, and a voice for sanity, but clearly, he can’t do what needs to be done alone. The fact that he keeps soldiering on in spite of what’s happened to his family is inspiring.

  • Lori L Blacklidge Carty says:

    Thank you Bobby Jr for your fortitude on behalf of future generations! I am very grateful for your work.

  • Richard says:

    Congress is much more concerned about which bathroom you use, than the effects of Radio Frequency Radiation. Big tech will be the death of us.

  • Sue says:

    Not only Monsanto. Bayer bought out Monsanto.

  • Carol says:

    I am sorry to say that with the distractions of the poor audio and the speaker covering his mouth I didn’t totally get all the information. Thank goodness for the subtitles.

  • Beryl O'Brien says:

    Always a great pleasure to listen to your words of wisdom, Bobby… the world needs leaders like you!

  • Arthur Wilson says:

    Would you comment on the YouTube video(s) “Illegal Scanners Antennas for 5G found in street lights….ANTHONY STEELE (10m29)”. Double scary.

  • Helena says:

    I’m confused about emailing elected officials… I’m in Canada. I entered the info for an elected official in my area. Then the next page, it showed Senators names – which I don’t understand – and then instructions on how to edit… Is there copying and pasting involved, or can you actually send the email directly from that pop up?? (It seems I cannot add in the officials NAME or MY NAME at the end.)

  • Joy says:

    How do I share to my website?

  • Odie says:

    I wonder what, if anything my senator from CT, Senator Blumenthal has done since 2/2019 when big tech said they would be interested in exploring ways to study health and safety effects of 5G!!!!!
    Will definitely explore that with him when I reach out after this summit. I did last year and he did respond about his concerns!!

  • jas says:

    Will there be a ‘take action now’ for UK?

  • Cynthia Sebastian says:

    First, Thank you! What about ALL the Satellites that are being launched, 60 at a time, out in space? Who stops those?

  • Rebecca says:

    Please help us in alerting and providing information for a call to action in SOUTH AFRICA🙏

  • Jan Rickman says:

    So informative and enlightening! Because of the current social and political unrest and activities that have been taking place this week, it is difficult to keep an eye on that AND watch all the videos. Is there any way you can keep them available longer than originally planned? Thanks!

  • veleynna says:

    My friend’s grand daughter is yet in her mother’s womb. Her pregnant daughter’s doctor diagnosed the daughter’s baby with a cellular disease caused by environmental interference with their formation and predicted that the child would likely only live for one weak after its birth. The disease has a name so I believe this affect has happened to others and is more well-known than 5G proponents would have us believe.

  • Mark says:

    Does anybody know of a good website that has a forum where I could ask questions in regards to electromagnetic radiation? After the day’s event is over, what happens to all of our comments, are they lost forever?

  • Grant says:

    Well given the time difference (it’s night here when they speak) and I’m working there was little time to see much of the speakers first 24 hours. And I was keen and part of an anti 5g group movement here in New Zealand . Love to help spread the word and save the planet but the cost needs to be reduced. Thanks.

  • Grex says:

    (testing comments function)

  • Janette Warren says:

    Do people know that there is right now protective devices for your office, homes, from large to small, with big time bona fide science studies that work to keep your cells normal when being bombarded with 5G? At a recent webinar from Dr Buttar’s group, I got to hear new ways to minimize EMF / WIFI / microwave cell damage. I saw pictures before 5G, with 5G, and with 5G using the anti 5G Devices with “live blood microscopy” readings, as well as professional testing done in Germany. I heard that this company has hired the CLEVELAND CLINIC AMERICAN CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE (Who published the study showing that men’s sperm count significantly reduces with WIFI–they did not cave in to Big Pharma to not release the study, they released the study and lost 100% of all their future funding.) This company “Waveguard” has paid the Cleveland Clinic $500,000 to do studies on their EMF 5G protective devices to PROVE it works. This is a company I can stand behind.

    Yesterday, I purchased a medium sized unit called QI SHIELD that will protect me 8′ in diameter – so wherever I put it, I am protected. They come in larger sizes for entire homes as well as up to 1 acre outside!

    I have created a FB group called EMF 5G WIFI Protection & Help.

    For now, here is a link to read the research, and look at the choices or to order. Click the link at the bottom of this paragraph. You can also click EDUCATE. Then click EMF & QI STUDIES so you can see the studies and impressive companies doing them: https://www.synergyscience.com/shop/?afmc=cu

  • Laura says:

    Practice free will daily, show the world the brave part is still true.

  • alexia abnett says:

    I agree with Bobbie, we all need to become activists. Challenge our governments immediately! I have a petition running to present to government officials soon, but was already told by one MP that they listen to the WHO for guidance! We need to wake people up!

  • Sue says:

    Robert is such a hero for children and all of us really…we were all born innocent, weren’t we? I admire him so much and hope I can shake his hand one day. Such strength of character and I truly admire his ability to speak with such diplomacy and tact. I don’t know how he can talk about villianous psychopaths without frothing at the mouth. I can’t do it.

  • janet ellis says:

    How can we stop this 5G genocide of the human population? I am scared for the future of my child.

  • Lalita says:

    Always great information from all the 5G summit experts…Thanks every one…There are very little honest loving people in this whole world…some people just don’t care & live day by day & some are so ignorant..some have no voice & also fear to point out what’s happening in this cruel world right now….people should get together & stand against the wrong doing people in this world to make the whole world a better place for the young generation.

    • Jess (Summit Team) says:

      Thank you Lalita ! We agree with you and getting people involved and taking a stand for what’s right and healthy for us all is what we had in mind when putting together the Summit.

  • Jared Kock says:

    Dear Robert Kennedy Jr., Josh and Sayer
    Followed your work and the medical freedom movement for years and think the time is now ready to bring in our project for our new lifestyle and low carbon project with 80% carbon reduction in 30 years developing biobased, low carbon, decentralized stimulating regional and local economy. In short we speak about farm, village, dome project in which people will receive no salary but basic care like free house, food, electricity and personal development education in return for working for the community. The community is the economic entity and owns farm, land, factory buildings, solar panels, etc.
    We start with recycling via return of separate selected garbage in different colored bags to the grocery to get reduction for new buying of products which creates per year a huge profit and will be reinvested in the community, project. Our partner, food engineer and low carbon provider, producer of degradable plastic bags made from biological products.
    There is a whole revolution of replacing traditional used polluting product like steel, plastic and concrete into biological products. A process we understand and have the tools for that. The dome we want to build as part of the total project is meant to become a huge high leveled promotion center with super attraction and appeal for new lifestyle and future orientation and people from our own planned surrounding community will be as part of our integrative approach educated to create the right new lifestyle quality, atmosphere and radiation.
    We think our project proposal can be an excellent plan to set up new communities where people can live in their own chosen quality and responsibility. We even could cooperate, work together with Native American organizations for developing complete new communities in rural area.
    Would be great to speak more with you about our plan as well as bringing us in contact with leaders of change in the USA to integrate our project as movement of change saving the earth. When the medical freedom movement wants to work with us we could make a proposal for a basic bottom up development plan accepted in the USA society and finding a location where to start.
    Together we have to put in a lot of investigation how to make this project feasible, sign a NDA to make progress in our endeavour. Our partner is interested in signing 30 year contract till 2050 being responsible for the collection of garbage in cities or regions starting to rebuild the whole infrastructure into a circular, biobased, decentralized regional and local economy.
    Look forwards for your reaction
    Have a wonderful day
    Kind regards
    Galina Zakarchenko
    Jared Kock
    The Netherlands
    https://rubyrubicon9768.wixsite.com/future-resort/village-1500-life-portugal https://rubyrubicon9768.wixsite.com/program-nlr

  • Pam says:

    This video is 1year old and it tells you the side effects of 5g

  • Janette Warren says:

    Thank you for all you and your family has stood for — freedom. So glad you remain a bright beacon of truth, standing on the heels of your lineage. I created a Facebook group recently as I found a FiveGee and SixGee WIFI device with all the science, from a Dr Buttar webinar. It is called: EMF FiveGee Wifi Protection & Help.

  • Nicole Brand says:

    So sad to witmess the destruction of the beautiful creation of humans at the hands of sociopaths and misguided leaders…

  • Pierre says:

    Formidable ! We all need to support Mr RFK jr by questioning all of these Dr experts who support big tech.

  • Erik says:

    No tengo dolares para comprar los libros de los cientificos. Por favor dejen un espacio abreviado para los que vivimos sin demasiado medios podamos llegar a la informacion. Asi como lo ponen parece un negocio de los cientificos para leer sus papers.
    Conectense a la fibra optica y terminen de irradiar al mundo !!

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