Dangers of 5G to Children’s Healthwith Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • 5G satellite insanity
  • Industry lobbying and captured agencies
  • Violations of human rights and informed consent

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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  • Stathia Golding says:

    Thank you Mr Kennedy for all that you are doing for our world. Best wishes to you from New Zealand where many small (but growing) groups around the country are at this moment striving to raise awareness about 5G and to challenge the impending roll-out of this untested technology locally and nationally. Kia kaha (stay strong) to you and to all the concerned citizens of the world.

    • 5G Summit Moderator (Susan) says:

      Thank you for raising awareness!

    • Karen says:

      I second your sentiments totally. I’m in Auckland and am sickened that we’re all being sold down the river to the highest bidders. How dumb can these people be, advocating for this technology. Do these people not have families, children, grandkids? Same thing with vaccinations.

      • Randy Styer says:

        Robert Kennedy mentioned we have to be activists. It is obvious that our political leaders
        have been influenced by their corporate donors to push 5G through. THAT IS THE PROBLEM
        RIGHT THERE. If you truly want to help fix the problem and turn this around we must get
        involved in self governance in each state of this country. The American States Assembly is
        addressing this issue and all other issues we need fixing. Join your State Jural Assemblies
        now and get involved. Go too http://www.theamericanstatesassembly.net to learn more.

      • Mignon says:

        Hi Karen,
        I got insulted by David Farrier, fobbed off by the ‘health’ minister and National’s Simon O’Connor quotes nanogirl and thinks all is well…
        The media remains still silent apart from two pieces on ‘seven sharp’ and ‘fair go’.
        Have you joined https://www.5g.org.nz/welcome/? Lots of initiatives there.
        Yes, communities are waking up but many people have no clue yet!
        Greetings from Half-Kiwi to Kiwi☺️

  • Stathia Golding says:

    And huge thanks to the hosts Josh del Sol and Sayer Ji for providing this event and platform for all the speakers. Please know that you are very much appreciated. Thank you.

  • Tom Martin says:

    Enjoyed so much witnessing this conversation with Robert Kennedy Jr. I appreciate everything he’s doing on behalf of citizens in the US, Canada and around the world. Please, Robert…keep up the good fight. God bless you for all the time and effort you’ve spent on the environment and on children’s rights. Blessings on you and your family.

    • 5G Summit Moderator (Susan) says:

      Yes, Tom. Robert is certainly a champion on these issues.

    • Randy Styer says:

      Robert Kennedy mentioned we have to be activists. It is obvious that our political leaders
      have been influenced by their corporate donors to push 5G through. THAT IS THE PROBLEM
      RIGHT THERE. If you truly want to help fix the problem and turn this around we must get
      involved in self governance in each state of this country. The American States Assembly is
      addressing this issue and all other issues we need fixing. Join your State Jural Assemblies
      now and get involved. Go too http://www.theamericanstatesassembly.net to learn more.

  • Leslie says:

    loved the talk..action is paramount..this is not a Democrat, republican issue..both sides have bought in to the corporation..it is a people issues.. we need to change it and note.. notice The elected people that are passing laws against free choice. Vaccines or EMF’s..

  • Leslie says:

    wanted to send the instant action..but once I fill one cell, name, or zip..it will not populate over to the next cell. I was able to leave this comment so it is not my iPad.

  • Pia Rosenbach says:

    Thank you Mr Kennedy for speaking up against 5G. I’m doing all I can in my community; I have written a letter that I printed and distributing to all 2600 households in my community. I also write emails to newspaper editors, journalists, medical doctors, vets, and also to our Queen of Denmark.
    I have never been an activist of any kind before, but I really feel this is too important to ignore.
    Thank you to Josh del Sol and every one who is in this world wide project.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Thank you Pia for your feedback and spreading the good word so powerfully. Yes, 5G is inspiring so many to take responsibility and also team up & find tribe. We are all in this together.

    • Roxanne E. says:

      Bravo Pia! As a lifelong activist, I applaud you becoming so remarkably active re. this critically important issue. Standing for what is right and making major efforts to educate others is empowering. ***We ALL need to do our part, and I’m so glad you’ve distributed your letter wide and far!

    • Jeanine says:

      Great job, Pia! You are inspiring me to do more too!

  • Robin says:

    The only good thing about 5g is our ability to tear down these antennas en masse.

    Such insanity!

  • Sharon Hansen says:

    I wonder if putting WiFi into our home was the cause of my very serious health issues 5 years ago. I have been fighting for my life ever since and no doctor can help me. I convinced my husband, finally, to hardwire our internet. We only use WiFi for printing which is rare. Sounds like we should hard wire that as well if he can figure out how to do that. I seem to slowly be getting better now. Still very dizzy and weak, but had to sell my business at a huge loss because I could no longer work. Diagnoses include Bone cancer, Lupus, Lyme and ALS. Following the Medical Medium. It’s all that has helped me.

    • 5G Summit Team (Croissy) says:

      Hi Sharon, sorry to read this. Thank you for attending the summit. Please watch particularly Larry Dusk and Olga Sheean. There are many of us reacting badly to wifi out there…

    • Roxanne E. says:

      Yes, the invisible harm of WiFi can contribute enormously to deteriorating health, especially if one has a heavy toxin and/or heavy metal and microbe burdens already. Please also access greenmedinfo to research any helpful tools, and see if you can work with a Functional Medicine doctor or similar specialist with a solid track record for helping such conditions. Appropriate ozone therapies, in the right hands, may also be worth investigating. Dr. Rowan has some insightful slide presentations etc… Good luck.

  • Justin says:

    So grateful for your work with vaccinations and now EMF. We all need a Grounding Bag to repel the EMF’s.

  • Ibolya Ágnes Gál says:

    It is an honour to listen to You Mr ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR. God Bless You and help You Forever!

  • Lori says:

    Just last week I was wishing someone with some influence would talk about the things that really matter to the human race, which includes 5G. So glad this conversation is finally happening! Thank you so much Bobby Kennedy and other participants of this summit to get the message out there. This indeed is a human rights issue, and we all need to band together to ensure a free democracy for ourselves and future generations. We are at another crossroads as a nation and as a planet, and I hope we can navigate this ship back to the shores of liberty and justice for all. The public has been distracted from the really important things that are happening quietly over their heads. Thank you again for advocating and holding our decision makers accountable, and asking others to do the same. We are all here rallying alongside you!

  • L Nelson says:

    Thank you for your diligence on issues which protect wildlife, the environment, and our health. I respect you and admire your work so much. In these times, we must get an informed public, we must go to the people to have them “opt out of the 5G experiment” at the local level. I live in a house with aluminum siding and steel railings. Unless I were to cover up every window, I have from twelve to fourteen active wireless connections richocheting within the walls of my house at all times, my neighbors wireless gas meter sends pulses so strong that they feel like a heavy palm to the forehead inside my house. It is common sense that there are effects and insanity to allow there to be no safe areas set aside for people who opt out. Petitioners must go to the public. Bless you.

  • Susan says:

    Why can’t everyone who knows the dangers get together collectively and Boycott wireless? I don’t use it and have a landline and ethernet computer, TV etc. We don’t need wireless. who needs to be connected to a phone 24/7? I refused a Smart (dirty) meter and did NOT pay the extortion fee for at least 5 months until the power company here harassed me with Robo calls and sending out employees who left threats to turn off my power. The only reason I paid the High Extortion fees was because I like millions of others out in the world have come down with multiple autoimmunity issues one being excruciating migraines. My health is more important. When I recover (and I will) I am going back to fight this!

    • Roxanne says:

      Couldn’t agree more! I’m happily cell phone free, have a wired computer and a REAL smart phone (e.g. landline!) I shake my head seeing all the digital addicts around me who’ve succumbed to techno-insanity.

      • Frances says:

        Where I live in Australia, once the NBN came in, our landlines work no more; the phone goes through the internet. When the internet is down, the phone doesn’t work; when the electricity is off usually due to storms, the phone doesn’t work. Also, with marginal mobile/cell phone service, we are in dire straits in an emergency!

      • Susan says:

        We are the grassroot movement to health and happiness!

  • Ian says:

    I don’t know if it’s the audio interference or what, but Mr. Kennedy does not SOUND WELL. Please get this man hyperbaric ozone 10 pass IV therapy to rejuvenate him along with Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s Megahydrate and Crystal Energy. A saint like this needs help.

  • Barbara Bibb says:

    Thank you, Mr. Kennedy, for your bravery and efforts to protect and inform!

  • Rosemary says:

    I don’t have time to watch hours of talks, I wish there was a list (free) as to what we can do, other than send the letters. I have chronic Lyme disease and I’m very sensitive to EMF’s, we moved because we were living next to a transformer, electrical wires and two transformers. This 5G needs to be stopped! What if we moved to Italy? ~ They won’t have it there, right? They don’t even have wi-fi.

    • Josh del Sol says:

      Rosemary, please download my PDF – which I wrote with Oram Miller of the Building Biology Institute, “7 Essential Ways to Make Your Home Safe from 5G & EMR” – https://the5gsummit.com/reg-gift/

      Also, Oram is presenting in the “4 Levels of Solutions” course post-summit!

    • Josh del Sol says:

      p.s. Rosemary also I recommend, as you have time, watch Dr. Klinghardt’s talk, Larry Gust, and others as well Dana Ashlie, Terry Stotyn & Wolfgang Jaksch — keep watching as you can & there is much help here for you.

    • Veerle says:

      You are very badly informed about Italy. Here is wifi as much as anywhere else and Vodafone and Telecom are planning to roll out 5G as one of the first in EU.

    • Ian says:

      Hyperbaric ozone 10 pass IV has been shown to be one of your best options for lyme. You will most likely need more than 1 session. This is much cheaper in Europe.

  • Nancy says:

    Thank you all for the time and effort put into this series and especially to Mr. Kennedy for his lifetime of exceptional work. I do have a question for Mr. Kennedy….. You stated that a few months ago in Texas it became a felony to protest a pipeline. Which was quiet alarming! I looked at a site called Mother Jones (supposedly independent journalism ), they stated that what the law says is that it is only illegal to cause harm or damage property or trespass, Not to have peaceful protest. I always have people challenge me on my convictions and beliefs regarding the environment and veganism so I must have the facts. Thoughts?

  • Susan says:

    Feeling so appreciative towards all that is being shared (((♥))) Yes we all need to be making a stand for what is right and share the truth. Bless all of you (o/)

  • Nan says:

    Mr Kennedy, you are THE person who gives me hope we will win. The military-industrial complex

    –that your uncle and Eisenhower warned us about back in the 50’s and 60’s,
    –that eliminated your uncle and father, in cohoots with their criminal connections,
    –that is responsible for this 5G nightmare that catalyzes all the other harms (GMO food, unsafe vaccines, etc)

    cannot keep a good man/person down. He/She will keep rising, even if it takes the next generation — in cohoots with an awakening community/humanity. We are on the way together, carrying forward the next step after those taken by others before us, like your father and uncle. Thank you for continuing the legacy and inspiring America and the world again.

  • Janette says:

    Thank you for all you have done and are doing for life, Robert. ASEA redox signaling molecules could be a science to look into for repair of the membranes in our cells, all cells, human, animal, plant. That is one of its many big jobs. They are naturally made in all living creatures’ mitochondria, but our mitochondria wear down with age and with stress as well as get hijacked with metals, chemicals and bugs. I have a hunch at a high amount, it could have a positive effect on the cells of your vocal chords, Robert. There is a Facebook group to look into this more: Redox signaling molecules skin brain sleep genes DNA detox EMF Klinghardt … It is my “go to” when I have to be in rough EMF and Wifi. It works for that and so much more.

  • Pat Keller says:

    Thank you Robert for your stand against the powers that be…keep on keeping on‼️‼️🙌🙌🙌🙌 let’s not stop informing those in the dark about this matter of urgency called 5G let’s rally together to get out how important this message truly is to our children and their health not to mention all of our health.

  • Chris Joseph says:

    I understand if you delete this but these are reasons that I started my website to create printable educational games. Parents, teachers, and students can place the information they wish to study into a chart and print out a game to play with their siblings and friends. Nine different games available to use all free and all of the game parts, rules and an answer key print to play the chosen game. Over 100 games have been created and shared with members. All free with a free membership.

    Thank-you for publishing this webinar.

  • Jane says:

    Big Respect, Bobby Kennedy. You’re our super hero in the 11th hour. May you and yours be protected and blessed and may you continue the good work.

  • Sandy Spencer says:

    I am really concerned about the 5G cell phone towers and Technology without checking in to the long-term health effects or the environmental changes that will take place from very few Studies have been done but are yet noticeable enough that they should be.

  • Alainna Robles says:

    Love Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s talk! Keep up the good work Robert, you are one of the true American heroes left. I’m sure you’re Uncle is proud of you.

  • Roxanne E. says:

    Kennedy is a brilliant man of outstanding principle and integrity, and I applaud all his remarkable and tireless efforts towards exposing the dangers and corruption inherent in vaccines, 5G and much more!

  • Linda says:

    How to say thank you to a member of the Kennedy family that has taken an active roll in humanism. It is truly an honour to listen to his talk. I know that his hands are being tied but he keeps pushing forward that is all any of us can do. bUnited is a way that we can push back only by uniting the mazes will that be possible. There is more power in that than anything else there is more people in the world then there is money.always a better way

  • A. Laielen says:

    The tool to be able to email my representatives about the5gsummit is fantastic. I listened to RFK Jr. first. My hope is that all representatives contacted might also be able to hear his interview, WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION on our behalf of the health of humanity, our ecosystems and that of our democracy. I’d also like info about the 5G summit and RFK Jr.’s interview sent to those that are running for president. Thank you to Josh and Sayer Ji for putting this together.

  • Mona Nilsson says:

    Warm thanks to Mr Robert F. Kennedy Jr for your courageous and honest fight for a better future for our children and our environment. It is so important that you join this 5G fight which is about our survival. Very interesting interview. Thanks also to Josh del Sol for all the great work you do for truth and the benefit of us all. Blessings and best wishes to you from Sweden and the Swedish Radiation Protection Foundation. We are in this fight together. We also fight every day to raise peoples awareness about the hazards of 5G and 4G and WiFi microwave radiation. In Sweden many politicians, the media and the authorities are also owned by the very powerful Big Telecom – the public is disinformed or not informed at all. They are outright lying to and withholding the truth from the public. We have to “Take Back the Power” from Them and spread the Truth. Please also see 245 scientists and medical doctors have now signed the 5G Appeal. http://www.5gappeal.eu

  • Kirsten Maise Pedersen says:

    Thank you so much here from Denmark! For the summit, to Robert Kennedy jr, Devra Davis and all the other amazing people out there on the major front lines. <3
    Last night I sent the link to the summit to the top people within the Danish national tv and radio and asked them if they are going to inform the public. As a public service body they are obligated to
    "ensure the public access to essential community information and debate", which they haven't done so far. On the contrary. And now I will send it to the local city council (Vejle) before I watch the next interview. So if you will excuse me… 😉

  • Thursa Wilde says:

    Can this be shared to Facebook – if not us the listener, then you guys. It needs to be shared widely. Great information thanks.

  • CaptTurbo says:

    While I love RFK Jr, I would caution him that we do not have a democracy. We have a Democratic republic. Our elected crooks in government want you to forget that and for your children never to learn that.

  • Deb says:

    Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge! Having access to this information can help us educate in our community even if it starts on a 1 to 1 basis!

  • Cat Gregory says:

    Thank you Mr. Kennedy for all your important work! You are right on all points…AND I especially agree to get money out of politics ASAP!!! I am shocked at where we are now, and wonder what happened to common sense in America? Sadly, looks like greed is taking over all our health options…glyphosate & other chemicals destroying our food, environment, and our health…forced dangerous vaccinations…and 5G dangers and more. I hope common sense returns before its too late!

  • Holly O says:

    I cannot get enough of these summits. We are so blessed to be connected enough to see that we are not alone in our fears and worries in regards to our safety and future. I am so for people like you, Mr. Kennedy, for putting yourself out there to do what is right. I pray God keeps you safe and that your wealth of knowledge continues to spread around this world until the 5G crisis comes to an end and long after!

  • Leslie Taylor says:

    Five months ago I sent out 1600 emails to individuals (anyone I could think of) giving them a brief description of and link to Senator Blumenthal’s informative briefing with science and technology journalist, Blake Levitt about 5G technology. Robert Kennedy’s talk was most informative as to how politically something like this could possibly have gotten this far and why citizens can’t just look the other way. I live in Boise, Idaho and these hideous 5G mega towers are up all over the city. Thank you Robert Kennedy!

  • Linda Anderson Moyer says:

    I want to alert you that FB is not allowing (me at least) to share this summit link. The FB message states it is outside of the community standards. I did not add any information that would trigger such a message. Just want you to know! I was able to share the link to many groups on the MeWe social media without incident.

  • Betsy Fox says:

    Amazing content from this talk…we all sure do need to work together to reverse not only 5G but also the erosion of our rights and freedoms…that is most frightening of all. Thanks to Mr. Kennedy for boldly talking about the illegal tactics used by people in big corporations and in high government offices…we all need to wake up and start taking responsibility and working to take our power back. Thanks to all the organizers and speakers of this summit for being leaders and movers and shakers for all of us!

  • Much love and gratitude to you, Josh, Sayer, Mr. Kennedy, other esteemed speakers and production team for bringing this powerful summit to the forefront. SO strong, professional and jam-packed with timely, credible content. REALLY appreciated the ability to easily and quickly share the template notice of liability to local legislators as well…

    Bravo and kudos and congratulations!

  • Galina says:

    Hello, thank you for doing such a great things as this summit.
    I have one question:
    Shungite stone: will it protect if we put it on cell phones and next to router?
    Thank you

  • The represenatives of the 5G-industry answered in the video on the question: “Have there been any tests, if the 5G-radiation is dangerous?” with “No”. That is a lie. They have done many tests an k n o w , that it is harmful. They want damage to harvest LUST . They are LUSTdamagemakers with ppp-disorder. playing pranks program – disorder. See http://www.LUSTdamagemakers-screened.jaaaa.net . The same with vaccines: they use the BMR-vaccine to damage health and life of children. They want damage http://www.A.jaaaa.net

    Wenn deutlich geworden ist, dass Leute aus einer bestimmten Gruppe Nachkommen der Killermenschen vom Kaukasus sind, Nachkommen der Attila-Hunnen aus den Geschichtsbüchern, jetzt deutlich nach Verneblung früher durch die Länge der Zeit, dann sollten wir statt Vertrauen Vorsicht walten lassen.

    Wenn obendrein deutlich wird, dass diese Gruppe, teils untergetaucht und in Guerrilla-Kleidung, selbst ständig mit Killerspielen beschäftigt war und beschäftigt ist, mit Kriegsspielen, mit false flag-Aktionen, mit Troja-Pferd-Spielen, mit 9/11-Spielen und MH17-Spielen, dann sollten alle Alarmglocken zu läuten beginnen. Wahrscheinliche Erblichkeit der Spiel-Anlage. Erblinie über 2000 Jahre. Defektes Gen wird durchvererbt und erzeugt ppp-disorder, Leute ohne Gewissen, süchtige Leute, die von der Schadenfreude leben. Sie verstecken ihre Lustanfälle. Aber das gelingt nicht immer. Bobachte den Mund! Die Zentrale dieser gefährlich kranken Leute sitzt in der BIS-Bank in Basel. Das Rothschild-Rockefeller-Nest! Das müssen wir ausräuchern. Die sitzen hinter 5G und Chemtrails und Kriegsspielen und ähnlichen Erscheinungen. Nur wenn wir die Kernmannschaft dieser Teufelsmenschen packen und ins Gefängnis setzen, bekommen wir die Dinge in den Griff.

    Die Wissenschaft hat ppp-disorder untersucht und verstanden.

    5G-antennas are a direct attack on our health and on our life. So we have the right to put them away. We do´nt tolerate them. To tolerate weapon-like tools is weakness.

  • Therese Dugan-Phillips says:

    I am a mother, a teacher, a person who has multiple sclerosis, and I think it is extremely concerning how the telecommunication companies are ramrodding this through with so little conversation.

    I have been studying the way that energy waves of all kinds affect the body. The more I learn about the cells response to energy waves the more I am extremely concerned with the damage that is being done to the population and especially to the children who are just developing their neural networks. Kids, and adults, have a grown-up with a fascination of light sabers, lasers, and energy weapons from all the space movies. Cellular technology and wireless technology is just a part of that whole genre and widely excepted. But there is very little understanding of how the actual science of energy really affects a living thing.

    The telecommunication companies and the governments officials all know that people are fascinated with the next best thing regarding technology. And they feel that people will just immediately buy the next version of a tech gadget. They know that very few people will actually have any understanding about how the energy waves really work. And they are counting on the fact that people really don’t care.

    It is going to be up to the grass roots organizations to educate and hold accountable both the people and the elected officials. Thank God this is actually being discussed through this program And I hope more programs like this 5G summit are developed.

  • Holly says:

    What an amazing man. He stands for truth and is speaking out against our disappearing health, freedom-democracy. We need to stop lobbyists from corrupting our government. We absolutely need to stop the satellites being launched with 5G and get the truth out. Thank-you and all who have so far spoken and for championing truth and integrity.

  • janie says:

    Thank you Mr. Kennedy for all that you do and all that you are continuing to do. Since I am a retired Pediatric RN. I am especially thankful for all the hard work you did about the vaccine crisis awareness. May God Bless you and your family.

  • Megan says:

    Those who ignore our rights and our reasonable concerns, who seek to override our sovereignty and presume ownership and directorship of this world cannot be trusted.
    By their methods we can know them, before we are poisoned by their fruits.

  • Jessica says:

    We absolutely need to organize against Chemtrails and 5G. Please check out on Facebook-Chemtrails Fightback. We’ll be hosting a phone conference on September 8th; where we’ll be discussing health issues; what’s going on in our area& and what we can do to stop the assault.

  • Susan S., freelance medical writer says:

    “Apiary” is mispelled “aviary” in the transcript. An apiary is a row of beehives. An aviary is birdhouses. Kennedy is talking about bees, not birds.

  • Roxanne says:

    ***PLEASE everyone, in addition to signing the embedded activism action, please also sign and share:


  • Pietro Crivelli says:

    I want to thank Robert F.Kennedy Jr., for all he’s doing to help defend wild life and human life. I admire him. For his dedication in raising the consciousness and the respect for this world’ creation.

  • Mary J Nelson says:

    Thank you, Robert, for your efforts. It helps that your name is so recognizable. More will read than a John Doe talking would

  • Mary J Nelson says:

    Thank you Mr. Kennedy for your efforts.

  • Mary J Nelson says:

    Thank you for your efforts.

  • Mary J Nelson says:

    Thank you.

  • Tom C. says:

    I love the Bobby Jr. is as opposed to 5G as to poisonous vaccines. And I love that the transcript is here. But I’ve only found 3 transcripts of any of the 42 talks. Is there any chance the other 39 will be available?

  • Jessica says:

    Please check out on Facebook: Chemtrails Fightback. We have monthly phone conference where we discuss health issues and organizing strategies; concerning not just Chemtrails, but 5G, too as they are connected. Sadly, we hosted a phone conference tonight open to those on this 5G summit and had 0 callers. Wow, what does this say about those attending this summit? We will try once more Sunday, Sept. 15th at 8:30pm EST. I hope people understand the real threat these things are to our existence and take some responsibility before it’s too late. Already 40% of all arable land is eroded worldwide and 80% of pollinating animals are gone. Albert Einstein actually said when the bees die, so do humans. 30 years ago, we entered the 6th largest extinction period in history. When is the last time you have seen a bee let alone a beehive? Both Geoengineering and 5G are currently leading us to the 7th largest, where humankind is next. 1/2 of all Americans including children according to official CDC records suffer from at least 1 chronic illness. The elite are building underground cities. Why? They may go underground, but neither we nor our children will. 5G is a military weapon. Get on the call to learn about these topics and more.

  • Info and solutions to environmental stressors like air pollution (smog, chemtrails, Fukushima radiation), lighting pollution (CFLs, LEDs), and EMF pollution (including 5G) here:


    Best wishes to all!

  • Order 5G Crisis: Awareness & Accountability Summit Today!