Science About Wireless and 5Gwith Sharon Goldberg, MD


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • EMFs, diabetes, mental illness and suicide 
  • Refuting industry and government statements
  • Common misconceptions about EMFs

Guest Expert

Sharon Goldberg, MD

Sharon Goldberg, MD, is an internal medicine physician with an interest in the health effects of electromagnetic fields. Her background includes 15 years as an academic hospital medicine physician and medical educator responsible for the training of medical students and resident physicians at teaching hospitals in New York and at the University of Miami. Dr. Goldberg’s clinical interests include dietary, lifestyle and environmental modifications in complex chronic disease. She has co-authored publications in the fields of dietary supplementation, autonomic nervous system assessment and nutritional epidemiology. She is also an editorial board member of Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine.

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  • Dr mike says:

    Goldberg raises a smokescreen of ethical reasons for why a straightforward test of whether background microwave or other radiation is not feasible, and proposes we look at remediation effects instead, i.e. reduce background and somehow measure health improvement. one can imagine a lot of effort put into shielding to set this up, introducing a lot of variables & uncertainties that muddy any result. Simpler would be to take a volunteer, a scientist say who does not subscribe to the view that household radiation is harmful, and run a double blind experiment in which existing sources of radiation amenable to being increased are simply doubled in power, at random times, with no change in the setup in the home. A null result would, surely, be of particular interest.

    • Kelley Eidem says:

      Dr. Goldberg’s reasoning is not a smokescreen! It would be highly unethical to expose any human – regardless of their beliefs – to the sort of test you propose because time after time objectively verifiable studies on animals have shown us that the exposure is indeed harmful. Sometimes the harmful effects are not reversible. It’s shocking that you would make a proposal like this if you are a doctor of medicine.

      • Steve says:

        I agree .!! This problem is caused entirely by a lack of informed consent … who would want to be a turkey voting for thanksgiving?! But if you are not aware of the danger you can be microwaved into oblivion and not realize the cause of your demise. She was also saying that the doctors are en masse totally oblivious to the health hazards that are produced by electromagnetic technologies?!
        Ignorance is the cause of many problems !!! I will vote for thanks giving even though I am on the menu ??’!!??

    • Su says:

      By “smokescreen” are you implying Dr. Goldberg MD is LYING?

      What are you a doctor of ? No scientist would volunteer for unnecessary MMR / EMR / RF radiation exposure experiment. Or maybe YOU would like to volunteer…

      Are you an investor in telecom companies who is looking to make a killing in profits from gov contracts, etc.?

      • Dr mike says:

        For what its worth, I lecturer on electromagnetism at a major university. Naturally, I should be perfectly happy to volunteer as the subject of the experiment I proposed, that i am confident would do me no measurable harm. I’m sure Dr Goldberg is sincere. I shall say however that a scientist should be careful of their reputation, should they have any truck with the right-wing conspiracy practices of the publishers of the Epoch Times.

        • Nikki says:

          And perhaps you, Dr. Mike, should take stock in your own comments regarding “right-wing” conspiracy theories. Any one of these good experts or individuals participating in this summit I am sure are confident, not just “sincere” in their profession and the obvious science behind it, as well as participants like myself, who have and are experiencing the effects of EMF on our own bodies. It is most doubtful, therefore, with all the experts speaking daily, that anyone is going to take stock in your comment trying to de-bunk this whole summit. I am an elementary teacher and had researched all the pertinent information myself, about 5G, way before having heard of this summit. It certainly takes no rocket science to connect the dots with all the available research from the past, to date. A pity you will continue to teach and protect this harmful exposure to the masses.

        • Phil says:

          Maybe your own reputation is at stake since you are a lecturer on electromagnetism and perhaps that is the politically correct approach during these difficult times of job insecurity.

    • steve says:

      What about putting the politicians and tech company characters in the microwave zone …. they can party until they drop !!

  • James says:

    It’s a money thing. Healthy people are not profitable for the moneyed controllers.

  • Alan Brunton says:

    Contact me of how the Cymatrax technology can make the 5G network healthier without changing the quality of delivery of the network. The scientific documentation used to develop this comes from clinical trials by MIT, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Harvard and Oxford. This filtering process has potential to treat ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological disorders.

  • Laura says:

    I am EMF sensitive – can you recommend a brand or phone with the low SAR that you are referring to – I am not aware where to get one – I am in Canada, Alberta

    • Su says:

      Find a 4G flip-phone with a earbud jack…and good luck finding it.
      OTOH, Older model iphones have earbud jacks, with software version 7.1.2. These are the smaller iphones from several years back

    • amy says:

      the doro is one that i will buy

    • Manfred says:

      Low SAR does not really help.
      The connection has to be established from your phone to the basic station. In the vicinity of your head or body the radiation is always much to high. There is no protection if you have instead of 1 mill µW/m² 400 000 µW/m². The recommendation for sleeping rooms is not more than 10 µW/m².

  • Charles says:

    I know somone who studied the effects of microwaves for the army in the ’70s and this person was silenced after proving it was harmful. Information lately started circulating that many pandemics of the last century happened when thr army was testing different RF. They sent their own pilot, people who wanted to give their lives to defend fellow humans and freedom, right through nuclear radiation clouds to measure the effects on them!

    On a different note, iPhones do emit the highest RF, SAR-wise, and the newer ones are so high, you’d be worried it could be a weapon… Of course they’re 5G ready!

  • Su says:

    A utube vid with Dr. Martin Pall explains –Voltage gated calcium channels, VGCC’s– in your living human body cells. This relates to “housekeeping functions” of your body that Dr. Goldberg refers to here

  • Charles says:

    I live in a big city and I am deeply concerned when I’m using public transit loaded with cell phones, many streaming, many using newer devices, many unaware that the one of latest has made all antennae turn on on their own, if not disabled manually, all of this in a metal box that acts like the shell of a microwave oven.

    I was unaware that my apartment had 3 smart meters on the adjacent wall when I first moved in and I didn’t have a wired internet connection then. I had this crazy experience where it felt like I was heavily sedated and depossessed of my thinking faculties using my phone near the smart meters. It gave me a taste as of to which extent this technology can reach in the control of our minds on a physiological level, (socially, is not even a question).

    I think that most adult people who lived before wireless telecom who are humble, honest and in touch with themselves can attest to some form of mental/emotional/pĥysical decline, I felt zapped many times, I do feel it in my eyes in public transit from time to time, and I use to be sharp as an arrow and now find myself mixing up dates, miscaculating or mistyping a lot!

    • Ann says:

      Sounds like you really need to move out of there. I moved from a similar situation and my health improved very much.

    • Patricia Ormsby says:

      You’re not alone. What you are experiencing I have been seeing recently in rural Japan. Smart utility meters were brought in to our village last year (and, pollinators, several bird species and cats disappeared). All of the mostly elderly people around me have had more and more trouble concentrating since then. In late February, something new got turned on in our village, probably 5G for testing–the government is being secretive about its rollout and other details. All the people around me started acting depressed, having difficulty concentrating on conversations. A very meticulous priest started making large mistakes in his ceremonies. He says he gets flustered and then forgets where he is in the ceremony. In March one friend was hospitalized with heart valve trouble. She and her husband both walk with a stoop now. It was like a 20 year advance in age over the course of three months. They still feel sorry for me because I cannot tolerate the smart meter on the meeting house…
      A nice, nice man living across the street from us had a fit late one night two weeks ago, went out to the forest and hanged himself. Note that our community is quite isolated both socially and physically, and has not been touched by the pandemic yet.

  • Su says:

    21:00 The epidemic of suicide of taxi drivers is due to Uber and LYFT stealing their business, not just a USA problem, either. Uber drivers don’t have same certification or license fees that before-Uber taxis had to pay…

  • Ann says:

    So tired of getting small radiation burns from my phone. Also seems like about 50% of my neighbors turn off their wifi at night. Looks like turning wifi off at night is becomming more main stream. I vaguely recall a news story piece on TV where this may have been given as a tip for sleeping better at night.


    Thank you everyone for the above comments. I forwarded this interview to a few of my friends who might pay attention to it. I agree with Dr. Goldberg.

    I experienced now 5 times “eye strain” followed by disturbing “vertigo” or dizziness that lasted for 1 hour afterward, using my iphone. First time 2018, then a couple of times this year 2020 followed by the previous 3 weekends-the reaction only persisted after one incident that i did not want to repeat. I put 2 and 2 together and turned off my television. I’m afraid to turn off my wifi because what do i need to do to receive a call? its the only phone I have now-the 8plus Iphone.

    My consideration is to get a landline NOT connected to Spectrum-completely independent. Not sure how to do that.

    I ordered the TriField Meter from Amazon. I expect to get it on Monday or Tuesday next week to be able to check everything in myhome.

    • Patricia Ormsby says:

      The older Trifield Meter I have is no good for radiofrequency radiation. It wouldn’t register unless I held it a foot away from a cell phone in use, when I was able to feel effects at six feet. I hear the latest model is good, however. I use Cornet for seeking out problematic equipment and Acousticom for carrying with me to check EMF levels.

    • Maria says:

      I switch off WiFi completely at night and some time during the day. You can have your phone off or on airplane mode for long hours and just connect for a few hours a day -if someone really wants to reach us they’ll leave a message! We didn’t need to be contactable 24/7 before mobile phones, we were more reliable (like when we arranged to meet someone) and had better memories -I still remember phone numbers from my childhood and adolescent but don’t know my dad’s or my partners mobile numbers!

    • Su says:

      get a phone that has an earbud plug-in jack, so you don’t hold the fon against your head. I doubt latest ifon has that. Android pixel3a does, but its a lousy phone if you don’t have “data plan”. Old ifons with software 7.1.2 work on a 4G network; has earbud jack.


    By the way, Does anyone know how to turn off wifi? just shut the switch? I surrounded the wireless router and modem with aluminum foil last night as well as the cable box and I had the best night of sleep in years.
    I’m hoping I can do this because if someone needs to reach me in the evening and the wifi is turned off, I wont be able to be reached. Is this so?

    • Charles says:

      Enter your router settings by typing it’s IP address in any browser’s address bar. Depending on how many networked devices you have connected, it’s usually or 192.168.1/2/3… . 1/2/3… That is to switch wifi on and off but when it’s off it means that you can’t be reached by wifi. The phone carrier is not using wifi, it uses cellular network.

      Can anyone tell us what really happens when we cover a wireless device with tinfoil? My guess id that it emits way more power to try to transmit a signal if there is any leak…

      • Patricia Ormsby says:

        That would be my guess too. One skill I hope to pick up will be disabling wireless devices in necessary equipment such as corded telephones and refrigerators. Industry seems to be shielded from requests for wired devices and assumes everyone wants the convenience of wireless and smart devices, so they increasingly provide no choice and it can be impossible to find safe equipment. When you ask, the salesmen roll their eyes.

        • Su says:

          If you have Verizon fios with indoor router, on any calls with Vz reps, they are obviously ignorant about wifi EMR in a home. I suspect they’ve been schooled to sell the 5G tech as the best thing ever. Qualcomm runs ads in WashPost DC promoting 5G as the best life, esp. if you work at home.

    • Nikki says:

      Just an FYI that the same company I mentioned before, Defender Shield, does sell router covers, as well and allows the router to keep connecting with wifi without the harmful EMF’s.


    Does anyone know of good shield around the Iphone? I’m not ditching it yet as its the only phone I own.
    I know there were suggestions early in the summit that made suggestions, but I cant seem to find the info.

    • Carol says:

      I ordered a safe sleeve case for both my phone & ipad, & I hope it’s protecting me! One of my friends just got a bag made of some metallic material for her phone, but idk what that’s called..

    • Nikki says:

      Hi Margaret, I like the Dedender Shield products. I came across them when becoming interested in an educational company about EMF, founded by a family man, Christian Thomas. This is one of the companies he highly recommended. I plan to buy one of the cell phone Faraday bags or a cell phone wallet/case duo. I have already bought an EMF blanket and am at this moment, wearing the Blue Blocker glasses for cell phone and computer use. So far, the products have been superb.

  • Arthur Wilson says:

    Thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Do you know about this YouTube video “Illegal Scanners Antennas for 5g found in street lights….ANTHONY STEELE (10m29)”. I find this rather disturbing. Thank you.

  • beth says:

    As soon as you start saying to people that EMF does cause harm and there is scientific evidence to prove it, they start giving you a really bad look, like you are a hippy and not educated enough. It is really hard to get people to look and believe the evidence. Yes, I agree in medical school there just is not time to get this EMF stuff in, as I have seen in numerous of my physician friends- they think I am crazy when I even allude to this. Even my engineer husband does not believe me and keeps turning on the wifi even after I keep disconnecting it in the morning. Its definitely a struggle.

    • Ray says:

      i disconnect my Wi-fi booster at night. I plug it back in in the morning.

    • susan higgins says:

      never get weary from your path of educating those stuck in a treadmill of convenience…they also said that the world was flat! I find that showing dermatological diseases associated with chronic autoimmune disease is an eye opener for those stuck. Show them some photos of cutanous T cell lymphoma, all thought to be autoimmune and then find ONE single scientific study that you yourself can understand…it is different for each person, but there are sufficient studies that can be copied and handed out to those learned folks with their heads in the sand. If drastic steps are needed, find articles on the SKY IS FALLING or NO SAFE PLACE…you will come up with a myriad of horrific, end of world type of information….no hype, no media sensation, just the facts. The Southern States experienced massive bird deaths with no explained cause…this is also useful information.

    • Maria says:

      I’ve been silenced constantly and told all sorts of things, including that I’m ignorant!

    • Su says:

      You can hard-wire all your e-devices in your home. Husband doesn’t want to?
      PCs and laptops can be ethernet connected, not wireless…Watch Jerry Day’s replay, or minivanjack channel on Utube.

  • Steve says:

    This is an excellent collection of information that can guide humanity away from a catastrophic future into a future of health and abundance ….. along with all the creatures and plant life. It is of imperative importance that this knowledge becomes the mainstream understanding of health and technology… !!

  • Katja Juscha Grunther says:

    Thank you so much for your experience, expertise, and thoughts on this issue. Is there any chance you could email me the name of the Naval Medical Research Institute document that was cited in this interview at 11 min 33 seconds? I would like to gather irrefutable evidence and begin to distribute it to my community…I know you’ll have a ton on your plate, but maybe you could direct me to a link that will offer this and other govt documents referenced at this Summit for download?

    Thank you. Bless you. Grateful…

  • Nattolie Chilton says:

    Interested to know if the airport scanners Dr. Buttar mentioned has 5G microwaves in them…we always OPT-OUT realizing they are of a harmful spectrum. For anyone who didn’t hear that info- ask to opt out and go a little early.

  • Delores Treat-Guy says:

    Dr. Goldberg, Thank you 😊 🇺🇸 ❤️ for pointing out how the FCC is not protecting us 😡 with guidelines, and how the FDA expects human studies 👿 as proof of harmful microwave radiation exposure, with references; + S/S of EMF exposure! ☺️

  • Suzannah Long says:

    I am very confused about how to buy any of these talks to be able to share. Is there someone I can speak with?

    • Robin says:

      All you need to do is click on the button that says Order Today (like the one below this comments section).

  • Bev says:

    I have had trouble with EMF for many years and have cleaned up my home, did heavy metal cleanses, remediated and put computer on hard wire ethernet, and been on supplement for 5 years and the disease itself seems to change paths. The first few years I had diarrhea alot and dizziness and vertigo. But even after cleaning up my environment and 5 years out ended up in the hospital with sick sinus syndrome. This was after passing out over the last 9 years many times. I believe this is related to EMF because of the bradycardia, tachycardia and pauses. Will it just keep getting worse?

    • Roz Banes says:

      Sorry Bev! Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time! Technology can really cause a lot of damage!

    • susan higgins says:

      I sincerely ask that you consider alternative medicine…high dose vitamin therapy has been known since the middle ages to counteract illness. Some functional medicine folks say they have regimens which can at least get you up and walking in the midst of being poisoned by artificial energy and artificial foods. There are on line seminars like this one for free to help you find something other than hospital visits and high exposures to microwaves.

    • Fledgling Friend says:

      Have you checked for mold?

    • Shirley Joy Jackson says:

      Bev, as a sensitive who visited multiple doctors and 3-university clinics for the “odd inconsistent” variety of symptoms, I have the utmost respect for any anti-oxidant/cleanse regimes. But they are a slow “chemical” restoration, important but slow. The 3 items that turned my life around very quickly, or gave me immense power and confidence were:

      (1) BUILDING BIOLOGY. This was chronologically the third thing I did. Now that I know about it, I always recommend the education that you will get with a good consultation. The assessment results and personal education are superb. I contracted with a building biologist consultant to identify ALL of the EMF exposures in my life (home, car, outside and typical life places) and then “take the coaching” and reduce and shield where necessary.
      By the time Diana Schultz BBEC & Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist was through measuring my home, I was able to actually discern the feelings and take appropriate actions.

      I was so tired of big-wig doctors either telling me I was “an N of one” (meaning a crazy lady because no one has anything like this going on with them) or offering me strong drugs to blunt my symptoms. Since I had been a research project manager, after two years of medical inquiries, I finally built my own data-base, and took data ever 15 minutes on time, symptoms, ratings of symptoms, environment, and activities. Still didn’t know about EMFs, but learned that time on my cathode ray computer screen at night would reliable cause a seizure as I drifted off to sleep that night. I discovered that the post office, with its low ceiling and fluorescent lights brought on tremors. That gave me confidence that I could listen to myself and that even if no one else in the world knew what was going on, I could find out and take actions that would improve my life for sure.

      (3) MOST DRAMATIC & LONG TERM SUPPORTIVE: The energy medicine work of Donna Eden and her cohorts, practitioners and training. Faculty Dr Melanie Smith, Ellen Meredith, Madison King, and now hundreds of other classmates.
      A friend had gone to a Donna Eden energy medicine conference and showed me their simply ‘daily routine.’ I had taken a year’s leave from work to try and figure out things via my ‘data base’ – so I was heavily into rigorous tracking. Dang, by the 3rd day of doing the 10 minute energy routine, my symptoms were like 50% better! Remember, I was eagle-eyeing everything about my day in order to try and discern a pathway to my old resilient self. I had no expectation of that 10-minutes of moving my hands around my body could possible do that, but that’s what happened.
      I was so excited and wanted to learn more for myself. I signed up for Donna’s next conference. It was held in a hotel across the state. Since I still hadn’t been educated about EMFs, I didn’t anticipate the dramatic breakdown I would experience. The conference started Thursday afternoon. I introduced myself to one of the teaching assistants, Dr Melanie Smith, an acupuncture physician who was also on the Eden faculty. I told her about my ‘miraculous improvement’ with the daily routine and she told me she was sure I’d be thrilled with the training Donna would provide through the conference.
      As the evening went on though, I became somehow, more and more muted, like I was detached from all that was going on, No pain, just detached. Then the evening ended. Maybe two or three hundred people left with only the group of teaching assistants left in the back of the room. I tried to get up and just didn’t seem to be able to move. I gathered my wits and planned how to push up, pull up, drag my lead-filled legs along the row of chairs and lean on each row to make my way back to the group. I tried to call out to them as I got closer, and found I couldn’t talk. What I know know, is that the hotel’s WiFi, something I didn’t have at home, was just flooding my system.
      Dr Melanie noticed me and asked my if I needed help. I just pushed air up from my diaphragm through my throat and said with great effort, “I…can’t…talk.” She sat me down and called the others around just saying, we have a case of major reactivity here. She held my forehead and temples and directed the others to put their fingers near my elbows, knees, and feet. Literally, ten minutes later, I could talk and I could walk. She walked with me through the lobby, told me to remember to do my routine in the morning before coming to class, but I was fine.

      Needless to say, I took the two year training course. Donna and her colleagues have a core value – to empower everyone in learning about the awesome capacities we have to balance our own energies. Needless to say, I highly recommend getting help AND learning from any one of those many practitioners who share Donna’s core perspectives that grow out of the human awareness of the energetic fields that ancients have know about for a long long time and (like biofield presenter, Beverly Rubik), we are now rediscovering with modern instruments.

      Do I have days when something new ‘hits me’ – YES. But do I have the confidence and the skills to rebalance myself… ABSOLUTELY YES.

  • Roz Banes says:

    Dr. Goldberg is so passionate about helping others. So much information! Well presented!
    Thank you for your time!

  • Christina Sanders says:

    Am I the only one to be totally aghast thinking about the effects of all the radiation to police officers and the tragedy that has unfolded in the last week with George Floyd? Would anyone who is monitoring these comments for Health Means be able to reach out to the Defense team for the officer now charged with murder??? How many lives have been lost or ruined from workplace radiation? My husband was a cop 17 yrs ago and I am
    Pretty certain his significant health issues were triggered by all the gadgets on his person and in his car and working nights. Our first responders put their own health and lives on the line EVERY DAY. Not to mention the hospital employees that I would imagine are bombarded by all the equipment in hospitals. Maybe the reason so many people
    Die or get infections in hospitals is because of the bacteria and viruses being activated in the high electric smog environment of hospitals.

    • susan higgins says:

      I hope this gives you some comfort…I have been traveling and documenting the loss of wildlife as a direct result of artificial energy forms for 10 years and its implication to human health. Along the way, I have spoken to numerous police officers, highway patrol, and certainly the linemen way up the poles with WIFI hats. They are always given a good and sturdy 30 minute lecture on the hazards of their gadgets. They were all pleasantly polite and promised to move their cell phones and stuff away from their bodies. I had to assure them that I had passed a CR35 to prove to them that I was not some whacko. ONLY reticent folks have been the firefighters who insist that wireless prevents crimes. ALL have confessed privately after being assured of anonymity that they have genuine concerns for their health. I give them websites such as take back your power for answers to their worries.

  • Eve says:

    What Dr. Goldberg was saying about the human experiments, is if we can’t do the study oh humans, in controlled environment, and release the technology, we are exposing people — everyone– in uncontrolled environments.

    These are some of the most important documents: In this NASA document, see that EMR has effects on micro-organisms )think coronavirus)See p. 94.

    In this one, we see that the military wants to use 5G to spy on “adversaries,” but what if the “adversaries” are innocent American civilians — there is a they can also weaponize the system. There is a ton of evidence for innocent Americans being targeted with direct energy weapons right now by the government.

    And here is a link to the first document Dr. Goldberg showed. The gov’t knows… share with Senators and Reps.

    We must all call for a hard-cabled fiber optic end-to-end infrastructure, and we can bring back modern phone booths. Radiation being illegal except for 0191911 emergencies.

  • Someone says:

    I wonder what kind of connection can be drawn between covid19 occurring at the same time 5G towers were turned on in China?

    • Nikki says:

      I’ve wondered that, as well. I would like to hear some possible medical/science link to that, should there be one?

  • sunlight says:

    MSM does not cover any issues with a conflict of interest of their advertizers, including big pharma, big chemical, big telecom, big ag. The press has stopped using the former mandatory criteria for most stories to be explored at least with a sentence by every reporter–how does news story impact the average reader? We need to complain that the connection to the story is not being linked to its impact upon us as the audience.

  • sunlight says:

    US Rep. Adam Schiff contacted Amazon, Google, FaceBook, and other social media with questions about increasing their censorship and control over content in early 2019, which in my opinion could be interpreted as intimidating. The people who began to be censored on social media afterwards included hundreds of natural doctors as well as MDs, PhDs, and other highly educated people who had produced videos and written books that were documentaries available in the library system. From my viewpoint, it appeared that the bulk of the censorship involved natural healing that big pharma wanted to disappear from its competition, the vaccine science and vaccine court history about vaccine injuries that big vaccine wanted to disappear, the safety science about energy modalities (pipelines, centralized electrical grids and lines, EMFs and microwaves) in which local decision-making appears to have been usurped by refusal to accept and consider adverse health effects as legitimate–all matters of truth that was being presented more in less with scientific references and justification as being issues of genuine concern pertaining to health and safety. Then, the MSM made references that “conspiracy theorists” and those promoting “misinformation” were being censored without discussing the actual people, except naming the President frequently. At first I ignorantly believed that some loose nuts were being censored. Then I gradually found out it was intelligent thinking people who were objecting to corporate power grabs surrounded by lies in order to roll out agendas that did not prioritize the people’s interests.

    We need to speak up that those who fact-check using biased and selective information for private unstated agendas should not be relied upon as arbitrators of truth. Games of semantics are being played. If “biometric” is the chosen word for a technology, and if someone uses the word “chip,” then the fact-checker has been found censoring this content and labeling the author as providing “misinformation” and as being a “conspiracy theorist” based on what I view to be pure semantic choice. This is an attack on political free speech by fact-checkers. Regardless of our political tendencies, we should defend those who complain publicly that this an attack on political free speech, because that is the actual reality.

    The truth is more complex than fact-checkers admit, particularly when those fact-checkers do not understand that all things remain on the table under consideration in rigorous science until they are proven to not be causal. As a result, I have found the fact-checkers to be anti-science and promoting “misinformation” and “lies” and “anti-science.” The fact-checkers are linking with emotional currents created within ads of propaganda in order to get away this objectionable censorship of scientific thinking where all causes remain on the table until debated sufficiently with agreed upon evidence. The industry does not get to blanket state that there are no known health effects in MSM, and when someone shows the science on social media they should not be censored, put in FaceBook jail for 3 days while the content is removed, and very general ironic misleading comments made elsewhere that FaceBook is removing “misleading” content.

    There are few matters that should be censored: calls for actual violence, swearing and obscenities, attacks against a person rather than concepts and thinking, and violations of the privacy of others who are not public officials or major decision-makers. All else falls under freedom of speech and freedom of political speech.

    • susan higgins says:

      speaking with learned social psychiatrists, the current censorship movement is akin to 1938 fascist Germany and the 1950s mccarthy era in the United States.

    • stop dividing us says:

      To Sunlight: Adm Schiffty is a vile politician, and a big proponent of forced vaccinations. Not, your friend or mine. You should leave your politics out of this discussion, the rest of what you said would be better off without it.

  • Lynne says:

    Is this the same 5 G Summit that was broadcast lat year or 2018? Does anyone know?

  • John says:

    Best way to educate is sharing by email and other non censoring apps!

  • Golden Age says:

    I loved your diplomacy and honesty. Thank you for your expertise. We need more people in high places who are aware of the truth to help implement a harmful technology safely and who have the goodness of humanity in their hearts. What is baffling is that it is so “obvious” that humanity requires better and much healthier technology, the research has been already done. Any company, dismissing or refusing to see the evidence doesn’t make the information any less valuable; but, alas, as we all know, there is another agenda. God bless.

  • Michel says:

    Often when you go online you’ll find things such as: “There is no evidence that cellphones radiation is harmful, at all!” Yet another really good talk and I’d like to thank you for all information that is being made available! I’d like to think that your summit will motivate people to get involved. I am!

  • Phil says:

    Thank you Sharon and Josh.

  • susan higgins says:

    Regarding young people, in the recent so-called pandemic, poor students with no wired internet at home were handed WIFI devices and sent home to finish their course work with wireless internet. Their mothers had the most complaints from skin rashes to headaches to visits to the ER. ALL interviewees were on section 8 housing. Universities will threaten expulsion if students do not use their inhouse wireless system. Community colleges likewise depend upon wireless for literally everything and even in 1998 preschoolers attended visits to libraries where they were introduced to books via the internet. The classic statement by those under 25 when asked about school in general, “I do not worry, I have spell checker and the cloud.”

  • angela says:

    How to protect from 4g in trains ?

  • Pete says:

    Josh, I’ve been trying to watch the 5G Summit, I say trying because I am unable to spend 6 plus hours a day in front of my computer to watch 6 interviews daily. The 24 hour availability is not long enough. I’m only seeing 3 interviews a day and missing out on much of the information your trying to make us aware of. Perhaps others have like issue.

  • Cheryl says:

    Thank you, Dr. Goldberg, your passionate care and concern for people’s health is beautiful to witness – and so essential at this time.

  • Maria says:

    Excellent talk -completely agree with everything she said. I wish there were more doctors like her! Thanks

  • Jim says:

    The information has been very useful, but it was done in 2019. It would be interesting to have some comments from some of these experts about the current situation with the pandemic and the possible relationship. I’d also like to see more information about how the satellites connect with the small cell platforms.

    • Anita (Summit Team) says:

      Hi Jim – there was a livestream event with experts last Thursday which brought the 5G discussion completely up-to-date, building off of the foundation established by the expert talks from the 5G Summit. You can check it out here if you missed it:

  • Patsy Cushing says:

    So, perhaps it is worth considering that the extraodinary growth in emotional disconnect and SNS response to the raising of a hand or reaching into a pocket within our police force is directly related to the increased EMF exposure they are getting form phones and cameras carried directly on the sternum ~

  • Rich says:

    Did I miss it but has Mr Trump and co made sure of deliberately not talking about 5G?
    Is the real reason for the ‘lockdown’ to facilitate the continued 5G rollout? And is the ‘virus’ the cover story for the expected adverse health effects from 5G and ALL other wireless tech? If you are watching this then the actual facts strongly suggest this to be true. Facts plus the dots = Good luck
    everyone as (you must know) THEY have absolutely no intention of stopping anything at all. $$$$$$

  • Martha says:

    Thank you very much for this wonderful panel of experts . You have information I had no idea was it there . It is a 100 star rating 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

  • J. Nayer Hardin says:

    Profound gratitude to all who participated in producing and speaking at this world changing event. I saw her short presentation in front of congress and am so grateful to be able to experience her here in this forum. I can’t wait to read The Biological Effects of Microwaves – there is a free .pdf on line that’s pictures of the original pages. The satellite component of 5G is even more alarming.

    Turn Off The Fracking 4G, 5G and we know better than to even think about turning on 6G. I’m counting on the survival instinct to kick in soon.

    We must overcome!

  • Kristalyn Pac says:

    Hi there! This interview is so good. Josh, you say to share the link with others, but my understanding is that it won’t be available after today. I realize I can purchase it, but my budget is already busting at the seams with what I see as basic necessities, plus I am troubled by some of the “spiritual material” included in this summit & would not want to invest in that. I am just checking to see if I am missing something in regards to that comment about sharing the link. I do hope this info gets around.

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