EMF and New-Paradigm Physicswith Tim Sandars


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Fundamental "flaws" in traditional physics
  • How EMF radiation causes harm
  • Quantum physics for protection and healing

Guest Expert

Tim Sandars

Tim Sandars is an entrepreneur from London whose company Omnia is aimed at bringing balance back to the human body and to planet Earth. His research of biological reports showing how microwave radiation can harm the human cell led him to a conference in South Africa, where he met Dr. Ilija Lakicevic and was introduced to new scientific concepts that explained why these harmful effects happen and how to reverse them. He quickly found himself on a journey to spread this information, to inspire change through new energy solutions, and to understanding the human body and our new role as “Creator Beings.”

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  • Lou Kurjata says:

    EMF and New Paradigm Physics. There is another company that provides much the same type of technology as what Tim Sanders is talking about. They test the efficacy of their method with Gas Discharge Visualization cameras along with kinesiology to see the change in the consciousness effects of EMF and 5G. Their technology, Focused Life Force Energy, works on phones and in homes for more than just EMF.

  • Susan Boyce says:

    Funny thing is the Koch brothers call themselves libertarians and they’re anything but as they sell us oil $$$ just another way to look like something they’re not.

  • Garry F. says:

    I enjoyed the talk, I have a situation where I have bought an emf meter and have been trying different solutions to cut down the emf pollution. My whole house has very high readings on the meter, some spots worse than others.
    I tried the 15 day free trial from Focused Life Force Energy but did not feel any difference in the home. Maybe it helped but I have no way of knowing, it didn’t effect my meter. I have purchased another supposedly Tesla Technology the BlueShield radiation protection device, (quite expensive I might add) and have it running 24/7. Hopefully it is helping, but I can’t see any difference in my meter. I am willing to to try anything that might help. If you have any comments please feel free to do so. Thank You

    • CAS says:

      Garry, I also used the 15 day trial and then bought for one yr. I could feel the difference immediately in my body but I have been living my life in a way where i don’t use chemicals etc so it would be easier for me to sense my cells being in balance/resonance etc. I only stopped because my financial situation changed.Dan Winter talks about the expansion and compression of the torus field. The Heartmath Institute has measured and proven the hearts torus field and the brain’s torus field. The Heart’s Torus field is larger and more powerful than the brain’s. This is why so much conflict is created to Disturb the heart’s torus field, what you feel resonates out to very cell in your body and brain. The Institute has also discovered that the heart has its own neuron cells. Another way to look at what Tim is saying, is to think about swimming with the tide and against it. Hope this helps.

    • Bonnie says:

      Just wondering if you would even expect to see a reduction in your monitoring device. Unless I misunderstood, they aren’t saying they reduce the EMR, just that their solution is to rebalance it.

      • Susan (Summit Team) says:

        I do not think you would see a reduction on your meter… That is why it is difficult to endorse a product because everyone responds differently to different devices. You might need to try it and see how you feel. For instance, I use shunghite and feel really good with it when I go out in public (which is limited). Dr. Klinghardt said that in an animal study, the chickens that had shughite did not have any symptoms from exposure immediately, but then they died sooner than the other chickens with no shunghite. We need more scientific studies testing these devices and it is difficult for a small company to acquire the financial resources to do this. All that said, mitigation is probably the most important thing you can do.

    • Maria says:

      You will not notice a change in meter readings -these types of devices do not suppress negative emf but harmonise it. I have a pranan device and it helps a lot, I’m sure others do too but we should not have to worry about protecting ourselves, we should create environments which are enhancing of human and all life

  • Roland says:

    Very engaging interview, Thank you. The orb patch/deca reminds me of tachyon technology (i.e. David Wagner – Santa Rosa, CA.).

  • THEA says:

    Wonderful work! Keep all of us informed ! Finally a good link between science and consciousness ……………..

  • Leah Brown says:

    I love this. I often chant Ra Ma Da Sa…. Sa say so hung (u is long u sound). It means Earth, Moon, Sun, you, me and everything out there, that I am (with certain positive intentions, love, clarity, etc.). Let’s all practice this with the intention of squashing 5G; Healing the planet; I’ve heard that Apple has developed different technology using sattelite and will charge much much less and make cell towers and routers obsolete.
    Would that be much safer???

  • HARALD says:

    This is by far the most positive interview to date and the concept is futuristic to the Nth degree. We must guard this knowledge with our collective minds, in order to keep the “investor” concept at bay. I have seen it in the past, where a very good idea and solution was destroyed because of investor greed!

  • Kerry H says:

    Have you worked with magnets at all? for instance in a certain formation, you could possibly get free, doesn’t-need-charging, magnet arrangements that you could put in the trunk of your car and have it run indefinitely.

    • Kerry says:

      How would the air conditioner work in a condo/apartment building?

      Thank you for your excellent presentation.

  • Almo says:

    Interesting talk but why oh why is he wearing an onyx Freemasonic ring and why has he been throwing up the 666 so frequently. Deeply odd symbols here. Also ‘New’ anything generally denotes NWO. So I’m sorry I’m very suspicious of this speaker!

  • C. Sperry Andrews 4th says:

    This is brilliant essential work, and I can assist with funding.
    Please connect ‘us’ via Sperry@connectioinstitute.org

  • Lydia says:

    Thanks so much Josh for this and all your other interviews with experts on your Summit..This one explains scientifically concepts that many people know and understand spiritually, so its wonderful. Let’s hope it gets received and spread widely. (I still think there is a “battle to wage”, as there is definitely malintent out there, but this is clearly good hopeful news).

    It will be interesting to know testimonials from people who have used the devices and successfully-genuinely benefitted from them.(really keen on the temperature conditioner when it comes out).
    The concept of harmonizing with everything is a great one to be reminded of, and many health practitioners know about this, but we all need to be reminded at times !
    Crystals and other things can also be used and programmed to this end, for individual use, to a certain extent.
    Thank you so much for all this great work.
    (I personally would be cautious about spreading mantras such as the ones in the comments down below without knowing the whole philosophy , background and integrity of the teachings and people behind it. There are lots of false teachers and teachings out there,which are contributing to creating imbalances and negative energy, and its my understanding that kundalini yoga is not a balanced and harmonious thing, it forces the kundalini, not aligned with Creator and divine harmony….but only my personal opinion…)

  • Gala says:

    What was the website Tim mentioned near the end of his presentatio ?

  • eat my cake says:

    “zero point is a connected field which is the source of everything,,” Sorry, those are thought vectors that are a symptom of egoistic mind lock.

    What then is the source of the source? who painted the painter? The painting and the painter are the same, or there are no absolute solutions because there are no real questions.

    • Su says:

      Plese share with us what you know about “dark energy” which physicists and MDs (like D Chopra) claim is most of the known universe…what do the light orbs moving down the tube between anode and cathode suggest to you?

  • Kathryn says:

    I’m also concerned about the invention getting sidelined or grounded by malevolent people, as we know so many healing inventions, concepts, and practices already have. Just want to share that as a bodyworker, I can tell you the cranial torus is palpable. It’s very beautiful to witness and be in presence with. Also, I’ve never understood why we devalue the placebo effect. It’s 1) proof of our power and 2) it helps! As long as it does no harm, bring it on.

  • eat my cake says:

    “omni radiation balancer” “we need to put more energy into solving the problem”,,, how about pull hal’s plug? when josh asked how does the realigning or positive restructuring physically happen? “does it effect the transmission at the antenna” and the salesman doesn’t answer, He also keeps promoting 4g which is a documented water destructurer. when the questions get pointy this sales rep gets general and abstract. which leaves us listeners with having heard nothing but dead air.

    • Su says:

      For those who don’t know, “Hal’s plug” is a ref to the movie “2001:A space odyssey” from about year 1968, a Stanley Kubrick production. Hal was an early prototype of A.I. computing, which we have now, rapidly expanding.
      Andrew Yang, the former 2020 Dem pres candidate talks about how AI even now is destroying jobs of many across the economic spectrum in USA in his book “The war against normal people”. He means the people who can’t or wont code AI for a living.

      Like Josh, I was suspicious of embracing more technology to solve the problem of EMR pollution.

    • Sally says:

      The answer is we each need to raise our own vibration by becoming more conscious or awake or enlightened, whatever one wants to call it. This is the only way not to be at the effect of unbalanced radiation.This is the answer to everything. Everything else is just a bandaid. This will also stop the beings on the planet that are determined to kill off or enslave the rest of us.

      We live in collective dream. If we want the dream to change we need to awaken the dreamer.

  • Steve says:

    At about 35 minutes into the talk, the DECA Technology ORB patch was mentioned as a means to mitigate harmful chaotic radiation frequencies. The quality and balance of the wave field is important, not the volume. The analogy given was that of tuning up an orchestra. Perhaps another good analogy would be driving a car at a high speed, but with tires that are out of balance. The ride would be unsteady, uncomfortable, and it may even be difficult to maintain control of the car as it hops around the road. But balance the tires and then the car could provide a real cream-puff smooth ride.

  • Dr mike says:

    I studied quantum mechanics with Paul Dirac. Anyone is free to say anything they like – but please, Josh, do not mislead your audience by stating all this is “increasingly accepted in Quantum Mechanics.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • Eva says:

    Does it work for cell towers, or only products?

  • Mike says:

    Mind over matter, what an old concept. Taught that it is nonsense by the powers that feed themselves off of programming limits to our minds.

  • kamui says:

    Did they prove the old model of atom was wrong? That should be the front page. Can I start saying this around? If I were a millionaire I would fund these guys.

    • Su says:

      Watch the vid again. It was proved. In the 19th century, Dr. Semmelweiss made the connection bet. not washing his hands and death from puerpural fever of mothers after childbirth in a maternity hospital. It took a long time for his findings to be accepted, b/c the germ theory had not been accepted yet.

  • Hil says:

    Josh, what an outstanding achievement (!!!!!), to bring all of these fine people together for this discussion. Thank you SOOO MUCH!!!!

  • Phil says:

    Thanks Tim for the great work you are involved in.

  • Pamela D. Hall, DC says:

    I really appreciate the talk with Tim Sandars. I’ve read The Field by Lynne McTaggart, an investigative reporter who interviewed over 750 quantum physics scientists, and as a chiropractor, I’ve studied Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), so I’m familiar with the universality of the torus field, and MFT is a form of kinesiology. It all makes sense to me. I’ll see what I can do, regarding finding funding, etc. I’m a curious person and would love to explore with you. I wonder if Shiva Ayyadurai, who is an M.D. and has four degrees from MIT might be interested. There is an interview with him on Next News Network https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf-qv9o8nq8&feature=youtu.be He’s pretty busy now running for senator of Masachusettes, but he seems quite brilliant and inventive. And if he wins, he only wants to be senator for one term. My intention is with you. Lynne McTaggart went on to work with the power of intention, doing many experiments and teaching people to use their power of intention. Thank you deeply.

  • Yvonne says:

    Been using the Orb for some time now, (on phones, and electrical appliances etc) and am sleeping well these last months. Fantastic.
    It would be nice if we could stick an Orb on our bodies for more protection.
    Tim has given me hope that there will be a future. I’m looking forward to hearing more.
    Thank you for brightening up my world.

  • Winston says:

    Is there likely to be other behaviours of light belonging in deepest space where other life(phenomena) exists beyond our understood concept of universe, ie an imaginable idea of another existence of matter in space beyond the known concept of distance also ,far far away beyond the edges of what we think is an outer edge of our star field however far that is, a place beyond our knowing or thinking ?again ,another type of cell behaviour..ie what is enabling electro radiated cells to exist ,or, what allows its movement to be real or exist at all ..is its movement seeking to settle into an expanse/contract motion same as every other cell in our known universe

  • Winston says:

    to me the discovery of zeropoint answers all questions in the known universe concerning fluid proper & agitating improper behaviours, what is the emf particle ultimately doing existing at all as an improper behaviour..?

  • sylvie says:

    I loved listening to Tim Sandars, in fact, this type of patch / stickers, they are not new, they have been on the market for many years now, with a different model buth same principle. What is perfectly natural, knowledge is being shared through the electromagnetic field. The question I put to him, and to all the others who create this type of stickers, which at the same time seems like a simple thing to do, with little resources for raw materials, but perhaps difficult to encode, or at least for people who don’t understand its mechanism, the question I put is why not teach us how to create these same patches / stickers? How to encoded? It seems that we are again at this same level of awareness of appropriating universal knowledge and then selling it as a final product and thus perpetuating our dependence on it? Basically why not teach us how to fish instead of selling us more fish?

    • Jimmiedwina Hanshaw says:

      it seems similar to sigil magic, research it and do it for yourself.. we are beings of energy, we can imprint out intentions onto objects.

  • cis says:

    “voltage gated calcium channels and the oxidative stress disorder that causes”

    where can I find more info on that?

  • Maria says:

    Excellent guests -really resonated with me. Tesla himself had tapped into a way of providing free energy for the word (which precipitated his fall out of grace and demise). Their remedy for balancing radiation may well work (I’ve got one which has been effective) for us but this is affecting all living creatures, so stopping 5G roll out is a must -I’d be more than happy to join a thinking group!

  • Jimmiedwina Hanshaw says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this talk; I commit myself to experiment with (and use) this dodecahedron symbol in my prayers, in my meditations, and on my belongings. I would love to know more about this and would appreciate updates concerning experiments and its use. I Loved this talk! I am currently using the iPyramid ‘Mini iTorus’ and the ‘5G pendant’ – the circulation (PEMF) seems to make a positive difference that I can use to benefit me.. I’m still experimenting with these new devices but the nerve (PEMF) frequency seems to diminish pain. https://ipyramids.net/

  • Seniya says:

    Sunlight Worldwide Salutations to you and team for putting it all out there. It is great work and by educating ourselves and others we all get together and Change the world into a better place, for to live in abundance and love. Heartfelt thanks!

  • Delores Treat-Guy says:

    Tim Sanders, Interested to learn more about ‘zero light ring’ and the Decca unit of energy; will need to try to catch your interview for the internet site on the ‘replay’.
    Thank-you for your research information!

  • Karen says:

    This was an amazing presentation! I’ve used orgonite and tensor rings for years to change the wave form, excited to learn more about the deca unit of energy and will for starters purchase the stickers. Thank you!!

  • Robin Eleanor says:

    I found a certain resonance in my studies of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice with Mr Sandars presentation. That center point of zero energy he is talking about is called emptiness in our tradition. I have been fairly obsessed with it, thinking about it, directing my attention to it, trying to understand it through meditation. When I am in the forest, or my garden, I am very aware of the toroidal expression of one aspect of my energy. I have spent time in my light body, encountered teachers there, or realms of pure vibration. They are so blissful, its like you can’t feel that much bliss in your physical body. I am becoming more and more aware of the reality of `ask and you shall receive´. It only works when you are purified enough. I had never thought of it in terms of needing any technology. I know we can communicate without cell phones, when we need to, as I have experienced mental communication since I was a child. Maybe these technologies will arise as an answer to the passionate need to protect all of life. Thank you for the thought provoking presentation.

  • cj says:

    2007 deca arrived in our atmosphere. que?

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